L's L...

L. The worlds greatest detective. A sweet tooth, with weird habits. Has an L himself.
With BB his prime target, L has no time to be incompetent. But will having an extra presence around be his distraction? (Death note Fanfiction)

Disclaimer: Death Note and its characters belong to Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.


12. Don't Go

Impossible. Ironically, that was the word that jumped to mind. My phone had been set so I could only make calls, and only so when urgent and L had given me permission. I stared at the unknown contact. The phone slipped off the table and caught it, seizing my chance. I walked out of the room causally, but once the door to the bedroom was shut tight, I scrambled about setting the non traceable device. I answered a little flustered.

"Yes?" I calmed my breathing, knowing all too well what voice may reply back.

"Why hello... Angel." Beyond's voice had been masked by a voice changer, similarly to L's. It distorted his voice, but I could easily place the voice as his. It lacked its usual velvety allure, but nevertheless, he was still compelling. What am I saying?

"Beyond." I muttered down the phone as I tried to oganize my thoughts. A slight huff came through.

"I suppose your alone." That was true, I'd probably not address him as Beyond in front of L. Or would I? I trusted L...

"Yes. Yes, I'm alone. What is it you want?" I edged to the door, and creaked it open slightly. L had hardly noticed my leaving and was busy deciphering BB's last clue. I locked the door.

"I want to see you, again." He chuckled, it was a horribly electrical sound thanks to the synthesiser. Any ordinary person, oblivious of the situation, would see us as a couple, the overly attached boyfriend dying to see her again. Why was it that I could feel a slight smile at the prospect of such a thing? I mentally shook myself. If Beyond wanted to meet, it had to e important. If he was going to put himself at risk of capture, then he must be in need of something... Does this mean he trusts me? I'm working hand in hand with the guy trying to catch him, what can be gain from my meeting?

"I-I..." Still in thought.

"This is what you'll do. Because your so infatuated with Lawliet, I should tell you that you need not lie to your 'love'. Simply tell L that you are to have found my location, and are to track me down. You doing the dirty work of course, he can even listen in or watch, you'd like that wouldn't you angel?" I heard him mumble something. "Be by the AshWay apartments by 9:00. Ill be waiting." The phone bleeped telling me he'd him up on me.

"Infatuated....?" Really? Me? I find that highly irregular. But then again...

"Is everything alright?" L's monotone voice erupted from the door. I jumped.

"Y-y-no." I stammered out. L looked down, as if unsure of what to do. His brows furrowed.

"You confuse me..." He trailed off. I ran a hand through my hair, begging I'd be as believable as possible.

"I know where Beyond will strike again." I looked L straight in the eye. He stared back intensely. The black deepens and I feel as though I am being watched.  


Everything was set. The stage lit, the audience watching from the darkness. L sat in his chair as usual and looked over at me with a hint of worry in his eyes. I adjusted the guns which now sat constantly by my thighs. A new addition to my wardrobe. I was still thankful for the warm night. It allowed me to remain in my shorts and jumper. I ran a pale hand through my long dark hair, a black bobble round my wrist. Just in case. I'd spent most of the day, at target practice. I could kill a man easily. Theoretically. Helping L in between. Setting up the audio and video links. L would see it all, and hear most. It made me feel safe to know he was somewhat 'watching over me' though something tells me that I'll be on my own. L hadn't released his gaze during my whole inner babble. He came to stand with me. A hand rested, (still rather awkwardly) on the back of my head. He pulled my head closer to him. And kissed me on my forehead. He seemed anxious. It felt strange assuming feelings for L, who had till recent had but no feelings at all. I smiled sadly at him and entwined my fingers in his messy hair. He stood in my arms, without holding back. Just as usual, until I was about to let go, when he squeezed. My waist pulled to his, chest to chest, face to face... I pressed my lips gently to his, hoping it wouldn't be the last time I'd do it, but making sure, for good measure. I pulled away and stepped towards the exit. A pair of long thin arms wrapped around my waist defiantly.

"Don't go." I shook my head. A squeeze in return. "Forgive me, that was rather unprofessional." The arms disappeared and L the detective returned. He sat in his chair, not looking back. I opened the apartment door, and slipped out.

L's P.O.V

I hadn't wanted to let her go. The probability of her being harmed by Ryuzaki was a definite 90%. Leoni could easily handle herself, that's why I'd taken the precaution of equipping her appropriately. Another deadly figure circled my head. There was a large 87% chance Rue would be tempted to kidnap her. That would be a problem. Though I am incapable of feeling... Incapable... Was that even a possibility anymore, considering recent events?

"Hmm." I mumbled, searching absently for another slice of Leoni's perfect chocolate cake. Being unable to find said slice, I returned to my thinking. As the door shut, and Leoni left. I remembered how rude I'd just been. I hadn't even said goodbye.

"Goodbye." I called awkwardly to the door. I was like the door. Stiff, awkward, hard as wood even to the gentle touch of such a woman. Emotionless. Careless. Yes. I believe I am a door. I watched the door. Incapable of moving, it sat lonely.

"I can move." I recalled to myself. "Therefore, I am not a door." I bit my thumb in concentration. Watari dimly looked at me as if I had passed the boundary of insanity. Well, there may be some truth to that. Perhaps, I had.


(A/N: Okay, don't ask me why my Lawlipop believes he is similar to a door, he goes through these fads. But seriously, I tried to get into the mind set of Lawliet, this is what came out! I'm quite literally rolling with whatever comes into mind with this story, I have ideas and a basic plot set out in my head, but I never plan stories so thats why I normally get confused :/ heres an interesting fact, I've never truly planned a story, even in school I'd do my best to skip planning. Guess its just habit. Anyway, I'll stop ramblind on. Tell me what you think. I'll try not to bite ;) seriousl though, no one talks to me. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK READER!! anyways, read on to find out what happens next. BeyondLawliet <3)

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