L's L...

L. The worlds greatest detective. A sweet tooth, with weird habits. Has an L himself.
With BB his prime target, L has no time to be incompetent. But will having an extra presence around be his distraction? (Death note Fanfiction)

Disclaimer: Death Note and its characters belong to Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.


6. The Good Guys.

I sat watching the darkness turn to light. Not afraid. Not alone. I was most happy here. Now. I'm this moment. It would soon be time to say goodbye. I clutched at my measly bag of belongings. Not owning much. I slipped the photo into the bag. The last item to pack. I looked over to Near. He didn't face me, and his practiced snoring was still to fake for me. I knew he was waiting to see me go. Or not. I felt horrible for leaving me. But he'd told me to go. I would check in on him. Call him, update the situation. I stood as I heard the slam of car doors. It was time. I crept over towards Near. And silently stroked his hair from his eyes. They were closed. Shut tightly. I bent down and kissed him lightly on the cheek. Before tip toeing out of the room. I wonder what Mello will think to me leaving. He won't care. If anything it'll be one less annoyance. I skipped down the halls, towards the car that chugged outside of Wammy's gates. I looked back, and saw Near sat watching me from the window. I smiled up at him and stepped into the car. This was going to be a long ride.

The airport had been a busy place. Full of people, of all race, religion and origin. They were all different. And all had their own life story. They were all oblivious to the lives people like me lived. I had sat on one set of plastic chairs while Watari checked the plane times. The tv that was on there captured my attention. 4 murders in the last 2 days. All, without a doubt, BB's. I looked away. Aware of what would be displayed. The intricate, yet simple looking clue he would leave behind. Had L caught on yet? Was I the only one who knew B so well? Without thinking any more of it, I boarded the next plane to Los Angeles with Watari.

The plane journey was long, and painful. The small seats of public transport allowed me not to cross my legs, leaving them bored. Alike myself. Children were also a problem. Their probing screams, painful kicks and moans bugged me. Remind me reader never to have kids.

Arriving in L.A was an experience to be sure. The busy, clustered streets, flashing lights and skyscrapers tall. How could people live in such a crowded way? The iconic yellow taxi we had taken, stopped in front of a hotel. The hotels name was foreign and I couldn't make out the words from the squiggly way it was written. It sure was clean. Crystal clean. Every surface shone like fresh snow. It reminded me of Near. How I missed him already. We headed up, to one of the many rooms. Watari knocked once, twice and entered. The room was equipped like a spy base from the movies. The many screens, some held the calligraphic L, others fuzzed. Wires with adapters everywhere. But the thing most prominent, the amount of empty food dished and wrappers. Watari wasn't a dirty man. So all this mess had been created in his absence of a day or two. Well, what was expected of the man who could eat deserts for the world?

I dropped my bag on one of the sofas not as occupied. I sat on the edge timidly. I rubbed my hands. Fidgeted. It had been a long time since I had last seen L. We were simple teenagers back then. Now we were basically adults. Well, he would be. I guess I wasn't quite fully. I closed my eyes and heard the creak of footsteps. I opened my eyes and there he was. His back hunched, hands thrown in his pockets. He jumped onto the seat most occupied by computers and finally, looked towards me. My lips parted. I wanted so badly to cuddle up to him as I used to. And fall asleep in beside him. The sleep I had only gotten with him. His eyes still held that panda like rim of black under his black eyes. His hair the same jet black, was still the same. Jesting to and through. The spikes something I could put only with him. I fidgeted again and he made a cough. I blinked and looked away, aware I was just staring now. He chuckled.

"You've changed only in your appearance. Your still the overly confident, impatient L I know." I looked back at him to see a smile behind his thumb, which was now set against his lips.

"You haven't changed at all. L." He stood up and came over to me. My heart raced, my breathing trying to say calm.

"You've grown. Your the same height as me now." I looked up at him. I stood up to check his accusation and found myself the same height. Our eyes connecting, both staring into each other. Assessing the old friend within. I couldn't stop myself. I threw myself on him. One of my arms locked round his neck and grabbed at his shirt, whilst the other buried into his hair. I let my head rest against his shoulder. He didn't move. Just like Near. I squeezed a little tighter and then released him. I looked away from his shocked gaze.

"Forgive me." Last time if said that, I'd allowed BB to escape. I sat down. "It's my fault L. I allowed him to escape. I wasn't good enough. I shouldn't even be here. I'm the last person you should want to help bring Beyond to justice." I hung my head. "I've failed you. I'm sorry." He crouched in front of me. One of his pale fingers catching my chin, lifting my face up to his.

"Nothing's your fault. Like Watari said, BB was too much to handle anyway. I should have never allowed you to be the one to have to watch over him." He sighed. "Essentially, it is my fault." I shook my head.

"No! You couldn't ever have done something as thoughtless. You can't possibly do something wrong." My face softened. He was as somber as BB was that frightful morning.

"We all make mistakes. Believe me my dear, I have made many more than you have yet to make." He stood up. "The mistakes you will make in the near future will cost us dearly. But I know you will make the right choice in the end." I stuttered at his words.

"The mistakes I will make. How can you judge such changeable things when the properties of which may be so easily altered?" He went back to his seat.

"Because. Anyways. Let us not be so blue, let us concentrate on giving Beyond Birthday a good run for his money." L smiled. The cutest thing I'd seen since Near. "And let him know that, the good guys always win."

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