L's L...

L. The worlds greatest detective. A sweet tooth, with weird habits. Has an L himself.
With BB his prime target, L has no time to be incompetent. But will having an extra presence around be his distraction? (Death note Fanfiction)

Disclaimer: Death Note and its characters belong to Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.


20. Reunited

(Leoni's P.O.V Cont-)

I perched on the edge of the open window, the chilling breeze of early night wrapping over my skin. Resisting the urge to shiver, I begun to slip from the ledge, my legs passed the edge of the open glass and slowly my hips followed. My hand cracked and I lost grip on the inner edge of the window.

"Shit." I spat as my whole body jolted forward. Flailing for something to hold, my prying fingers latched onto the very edge of the window ledge. Distressing creaks groaned from the protesting plastic as it struggled to hold my weight. "Now what..." My eyes searched for any viable escape. After locating a near set of wrought iron stairs which linked many of the flat's rooms, I immediately set my plan in motion. Swinging my legs back and forth, I ignored the protests from the weak window ledge and gained momentum. 

Not yet.. CREAK... Just a little bit more... CREAK CREAK.....And...

With a final snap resonating from the window ledge, I launched my nimble body into the air, a human torpedo heading straight for the stairs, legs first. My toes hit the shabbily painted metal framework first, and though my calculations of trajectory and angles had been more or less precise, I still tumbled forward and rolled into the railings, at least a couple of meters north of my desired destination. 

"Ouch." I mumbled rubbing the back of my head. I eyed up the damage I'd resulted in making to the stair's framework and shrugged. I don't have time for this.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath of air, so cold it pinched at my insides. Parting my lips and allowing the air to release in a quick sigh, I wrapped my fingers around the handrail and spiralled over the side, skipping a whole row of steps before running down said stairs, 3 steps at a time. My hitched breathing was coarse and caught in my thought as though the simple pleasure of breathing had become like swallowing glass shards. Still, I pushed on. I pictured the map that still resided on the glass table, punctured with pins. Recalling each lane labelled around the penultimate killing. His last killing of another human. I already had Beyond figured out. He had played like a puzzle in my fingers and I had worked out ever click the cogs of his brain made.

Beyond Birthday was creating the ultimate case. One even the great L couldn't solve. 

That was the plan all along.


I took a right down an alley, a shortcut I had pictured when first laying eyes on the map. My feet tripped over some rubbish laid strewn over the ground, causing me to slow down the pace. I pushed my tired body onward with hands. My soft palms colliding with the gruff texture of brickwork. As I continued down the seemingly never ending alleyway, I could feel the walls closing in. The clock ticking. Time was running out. I shook my head and through a sea of deep ebony locks I continued onward, reaching the end of the alley. I ran out without thinking and made contact with another human being. I couldn't stop. My hands pushed whomever it may be out of my way and continued to run, past the flocks on mindless people, straight into the busy streets. A screech ripped through my body as a small car braked before me. I placed my hands on the hood and looked up at the distraught couple behind the glaze of glass. My mind began working out how they got here from the outfits they wore and even began formulating predicted outcomes, however, I couldn't allow myself to side track. I clutched at the sides of my head to block out the noise of everyone around me. My eyes bulged in their sockets as I tried to focus on nothing but my goals. My eyelids closed and in a single second I could feel the weight of my body beginning to falter backwards. 


Not here, we need to get there. 

My eyes shot open, my skull millimeters from the road. Reflexes took over as my arms twisted back to hit the ground a mere point of a second before my head. The force I sent from my arms, caused my whole body to flip over, my legs following as I avoided the car. I landed with a small thump, feet first. By now many people had their own beady eyes locked on my existence, I battered material from my sides and without need for logical calculations, took a gun from its holster at my sides. I threw my arm up high in the air and shot two rounds from the barrel. Screams emanated from the crowds around me and soon enough the mindless people began to push and shove their way to safety. Though in my mind I knew that not a single human within my reach was in te slightest bit of danger, how am I going to convey that now with an armed gun in my hand? I smiled darkly to myself and basked in the feeling of power that arose from the situation. I twirled the gun over my slim fingers and paraded towards the street that had been blocked by innocent bystanders. Now I had a clear shot at one final victory. 

Setting the gun back into its holster with a click, I forced my legs to sprint towards the opening. The dulled sound of police sirens rung out in the distance, causing my brain to change subject once again. Around 8 minutes and 54 seconds till the sirens are within sight from their current location if I was to remain stationary. With a sly smirk I gave in to my logic and sped faster towards the run down allotments, that had slowly become visible in the distance. 

I have no motive to kill someone, maybe I'm just insane. I rolled my eyes as I begun thinking up statements I would make if caught by the law. 

We won't get caught. We have L. 

I chuckled to myself, releasing wasted air into the night around me in a gasp of smoke. "That's right." I called only to myself and turned left onto the allotment's road. Adrenaline coursed through my veins as I neared the edge of the gates. One sharp turn and I was in. I continued running towards the doors and snaked through the broken glass, and into the building. 




My chest heaved as it tried, with fault, to control my breathing. I swallowed at the saliva in my mouth and took another harsh breath. My hands shook as they rested on my week knees. I straightened my back and tried to walk forward, causing my knees to buckle underneath me. I fell to the floor, my energy drained from my body. 

"No one in sight. Coast is clear." Words spluttered from my dry lips. With all of my remaining strength I focused on standing up straight and continuing to breathe. I used the walls, slick with old paint, to hold myself up. As my finger tips skimmed over new wall, torn and broken in places, damp and stagnant of odour in others, I moved onward, slowly regaining sense of my situation. Loud smashes exploded on the floor above me, causing me to halt and hold my breath in anticipation.When another sound wasn't made, I continued to creep towards the stairs, I was going to end this. 

I took a deep sigh, filling my lungs, before stepping onto the first step. My feet tried unsuccessfully to balance out my weight and dull any sounds I may have caused. Upon instinct I pulled out one of the trusted guns at my hips and held it close to my face with both, shaking hands. My finger resided on the trigger as I pressed my back against the wall and tried, yet again, to calm my thumping heart. 

I pressed onward, knowing that I was close now, I hit the top of the stairs and scanned the corridor. More smashes echoed through the building, accompanied by stubborn groans and screams of moderate pain. My palms had become clammy as I gripped tighter at the gun and steadied the awaiting finger over the trigger. 

"You won't stop me... You can't win!" A deep voice, strained from the sounds of which, bellowed from the same room as before. My bottom lip dropped and my hands shook further as my mind analyzed everything in the moment and registered the voice. It was Ryuzaki. 

"Rue.." I murmured, my voice too sore to give any sense of meaning. 

"I thought of it all!" He continued, shouting, to whom was still a mystery. "I couldn't possibly fail!" His voice broke with a slight sob. Though scared for what it may have been that had Beyond Birthday in such a way, I crept closer to the far door, and leant against the wall, peering into the crack of the ajar door. 

"Murderous asshole." A sly mutter pierced through the room, followed by the sound of something hitting skin. Beyond spat, mumbling incoherent words under his breath. My eyes widened as I searched further through the slightly open door and found the culprit to be none other, than Mello. 

Whats going on?

"Shall I enlighten you dear? Perhaps you should join us." My neck snapped round in the blink of an eye as L's voice carried through the room, it's dull tone encasing my body. Before I had time to think, the door swung open fully, a large gust of dust and cold air hit me, right before I hit the ground, falling straight into the room.

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