L's L...

L. The worlds greatest detective. A sweet tooth, with weird habits. Has an L himself.
With BB his prime target, L has no time to be incompetent. But will having an extra presence around be his distraction? (Death note Fanfiction)

Disclaimer: Death Note and its characters belong to Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.


18. Take Me Home

((Leoni P.O.V Cont-))

I sat on the crisp new sheets of the new flat. New. Everything but us was new. Everything, down to the clothes I wore, were new. All but Beyond and I, and his plans. I closed my eyes and stroked the barrel of the magnums at my hips as I thought of how long I had sat and stared. Watched the murderer do as he pleased. What was I to do with him? I missed the old BB. The insanity just swamped him now, rare splinters of light shining from his dark heart. I saw these rare moments at times when I was most needy of them. Coincidence? I think not. I know that those days I finally give in, and allow myself to succumb to slumber, the heartless murderer would kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep. 

Though sometimes I felt like a corpse being laid to rest, it was more than I had bargained for.

"Dear-" I sighed and came to my feet. 

"I'm going." I plodded my heavy body over to the kitchen area of the apartment and retrieved a large jar of gooey red jam. This was the norm for me. Jam duty.

"Mmm..." I twisted the cap off the jar and discarded it, knowing full well he would devour the whole thing. I then took the jar over to the hunched man by a glaring computer screen. His eyes watching me, wide as always, tinting slightly red. I had learned how this tint allowed my dear friend Beyond to see ones lifespan. It boggled me that his actions may affect my own life expectancy, but I thought nothing of it. Nor did I beg to know my dates. Death will come. Whether I'm ready for it or not. I placed the jar in the awaiting boney fingers of Beyond. "Jam." I nodded and smiled at him. Though this tiresome act bored me. 

"Yes Beyond. It's jam. It has been jam, and always will be jam, as all you ever eat, is said jam." I grumbled, taking my seat on the bed. 

"All I eat is jam...?" Beyond's head twisted round and I was worried it may snap. 

"Yes. I'm pretty sure it's all you drink also." I retorted. 

"Then you are concluding the substance must be sweet... And red? Correct?" My brows furrowed slightly and I gripped the edge of the mattress I sat upon. 

"Essentially.." I tucked a strand of my ebony hair behind my ear revealing more of my face. I hadn't tied it up since BB had told me I looked 'nice' with it down. I smiled at the thought and hesitated, leaving my hand by my face. Beyond smirked and crawled over to me from the workstation. 

"Is that so?" He produced a small penknife from the depths of his jean pockets. I watched the blade with bored eyes. "Then this should be the same." BB took my hand and twisted it to leave my palm open. I tugged lightly to try and release my hand, but as realization hit me, my eyes widened almost as much as Beyond's. A crooked smile set over his lips. 

"Beyond.." I began, worry set in my tone. I yanked at my arm harder, but he held it in place, slowly raising the knife to my skin. "B!" I shouted at him, tugging furiously. 

"Don't move darling." He stated with no emotion, other than murderous passion. 

"Beyond..." I whimpered, forcing myself to remain calm and not over-react. Beyond locked his eyes with mine, causing me to stare into the dark red abyss of his eyes. My face fell, and my worry was lost, I sat staring into him with an emotionless gaze. The knife slit open the skin of my palm, with one quick slice. Blood beginning to bead in my palm, the deep red liquid trickling down my arm. Beyond folded my fingers over fist and squeezed it causing the blood to pulse out of the wound. I felt the pain but my face remained expressionless. Beyond tipped my clenched fist over his mouth causing the 'sweet, red' liquid over his lips. I immediately thought of a vampire. Of the monster draining my blood. He kissed along the creases of my palm, leaving his lips bloody red. He just drunk my blood. B clambered over me, pushing me back onto the bed, his lips bright red. He hovered over my body, and ripped the edge of my shirt, bandaging the wound with ease. 

"I guess so." He murmured, his eyes never leaving mine. He brought the back of his hand to his mouth and wiped away the residue blood. I stared, never letting my eyes go, his stare holding me.

I snapped out of the facade. This was the end.

"Stop this!" I pushed at his chest with both arms, having not anticipated my reaction, Beyond was forced into the fabrics. I clutched tightly at my bandaged hand, whilst my eyes teared slightly. I cursed myself for seeming so weak. My mood swings were becoming almost as intolerable as Beyond's. I tugged at the knot on the bandages, tightening it ever more so over my open palm. I grimaced, but kept fluttering my eyes back to B. Don't move. Don't fucking move.

Beyond's head hung, shadowing his eyes. His hair masking the top of his face, yet allowing the devilishly sly smile to remain visible. "Stop what my dear?" He cocked his head to the side revealing one wide, maddened eye through the mass of falling hair.

"S-stop it. Let me go. I want to go home!" My tears slipped silently down my cheeks as I tried to act desperate. It wasn't befitting of me, and probably seemed far too fake to be believed, but I had no other options. I needed to get out. I needed to get back to L... And to go home... To Near. Beyond chuckled slightly and spun the penknife through his thin fingers. They seemed to glow in the darkness due to their pale complexion. 

"What home. What home do we have?" Beyond's head shot up, his hair flicking back to its original positioning, his eyes wide and angry. His act cracked slightly, and the fake was breaking as I pushed at it's seems. Rue was shining through again. Beyond gritted his teeth as I failed to answer his demands. His eyes narrowed down at me, the red gleaming. "Answer me!" 

"What we?!" I shouted back. I forced myself to sniffle like a broken child. It only added to the whole thing. This me had been dying to come out for so long... It was shameful to think I could actually allow myself to feel like this. How was I ever the original L? How did I do it? My standards have dropped far more than I would appreciate. No wonder the current L isn't in haste to 'rescue' me. 

And why... Does that hurt so much?






((L's P.O.V)) 

"This is becoming rather tiresome." Miheal Keehl, otherwise known as Mello, one of my hopeful young successors sat freely on the couch beside my own. After becoming lonely and finding no possibly active ways to retrieve my lost comrade, I had found best to retreat back to Wammy's. 

But only to make base camp. 

The idea of surrender, of defeat didn't compute. 

"If it's so tiresome for you to worry about you're supposed friend, then why don't you leave." Nate River. likely successor known as Near, retorted to the blonde's comment. I believe arguing over the matter isn't going to change anything. I was to retrieve my L and solve this petty case with B. 

'My L'...

She's not my dog. She's my... Partner? I pulled a confused face and dropped yet another sugar cube into my thick tea. Still not sweet enough for my ever working mind. 

"The question is not her position, but her retrieval." I mumbled more to myself, yet caused the idle pair to rejoin the conversation. I licked at my sugar coated fingers. But how?

"Indeed. Where is she now?" Near was eager. Though unlike him, the young boy had found immediate interest upon my request for his help in this case. I peered over at the snow hair boy and watched him pull his knee to his chin, casually twirling a lock of pure white hair as he processed the sheets of data I had laid before him. His body language also eager. Also willing. 

Mello, however, seemed far more relaxed, only having glanced at the sheets before resuming his position on the couch. They're methods varied so, but it entertained me to analyze them, to see which young child would bring me results first. 

"Due to BB's obsessive cleaning and track covering persona, it wouldn't surprise me if he hasn't taken to a new hideout." Mello snapped another chunk of chocolate once his deduction was completed. I eyed his tasty looking bar, before bringing my thumb to my lip and staring over at Near. 

"Then in that case," he gently laid a pale finger to a map beneath and drew a circle over a town, "here is the most probable location." I viewed the information given and made a decision.

"Then we wait on the next victim... And then we'll find our... Partner." 






((Leoni's P.O.V))


Beyond's eye twitched slightly, which only added to the madness that swamped him. 

"What we." I repeated calmly, rubbing at a tear, hesitantly frozen on my cheek. B's eye twitched faster and frustration encased him, as he brought his hands to his face and dropped the penknife. I watched the handy tool fall to the floor, causing a light thump as it made contact with the ground. BB's hands rubbed at his face and his finger tips began to curl into the roots of his hair, gripping madly at his locks, as if threatening to pull them from his skull. "Sto-" I was about to speak, but as my bandaged palm touched his almost translucent hands, he threw them down, knocking me away. His face hurt and angry. His hair fell over his face sparingly having been released from his hand's hold. 

"We." He stated solemnly. "We." A pale shaking hand shook before my face. I didn't look at the hand, but held eye contact with Beyond. He licked at his lips and took a shaky breath before curling his fingers into a fist. "You promised!" He shouted out suddenly, his index finger now pointing at me. "You... You said you'd always be there for me!" His voice raised even further and I sunk into the sheets behind me. I wanted to run away. His voice felt like knives shattering my bones. 

"You-You left me!" I shouted back, it wasn't my fault. Beyond's fist relaxed slightly and his eyes seemed slightly teary. Before me, all I saw was young baby Rue, one of my only friends at Wammy's. But my image was shattered as a cold harsh hand hit my face. I fell back and curled up upon instinct. He.. He hit me. Beyond came to his feet over me. 

"You were always the first to leave. I won't let you leave again. You'll stay here, forever, with me."



"No one else can have you now. This time, you'll just be mine."

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