Scarlett Noir is new to Crescent High. She's been moving schools for as long as she can remember and with the style she has, it usually results as her having no friends. She's in desperate need of one, will she finally find the friends she's been hoping for or will she find something more?
Throw in a jealous cheerleader, crazy gigs and a passion for music, be ready to enter the real life horror movie that is Scarlett's life in highschool...


2. Chapter 2

Scarlett took a deep breath in and began walking up the stone steps to the school entrance. Looking round and taking in the scene, she wasn't paying attention to where she was going and walked right into someone.

"Sorry..." She mumbled and bent down to pick up her bag as it had fallen on the ground.

The girl turned round and looked at her on the ground with disgust. "Hey! You should watch where you're going. But I guess you couldn't see with that orange mess you call hair in your face!" The girl laughed and kicked Scarlett's bag further away from her.

"Jeez, I said I was sorry..." She mumbled again and stood up to go and collect her stuff.

She crouched down for the second time to pick up her bag, but someone got there before her. She stood up and took the bag that the person was handing out for her.

"Don't mind Alicia." The girl said. "She's one of the 'IT' crowd if you know what I mean." She smiled and Scarlett took in her appearance.

The girl had short dark brown hair and slightly tanned skin with a few freckles dotted round her face. Her eyes were the colour of the sea and she was slightly taller than Scarlett. She was wearing short denim shorts with a white tank top with ruffles going down her chest and on her feet were yellow converse.

"I'm Darcy. Darcy Stratuss, what about you?" She asked.

"Scarlett Noir. Pronounced like the gem and the french word for black." Scarlett said with a slight grin. Things were starting to look up after all.

Suddenly, a bell sounded from the school and students started flooding into the school. Darcy grabbed Scarlett's hand and started dragging her into the crowd of people trying to shove there way through to get into the building. 


"So, do you know where your form is?" Darcy asked as she was brushing her hair in the mirrors of the girls bathroom.

"No, i'm new so I don't have a clue about anything." Scarlett said, propping her elbows up on the counter and resting her head on her hands.

Darcy then started applying mascara. "Well, i'll take you to the principal's office to get your timetable sorted. But then i'll have to go because i'm already late for registration."

Scarlett nodded and Darcy put her make-up back in her bag. They took the long route to the office and Darcy explained to Scarlett about the school, what kind of people there are and which ones to avoid and how lunch works until they finally came to the door of the principal's office.

"I might catch you later. See you Scarlett!" She said and ran off down the corridor to her class.

Scarlett had butterflies in her stomach, no one had ever been nice to her like Darcy had been. Was she a friend? Or did she just take pity on her because she's new? Who knew, but Scarlett couldn't get the excitement of having a possible first friend out of her mind. She knocked on the door and waited until she head someone say "Come in!" From inside.

She opened the door to see an old woman with grey hair tied up in a bun, sitting at a desk and reading through some paperwork.

"Ah yes, you must be our new student, Scarlett Noir am I correct?" The woman asked and motioned for her to take a seat in front of the desk.

"Yeah, that's me." Was all she replied with and sat down on the cold leather chair.

The two of them started discussing paperwork, forms and other school related things before she finally got handed her timetable. Scarlett looked at the A5 slip of paper and scanned through the lessons she had for Thursday: Art, French, R.E, Music, Mathematics and English. Not a bad day but she was dreading R.E and Maths as she was awful at both.

She exited the office, looking at her timetable as she went to see where her class was for registration. She was walking down the empty corridor, Scarlett found the right room but she was concentrating so much on her timetable, she walked right into the door and hit her nose on the glass. She scrunched her face up and held her nose as she entered the room.

"Can I help you?" The teacher asked with a confused look on his face, as well as the rest of the class who were staring at her, some snickering at her entrance.

"Err yeah, um i'm new and i've been assigned to this class so, er yeah..." Scarlett mumbled, her face growing redder and redder.

The teacher sat back down in his chair. "Well, go on and introduce yourself." He said and in a second, all eyes were on here once again.

"Uh name is Scarlett, i'm sixteen and I like, um, music...?" It was more of a question than an introduction.

"Do you know any one here?" He asked.

"Well i've just got here, how do you expect me to know anyone?" Scarlett said, earning a couple of smirks and grins from the class.

"One last question: Do you always enter a room like that?" He asked with a grin.

Scarlett snorted and smirked at the ground. "Oh yeah sir, it's the new trend to knock on the door with your nose. You obviously knew a long time ago as yours is already wonky." The class burst into laughter and earned a scowl from the teacher.

"Ok, ok! Settle down class! Well i'm Mr.Clarke. And thank you for that Scarlett. You can take a seat over there next to Seth." Mr.Clarke motioned to a boy in the middle who waved to her.

Seth had brown hair that came down to his shoulders, piercing blue eyes and pale skin. "Hey, i'm Seth." He said with a smile.

"Yeah, I heard..."

Well, this is going to be interesting... 

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