L's L...

L. The worlds greatest detective. A sweet tooth, with weird habits. Has an L himself.
With BB his prime target, L has no time to be incompetent. But will having an extra presence around be his distraction? (Death note Fanfiction)

Disclaimer: Death Note and its characters belong to Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.


5. L.

The L sat with all it's glory on the screen. Memories of my past and his popping into my head. Was he feeling the same? Seeing me again? Though i couldn't see the hunched man behind the screen, I could tell exactly how he'd look. The crippled seating the messy hair, baggy top and slim pale hands. The black eyes, and the food by his side. His thumb pressed to his lips. I could see it all, I didn't need a video feed. I couldn't control my smile.

"Hello again, Leoni." His distorted voice used for those unaware of his true identity blared through the speakers. I felt my smile falter a bit. Didn't he trust me no more? A cheeky smirk fell upon my face.

"Must you really speak to me with such a voice?" I bit my lip awaiting his response.  I heard a click and when he spoke it was different.

"I suppose I should at least give you the courtesy of my true voice, L" His deep, rough voice came through the screen. His true voice. One I'd been yearning to hear again. He addressed me by my old nickname, the one I had abandoned for him.

"We both know, that is not my name. Lawliet." If he was to use my old nickname, I would use his true name. It felt good on my tongue.

"Then let us agree, since you so graciously allowed me to take your L, then my name shall be sealed from your lips. These conditions seem fit to you... L-Leoni?" I could feel the smile itching at my face.

"Why yes, Law- I mean, L." He chuckled.

"You haven't changed. Your still my L."

"And you are mine. Though, it's hard to tell if you ever got a hair cut due to the lack of video feed." I winked at the screen, knowing he could see me. When I was the original L(thanks to my names initial) people would identify his hair most prominently and we would joke of him changing it. Though he knew I never wanted his hair any differently.

"Maybe you should proceed L." Watari pushed. We were having idle chit chat now.

"Yes. Leoni. Perhaps I am too forward,  but with your expertise, I would like to invite you to join me. For the cases sake, of course." It always was for the case.

"You sure your not hiring me for my cake making skills?" I prompted, knowing he used to go mad for my cakes.

"Yes. That would make you a valuable asset." A shuffle came from behind the screen. 

"L?" I didn't want him to leave. I wanted to talk with him all day.

"I will see you shortly then. Your flight to L.A is scheduled for tomorrow. Don't be late." And with that, the L disappeared and the laptops bare desktop returned.

"B-But!" It was no use. He was gone.

"Go along now. Pack your bags. We leave first thing tomorrow." Watari smiled at me. Was he remembering the time I dropped chocolate sauce all down his best suit... And L ended up stalking him all night? I doubt it. I was. I smiled and slipped out. I stopped as I reached our room.

"Near..." I'd be leaving him behind. With no one. I opened the door and found him sat on the floor.

"I expect you have chosen to leave." Huh? Was he told?

"What, what do you mean Near?" I sat beside him, and allowed him to twirl my hair.

"L needs you. To catch BB." I looked down ashamed.

"I don't want to leave you Near." He smiled. The cute little boy, my little Near shone through.

"Don't fear for me... Leoni... As long as you keep me updated, ill be fine. You will come back for me... Right?" His voice quivered slightly. I nodded.

"Of course! I'm not leaving my little Near!" He grumbled at his nickname. I wrapped my arms around him, and held on tight. I'd decided I wouldn't let go till I go some response out of him. He sat there awkwardly for the first five minutes. I altered my arms, as they began to ache. And finally, he returned the hug. Only lightly at first, but then to a point where I couldn't breathe.

"N-Near. Can't. Breathe." He smiled and released me. I jumped up and began packing. He watched me, his face holding a weak smile. He didn't want to let me go, and I didn't want to leave him. But B had to be caught. Had to be brought to justice. And I had to see L

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