Scarlett Noir is new to Crescent High. She's been moving schools for as long as she can remember and with the style she has, it usually results as her having no friends. She's in desperate need of one, will she finally find the friends she's been hoping for or will she find something more?
Throw in a jealous cheerleader, crazy gigs and a passion for music, be ready to enter the real life horror movie that is Scarlett's life in highschool...


1. Chapter 1

As Scarlett Noir picked at the burnt toast she had made, she tried to take her thoughts anywhere other than the infuriating sound of the girls voice on the radio. Talking about her experience with boys, how many dates she'd been on and how to get them to make the first move with little evidence that you want him to. The girl then let out a high pitched giggle that burst Scarlett's eardrums and could have possibly cracked the windows.

Today was her first day at the school Crescent High, and she was dreading it. She had been moving schools for as long as she could remember and the way things happened was like a broken record. Her dad was constantly getting new jobs as he was always getting made redundant with the whole debt crisis going round, meaning that the two of them were constantly moving house.

It all really started happening when her mum and dad split up. Scarlett decided to stay with dad because he needed the support with jobs and everything, also to keep his moral up to standards when he went to apply for a job. She did love her mum, but Scarlett had always had a better relationship with her dad. Her mum understood why she chose to be with dad so luckily it didn't end up her taking the situation to court like most t.v soaps and dramas. She used to visit her every week or so, but then the distance started interfering so now they only occasionally Skype eachother.

Scarlett glanced over at the door to see her dad giving her a weird look from the doorway. Since when was he ever up early?

Come to think of it, when am I? She thought.

"What?" She asked, getting up to throw her leftovers in the bin and put her plate in the dishwasher.

"Since when did you listen to this sort of radio channel?" He said with a grin.

"Since I became a channel hopper, which was this morning when I got bored. But i'm glad to be going in the shower because that girls voice was getting right on my nerves!" She laughed and ran past her dad for the shower.

As she was running up the stairs, Scarlett started wondering why her dad was up and ready this early in the morning. After having a mental debate in her head whether she should ask him or not, she decided she would ask him later.

She got into the bathroom, quickly stripped her pajamas off, chucked them on the floor and hopped into the shower. 

After the forever long shower that consisted of singing, dancing and washing, Scarlett finally got out, wrapped a towel round her body and hair and dashed into her room to get dressed and to sort her hair and make-up.

Scarlett was never usually one to take pride in herself, but it was her first day in a new school in a new town so today was an exception.

She flung the doors to her small wardrobe open and stood there, deciding on what to wear. Never in her life had it been so hard to choose an outfit! Must have been one of the downfalls to being 16 years of age and swiftly moving up the steps to becoming a young woman. Oh the horror!

In the end, she settled on a plain black t-shirt, purple skinny jeans and black chunky creepers. she threw a black and white striped zip-up hoodie over her shoulders and strapped a thick black belt with silver studs round her hips and went over to the small dressing table to do hair and make-up.

Now, Scarlett wasn't the prettiest girl in the world, but she wasn't ugly either. She finds herself boring, or a 'Plain Jane' as her dad calls her.

She had shoulder length bright red hair with orange tips and a side fringe that covers her left eye. Greenish-grey eyes, pale white skin and freckles and a small stud in the side of her nose. Speaking of piercings, she had quite a few up the sides and on the lobes of her ears. She had also been wanting to get a tattoo for a while but her dad wouldn't let her because he thought it would ruin her skin.

Scarlett applied black eyeliner all around her eyes and put mascara on her long almost invisible eyelashes. She then put the tiniest bit of lip gloss on and went downstairs to get her stuff packed and ready for her first day.


"Now Scar, are you sure you'll be okay?" Her dad asked and he pulled up outside the school entrance.

Scarlett got out of the car, shut the door and spun round to reply. "Sure, i'll be fine dad. I'm used to it, just ignore them and carry on walking. Not retaliate and punch them in the face."

Her dad laughed. "Bye Scar!" He said and rolled the window up as he drove off down the road and out of sight.

So here we go again. Another track to add to the broken record that is my school life... 

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