The Adventure of a Lifetime

In Every school there is a quiet kid who get's bullied, I guess in Dale Academy it was Jude. Jude is used to bullying but one day he meet's someone and his life changes forever.


7. Disappearance

Jude P.O.V

After wandering around in circles I came to a conclusion that I was wrong. Maybe I shouldn't of said what I said. I guess I was really tired know, my legs ached. Where was Azisha? I kept looking for her Where had she gone? I wiped a bead of sweat that trickled on my face. Suddenly I felt like something had happened, something to Azisha.

"Azisha" I called loudly, only to be answered to silence. I suddenly spotted something on the sand. Finally, I though, I ran to the spotted object then groaned. It was just a necklace. Suddenly I felt like I had saw that before. I picked it up then looked at it, it was beautiful. It was silver with a the letter A on it carved with diamonds then I realised where I had saw  it, it was Azisha. I put it in my pocket so Where was She? What was her necklace her? That's when I saw a drop of blood on the sand.

"Azisha" I screamed out. I saw a little girl she was sitting on the sand. I walked to her.

"Have you see a girl" I asked curiously.

"What's in it for me?" the girl answered smartly. I looked into my pockets and found a bar of chocolate, I took it out and handed it to the girl.

"Chocolate, yummy" the girl exclaimed then began nibbling hungrily into the chocolate, like she had never seen it before, I watched it dissolve into her mouth. Then she looked at me innocently.

"Forgetting something, have you seen a girl" I repeated.

"Yeah, a man was pulling her, she had blood from her legs" the girl replied.

"What man? did he look like" I began to say remembering what Azisha told me about her uncle.

"Blue hair, grey stone cold eyes, looks like he has power" the girl suggested.

"Yes" I exclaimed.

"Yes, he was kidnapping the girl" the girl murmured. I handed the girl a lollipop from my pocket.

"Thank you" I shouted handing her the lollipop  The girl grabbed the lollipop then nodded at me. From what the girl said? Azisha had been kidnapped by her uncle but where was I going to look for her? 

The girl looked at my confused face then pointed North. I nodded my head then began running North. I had to find Azisha.

"Azisha, I'm coming" I yelled loudly, listening to my voice echoing through the Desert.

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