The Adventure of a Lifetime

In Every school there is a quiet kid who get's bullied, I guess in Dale Academy it was Jude. Jude is used to bullying but one day he meet's someone and his life changes forever.


1. Bullying

I guess in every school there is a kid that is beated horribly, bullied in school. I guess in my school it's me, Jude. I'm going to tell you the story of my life about my horrible life and the adventure that sprang into my life all in a form of a girl. Kind of Weird huh sounds like a normal adventure story but it's not, that's what I thought. If I knew that day I would be caught up in magical adventure  maybe I wouldn't of gone to school that day. Read on if you Dare...


I stare at them Max and his crew of bullies, I look down and try and push past them. Another day of bullying I think. They started bullying me when my mother died and I bought a picture for her, those stupid jerks broke it that's when I slapped Max. From that day onward they've been beating me. My father beats me because he thinks because of me mother is gone, he believes I should have died in her place and I guess he's right. I was the one that was supposed to die; no one would miss me though.

"Not so fast emo" Max laughed holding me in place. I try and ignore them, trying to become invisible but I can't. They come everyday and everyday they beat me, I guess for them I'm there toy. But what they don't realise is how much it hurts.

"Is that eye liner, isn't it for girls" Max friend Jordan laughed. I shrug my shoulder.

"Answer me wimp" Max ordered. I shook my head. That's when the fight began.


I fall onto the cold hard floor, Then Max and his friends start kicking me. I curl up in a ball and moan quietly in the pain. Every kick sends pain into my body. Why do they hurt me? First my horrid father beating me then them, why couldn't anyone like me? I try and stop the tears that seep through my eyes. I try and be strong, not for me but for mother, But I can't. I can't pretend the kicks and names don't hurt me because they do, a lot. They scar my life forever; my whole body is covered in red and blue lines from the kicks, even a scar from where my stupid father Mike threw the photo at.

"Ah look, poor Judey wudey is crying" Max teases. Suddenly I hear Jordan say something about my mum. That's when I loose it, I stand up and jump on Jordan and beat him repeatedly.

"No one and I mean no one bad mouths my mother" I shouted angrily.

"Only because she's a slut" Jordan moaned.

My mother she was the only one who loved me, while she was here I was normal but after her death, I couldn't cope with it. She died 2 years ago from a mysterious car accident. It was when it was my thirteen birthday, that day I was so happy I was finally a teenager and couldn't wait to see my mother and bake me a cake, sadly none of those things came true, The birthday that was supposed to be the best turned out to be the worst. I guess that when all the beating started from my father to my mates. They all used to be my friends, I tried to cope and become an emo but I guess not everyone can appreciate me being me.  Jordan friends stare at me watching what's going on, I can see them thinking should they attack me or leave me. I guess I looked like a maniac to them, a terrible monster who would kill them and I would. When time is right they will all be crushed by me, for destroying my life.

"Guys save me from this maniac" Jordan shouted. I punch Jordan again, until I am dragged off by his friends.

"This is what you get emo" Jordan shouted, taking a knife from his pocket. I watch his friends eyes widen in shock and terror.

"Don't do this man" Max mumbled.

"No he deserves it" Jordan grumbled, the knife inches away from my throat.

"What are you doing" a girl's voice exclaimed. 

I try and open my bruised eye and see a pretty brunette haired girl standing there her mouth open wide, her emerald green eyes full of curiously, I see her looking at Max and his crew then me.

"Let's go guys he's not worth it" Max shouted, walking off. His friends leave too all expect Jordan who kicks me one last time. I cry in pain and my eyes drift off into darkness.

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