L's L...

L. The worlds greatest detective. A sweet tooth, with weird habits. Has an L himself.
With BB his prime target, L has no time to be incompetent. But will having an extra presence around be his distraction? (Death note Fanfiction)

Disclaimer: Death Note and its characters belong to Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.


15. L Lawliet.

((L's P.O.V))


Beyond flung the knife precisely into the camera. I didn't flinch, I'd been expecting him to take some sort of rash action. Leoni's performance was floor-ess. That 'I miss you' act was just the thing to snap Beyond. Hmm. I took another shovel of strawberry shortcake. The crackle of broken electrics erupted through the speakers. Then his electrified voice came through.

"Eat your heart out Lawliet."

I bit my thumb. So now I needed to obtain L again. Hmp. That was the outcome I had least favoured. The loss of Leoni will hit hard on my investigation. I believe. Or... Is that feeling returning? Hmm. More cake. If he hurt her... Then... I may just have to... Intervene. My L, not his.


((Leoni's P.O.V))


Hauled over Beyond's shoulder, I hung down aimlessly. The probability that L is suspecting my 'I miss you' out burst as a floor-less act of drama, is around 96%. The 4% chance that he outsmarted me, should be greater, but L doesn't know our history. I guess you could say, he never really cared. Beyond jostled me and I grumbled. Subject to his 'kidnapping'. Whatever he believes it may be. If it keeps him murder sober, then I don't mind playing the damsel in distress. I never got to play that part. My thighs pressed firmly against B's shoulder blades, forcing me to be in constant pain of the steely weaponry attached there. I sighed as the dark night began to alter and a well needed dawn began to break. Beyond was singing to himself. Humming a calming melody that fitted his now sober said mood. I sighed again, deep and loud. Watching the road jump as Beyond walked on. 

"Something wrong angel?" He whispered into the morning air. His breath appearing as a smokey gasp before his eyes. I shook my head, not caring that he couldn't see my movement. 

"Nothing Beyond. Nothing at all."


((L's P.O.V))


Beyond was taunting me. It had only been a night, and my lonely soul had returned. It was biting at my insides. Having being so close to my old companion, I missed her loving presence. Her soft, gentle touch, the way she teased me, biting  her lip... No. I could not allow my feelings to return. I had shut them out for so long, that I had an impeccable wall built. No man could penetrate its defence. No man... Could the one woman? I mentally shook myself. Images trying to burn back into my mind. Fire spreads and it is hard to contain.

L stood aloft the rooftops, his arms bared out wide, like he was imitating a bird with the greatest wingspan. Lonely, and heart broken, Lawliet let himself tip-toe closer to the edge. His wrists slit, dark with clotted blood. His neck, bruised and strained from the attempted hanging. It was no use. It was mind over matter and Lawliet's mind just couldn't allow himself to commit. He clamped his eyes shut, aggravated by the rain that began pouring in its truckloads. His hair soon became soaked through, alike his clothes. The rain dripped through his dark locks, attempting to tame his wild mess. The rain diluted the fresh blood on his wrists and left driplets of the red liquid on the rooftop where he stood. Another breath he took. Deep and rigid. His frame, weak from the cold, shuddered under the task to live on. He stepped over the edge, though his mind yelled for a retreat.

He awoke on the soddened ground, head pounding, wrists aching. Body shuddering, filled with pain. He groaned as his survival registered. He had taken into a compromising position, taking the blow of the fall. He just couldn't do it, he couldn't kill himself. Not because he was weak, and feeble minded, no, nor was Lawliet a coward. He simply knew that what he wished to do was a passive and naive choice. A girl sat before him. Her eyes teary, but it was hard to tell what was tear and what was rain. His brows furrowed as the girl sat yelling at him.

"Lawliet! Lawli?! Answer me! God dammit!" She gripped at his shoulders and clung to his wet body. "Lawliet please! You promised me you wouldn't do it again! You promised!" She literally screamed the words at him. Her pain visible in her voice.

"Forgive me L, I've been selfish once again." His tongue spoke for him and his body responded naturally to the situation. Though he had no want to do such actions, his body resisted his inner pleas. He stroked her dripping hair and cradled her away from the weather. His chest shuddering, but calming as the girl sobbed into it.

"I'll forgive you, but please, promise me, truly this time, you'll , make sure you never hurt again. I wont let you Lawliet. I'll protect you with my life. That is my promise. So keep yours." She stared sombrely  into his eyes and he smiled weakly back, his wide child like eyes taking in the whole of the young woman before him. It was then that Lawliet decided to do what he must. To ensure he kept his promise to his dear sweetheart. He would never feel again, never feel that hurt that he got when he loved and lost, that desire to kill one self. 


Lawliet flicked the switch.


And lost his emotions. 



Leaving his sobbing sweetheart to love him all this time, while he stood by aimlessly and watched her love a lie.


((A/N: Hey everyone! Merry Christmas!! Yeah, so, you better all appreciate this chapter, as it took me ages to type out from Wattpad -___-" seen as my new Mac doesnt like copy and paste. So, i guess im fucked. AWELL! Love you all for reading this far, really means alot, do comment with you thoughtts bros! <3BEYONDLAWLIET))

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