L's L...

L. The worlds greatest detective. A sweet tooth, with weird habits. Has an L himself.
With BB his prime target, L has no time to be incompetent. But will having an extra presence around be his distraction? (Death note Fanfiction)

Disclaimer: Death Note and its characters belong to Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.


21. End


My chin hit the concrete, my body knocking up the dust that had resided there. Opening my eyes, I searched the old room, bare despite the bodies that had intruded upon it's grounds. Dust hung in the air like a plague, the cold stone walls crumbling at the joints. It was pitiful, and just how Beyond had pictured it. 

Said man sat on the floor, his back to the door from which I had entered, his arms limp by his sides. A knife sat in his fingers, bloody, but not from use. In fact, all of Rue's body was dusted in a splattering of deep, red blood. My eyes wandered to a corner shrouded in darkness, though in reality it was just out of reach of the meagre light that shone from a single light bulb in the centre of the room. It hung from the ceiling, no light shade to frame its bare exterior. The single thick wire connecting it to the wall it hung from, was bent in a slight fashion, and so, held light from reaching the single corner. As my gaze became more accustomed to the room, I saw the body of a young female. The corpse was laced in deep blood, which still pulsed from her stomach slightly. Of course, she was dead. 

Beyond's penultimate victim. Tick.

I imagined him returning home to the flat I had been locked in, dancing over to the glass table with the smile of insanity plastered over his lips. He'd laugh to himself, look me dead in the eyes and remove the pin from the map. The map that was still on the table. The map I'd used to get here. My hands forced my aching body up and as I ignored the sharp throbbing pain in my jaw, I laid the gun in my sweaty palm to rest. I stared straight past the crippled Beyond on the floor, who seemed at ends meet. He sat there, his legs folded underneath himself. Not in his copy cat fashion, a simple human murderer sat on the floor. His L inspired hair messier than his idol's who sat in his usual fashion mere meters away. Rue's breathing was so heavy I could see his shoulders lifting and falling with each breath he took. He looked defeated. 

My eyes shot up again to Mello who was slouched in a fold up chair closest to Beyond. He slumped there with his legs crossed and his back arched forward. He set his legs apart and rested his elbows on his knees, watching me as I stared into him. Miheal brushed back a piece of his blonde hair and produced an open chocolate bar, from which he took another bite. I narrowed my eyes as the sound of the  snapping of the piece bounced off the walls of the room. My gaze wondered past L and over to Near, whom kept his face down, twirling a strand of snow white hair absently. I smiled slightly, adoring the little best friend I had missed. Finally my eyes found the great detective, sat as he does, a kebab of skewered fruit, drooped in chocolate, between his forefinger and thumb. The other thumb rested on his lip in concentration as his deep orbs bore through me. I took a step forward but stopped as L's eyes darted down to the Beyond who literally sat at my feet. 

"There's no where to run now Backup. The game is over. I win." L's bored tone split through the silence that had held the room since my entrance. He turned his attention back to the food as Beyond squandered on the floor. 

"Don't call me that!" He protested, pointing a blood laden finger towards the detective in front of him, almost completely unaware of my presence. 

"Fine. Rue Ryuzaki, I hear by arrest you under the charges of several murder victims, 2 of which women under the ages of 16. Your attempts to create an unsolvable case, where you decide upon the last victim being yourself-" Beyond's groans and small minute protests heightened throughout L's speech, resulting in a large shout which silenced the detective. 

"No!" He growled, his tongue rolling animal like sounds from his mouth. Beyond's back straightened and I hesitated where I stood. L's eyes slowly eased back to mine. I exchanged glances with him before looking down at BB. Beyond's head snapped back, his crimson eyes staring up at me. Fear spiked throughout my body as the distorted smile peered up at me, blood trickling and drying over his face. "I'm not done yet.." He said more to me than to the awaiting room. His head snapped back and his grip on the knife tightened. I tried to edge back towards the door, but Beyond's sharp words stopped me. 

"I haven't lost yet, you see Lawliet, I have already won." He raised the hand that didn't hold the knife and beckoned me over. "Come sweetheart." I tip toed closer not sure what to do. Lawliet's strong gaze centred on me. "My prize possession, my bargaining chip, my winning hand." Beyond continued as I neared him. His face snapped to the right and stared at me. My breath caught like a sob in my throat as he touched my cheek with his bloody palm. "I win." Beyond said triumphantly as his head slowly turned to face L again. To this, L simple stood. His face covered by his hair and shadow. I watched, an undeniable amount of fear bubbling inside of me. L came to stand a metre away from Beyond, who dropped my face, allowing me to stand up straight. 

"I'm afraid, you have it all wrong, Backup."

Beyond's face contorted at the word, a snarl forming over his lips. He turned to me again with helpless eyes. "Help me. Help me!" He screamed at me. My heart stopped momentarily as he pleaded. Desperation fit his face as L stood like a snake in his path. 

"Are you going to let him continue?" I shot up as L addressed me. His steady gaze open and soft as he watched me carefully. "Is that what we're going to do?" He questioned further. 

My heart beat sped up in my chest, the rhythmical thump could be heard in every part of my body. 

"I'm going to end this."

My hands clutched my head like before as I tried to think of the best outcome. But there wasn't one. There was no happy ending. 

"Help me!" Rue begged. His final breath used to scream words at me. A ringing sound pierced through my ears as a numbness filtered over my body. My pained expression fell from my face as my features set into a cool frame. A dull, bored like expression fitted me as my hands dropped from my face. I rose to my feet, taking another glance at L, who stood with his hands in his pockets. He watched me pace forwards towards Beyond. A small smile fitted his pale lips as his body loosened. 

"Help, me." He stated calmly, a befitting order which I would complete. I towered over Rue Ryuzaki, Beyond Birthday. My hands, cold like ice and soft at he palms, fit around Beyond's jaw and the back of his head. A weak smile spread apart his lips.

"Angel?" He whispered sweetly, happiness swamping his face. His head leaned back to look at me completely. Tears began to pool slightly at the creases of his eyes, as a tear fell from my eye and hit his face. 

"Case closed." Was all I responded as I twisted sharply. Rue Ryuzaki's neck snapped, his features at peace as the heavy body slumped to the ground. A resolute thump hit in time with the thump of my heart, as the body made contact with the concrete. 

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