L's L...

L. The worlds greatest detective. A sweet tooth, with weird habits. Has an L himself.
With BB his prime target, L has no time to be incompetent. But will having an extra presence around be his distraction? (Death note Fanfiction)

Disclaimer: Death Note and its characters belong to Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.


19. Last Kill

(Leoni's P.O.V)

"Good luck." Oh how stupid have I become? Wishing the damned 'good luck' before an outing to kill? Honestly, I think I've stooped to my lowest. Beyond turned on his heels and his thin boney fingers danced over the map, which lay crumpled on the glass table top. The map, to which Beyond Birthday was fumbling over currently, had been staked with multiple pins. The pins represented sites, and the murders the intelligent young man had already committed. Red pins labelled the dead, and blue pins marked the general locations of those yet to be killed. Two blue pins remained stabbed through the confusing paper that held every known alleyway and housing estate of the last year. I sighed as I watched Beyond slowly graze his hand over the roads towards the penultimate blue pin. The cool finger tips stopped as they made contact with its edge, before plucking the pin from it's hole. Running a hand through my hair, I watched with saddened eyes, helpless to even stop him. B eyed up the pin delicately, spinning its top between his thumb and fore finger. The sharp needle like tip caused his deep, childlike eyes to almost meet at the bridge of his nose. His eyes were of a calmed nature normally, but today, alike the other days he was able to spill innocent blood in his mission to surpass the main goal, were vividly bright. He was full of happiness, at the mere prospect of killing someone. 

I wrapped my arms around myself, containing my shivers. Beyond's eyes shot over to me at the other end of the table. A sly smirk danced over his lips as he twirled the pin once more. He leaned over the map, causing it to crumple further. The pin was pushed into my view, I had to force myself not to flinch and bat his hand away. 

"Do you think this would make an interesting murder weapon my sweet?" He questioned me calmly. His tongue slivered over his lips, dampening them a mild blood colour. 

"Perhaps." I had been answering in uncertain riddles for the majority of my time spent with Beyond, simply because I had nothing else to say. If I was unwise and spilled myself into the old friend I used to care for, I would be over run with emotion and easily blinded. If I didn't speak at all, he became frustrated and would threaten me with pointless accusations and more innocent blood shed. So to only release what I needed to say and still keep in with my cool demeanour, I had to be simple. Like L.

I close my eyes in memory of the detective, my idol. My fingers traced the L that was engraved in the guns at my hips. I can't kill him. I can't do it.

"Well, not long now." Beyond dented the glass on the table with the pin, forcing it down. I jumped by mere instinct and regretted it immediately. "Do not fear, only one more after tonight." His cold grasp held my chin and pursed my lips. "Then we can leave." His voice trailed off as he neared ever closer. I could not understand him now, no longer was he the boy I had held hands with in the gardens and sung cheery lullaby's at night. I couldn't scare away the monster when the monster held me in it's grasp. 

"Indeed. As I said, good luck." I leaned back slightly, tearing my face from his grip. He huffed something under his breath and recoiled over the table. 

"Luck? Bah! Who needs luck when you're the most intelligent man in the world?" His cheeky smirk pierced through his stone white cheeks. Running a hand casually through the front of his black mess called hair he stared into me with confident eyes. 

"Tell me that again when-" I reached over the table and flicked the final pin, causing it to lean towards him "-the last one is long gone and your name is no longer most wanted." My chin rested in my palm as I watched him narrow his gaze at the tilted final pin. The last kill. He gently straightened the pin and shrugged, coming to his feet. 

"Oh I shall." He spat at the ground. "I shall." He repeated and reached for the large butchers knife on the counter. After repeatedly wiping down the blade, Beyond Birthday caught a chain of multiple keys. He took one last look in my direction and headed for the door. "Don't miss me too much, sweetheart." He mocked with a cocky smile, as he shut the door after him. Beyond then continued to his usual routine when he left; he locked simultaneous locks. Some wear locked and others not. Of course, he would change the order with each outing, so that I would never know which locks to pick and which to leave. This left me unlocking one while locking the others. I closed my eyes and felt my whole body relax with the sigh that followed. 

"Just one more I guess..." I stood up and traced the roads that Beyond would trample down the evening of the second to last kill. "You're leaving it a little late detective." I mumbled out into the silence. I had already come to accept the fact that the great L and whomever be accompanying him on this case were not intending to rescue me from my kidnapper. Tip toeing towards the window I smiled without even thinking to stop myself. I thought back to my days with Near, waiting for a sign, for L to come home. Truly come home. I knew he never would and yet my foolishly reckless mind would hope on wards. Above all, the highly intelligent successors that I surrounded myself with every day and night, joined in. They simply let me believe that there was hope in my actions. I guess that's mean. I chuckled to myself and slowly opened the window. I tried pushing it further, but the window only opened so far. Still, I received a refreshing blow of cool city air. 

"I'll come home. Soon."





(L's P.O.V)

"Is all the preparations in place?" It would seem we finally had a heading. 

"Of course, but it still bothers me, how could you predict his next victim?" Unskilled police members sure did take all of my energy. Another few sugar cubes fell into the coffee I had been presented with. Of course, it still wasn't sweet enough, nothing ever was. 

"That's simple." I replied, not really interested in meeting his requests. Knowledge should be a virtue for those who can not just merely receive it, but interpret it also. The few police officers I had arranged, including the presence of Mihael and Mail who towered over the uninterested young boy Nate, concluded a team of only 6. Of course I myself would be involved, so that resulted in 7. That should be enough to take down one inadequate youth. 

Nate, otherwise referred to by Near by his companions if you coud really call them that, pricked up from a simple milk puzzle he had already completed and reassembled countless times, to hear what I had to say. He too knew the answer. So did my other likely successor. I had already explained everything once, need I say it again?

"Leoni." I muttered, staring into the thick, syrup like liquid I had caused my coffee to become. The room fell silent for a moment, before a chorus of agreement and checks were brought back to conversation. None of these lowly police officers had any idea of who or what 'Leoni' which caused distaste for myself. I coughed dramatically and slowly lifted from the chair to take stand with the other members of the room. "The former L." I finished, looking into the eyes of the man who questioned me first. I broke contact to relieve an itch at the back of my neck and then, alike the others, prepared to set out and capture our indefinite murderer. 

Beyond Birthday, you're finally mine. 




(Leoni's P.O.V) 

A shiver rippled over my skin and my brows furrowed in confusion as I began to push the window further. I could easily escape from this window. Why had he not secured this exit alike all the others? Was he taunting me again? Or did he want me to escape..? I glanced over my shoulder and memorized the map once more. 


This time, I won't be helpless. I'll put a stop to this. Even if I have to end it myself.

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