L's L...

L. The worlds greatest detective. A sweet tooth, with weird habits. Has an L himself.
With BB his prime target, L has no time to be incompetent. But will having an extra presence around be his distraction? (Death note Fanfiction)

Disclaimer: Death Note and its characters belong to Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.


16. Childs Play


((Leoni"s P.O.V))

I sat in the new flat, I supposed Beyond was smart enough to realise he needed to keep moving, my hands and feet free, no bonds to hold them. I sighed once again, feeling a habit setting in and folded my legs. Keeping up my petty damsel act, I sat back and rested on the back rest. The door was just across the room. I could run. No. Actually, I couldn't. Because if you recall, Beyond, being so alike to L, could predict my movements. And though it troubled the guy that I hadn't made a run for it yet, he was more than capable of setting my flat on my ass if I made a go for that unlocked door. Yes, it was also unlocked. Something Beyond has started doing recently. As a tease. He wanted me to make a run for it so he could show me up. Well no. I'm not playing. Beyond sat like L on the floor. He was trying to morph back into the shadows. He was in his childish mood. This Beyond wasn't scary. He was more cute if anything. He sat, legs shuffling every now and then, cramping from the unnatural seating position, with his thumb on his lips, red eyes glowing. He sat like that for hours on end. Then he'd make an excuse to get some jam, when in reality, he needed to keep his legs alive. He crept up to the arm of the chair. I didn't look his way, but watched out of the corner of my eye. His hands gripped the arm and all I could see was his hands, the glowing red of his eyes, and the top of a spiky mess. I smiled. I couldn't help it. He was so cute in this mood.

"Yes?" I prompted, knowing he wanted something.

"Nothing. I'm watching you." I chuckled, it sounded so cheesy, but his lips I couldn't see and it sounded cute. Cute. I keep saying that, well he is. Right now.

"Your watching me are you?" I replied in a childish manor.

"Yes. Yes I am." He tilted his head slightly then set it back. I mimicked hm, though my body ended up like a seal. Legs in the air. I hid my mouth and put my hands on the arm chair, eyes watching him. He didn't even blink and I felt a stare contest coming on. I blinked, not ready and I saw his face dimple slightly, indicating he was smiling. I missed this Beyond. He stood up, maturing a little, and headed for the kitchen. Another 'jam' break. He reached into a cupboard and pulled out a large jar of strawberry jam. I rolled my eyes and laid back in the chair. He came back, eyes wide and childish, like said child on Christmas morning. He licked his lips and jumped onto the opposite chair, keeping up his L act, he crouched like my old friend. I missed him also, and on top of that, I missed Near. I sighed and rubbed at my face. Beyond was struggling with the jam lid. He stared at it as it was an alien. 

"It won't open." He stated. I stood up and came over to him, snatched the jar, leaving him looking confused and twisted the lid off he top. I dumped the lid on the table, causing it to clatter and held out the jar to B. He looked at the jar, then his eyes darted to the guns strapped to my thighs. Again, I was allowed these. He's being a little lenient with me. He traced the barrel of the magnum with his pale finger, other thumb to lip, and then reached the edge. He scratched at the L marked there, and then, trailed his finger down my upper leg. His eyes flickered up to me, a cheeky grin hidden behind his finger. I stood motionless, what was I to do now? 

"Your so...." He paused.

"So...?" I prompted, I had to say something.

"So interesting." He said. "Hmm." He grabbed my shoulder and forced me to sit beside him. I felt like I was almost on top of him. BB smiled, was he telepathic? I bit my lip at the awkward situation. I remembered when I used to cuddle up to Beyond back at Wammy's. When we'd worked so hard to control him. I believed he could do it, and I made it happen. It just didn't last long. I crossed my arms, my anger eating back at me. Beyond frowned and took a handful of jam. He slurped it from his fingers, head back, and licked his lips.

"Jam." I sighed again. I was getting a little agitated.

"Yeah, Beyond, that's what it is." I set my head in my hands. Annoyed with myself. I was meant to be catching BB, and here I was, sitting and watching him eat jam. When I brought my head back up, he was watching me. He brought his jammy fingers to my face, he traced my bottom lip with his pinky. Jam, consequently staining my lips. I licked it away, catching his idling finger.

"Jam." He repeated.It was more of a whisper and his dreamy deep voice seemed to seep through my skin.

"Y-yes." I stuttered, not able to be witty. I was under Beyond's hold once again. He licked his fingers free of jam.

"Mmm. What are you thinking?" He watched me with his wide eyes. Lawliet seeming to sit before me. That's what drew me to B, his similarity to L. Though most of it was fake, he still had an air about him. I sent him a questioning look. "Just. If your so interesting, then your thoughts must also be intriguing." He leant on the sofa, so he was basically in my face. I felt his warm breath, smelling sweetly of strawberries, on my face. He reached past me, though hugging me, to wipe his sticky fingers on some tissues, before recoiling back. His returned into view, and I felt the twitch of my awkward smile on my face. That was awkward. A half hearted, crooked smile spread across his face. 

"I'm thinking..." I began. Taking a shaky breath, due to his close proximity. He looked up at me as his face disappeared along my jaw line, towards my neck. I just remained still, facing forwards. 

"Mhm?" He mumbled against my neck. He was so close. 

"Of everything we used to do... Back when..." I couldn't continue, I might cry. His lips kissed my lower neck and I nearly died from the shock and pleasure that surged through me. I closed my eyes as my breathing hitched at his lips. "I meant it Rue." I continued. His lips traced my jaw and I could feel my uncontrolled breathing escaping rather loudly. He knew how to get to me. His face returned and his eyes looked down at my lips as he spoke. My lips were now shaking. 

"As did I. And I knew you did. That's why I took you with me." He simply put. I had to push him. I lean tin and pressed my lips to his. I parted them and he deepened the kiss. I had to make sure he wasn't Lawliet. And my tests came up positive. Beyond reacted to my movements, deepening and continuing. He had feelings. Things he masked well, for his L routine. But I could dig up these feelings, having known him so long. Lawliet... Had nothing. It was simple. And sometimes, this was the only way I could distinguish the two. I tried to pull out, happy with my result, when Beyond's arms slipped around my waist and pulled me to him. Once again, I felt like snakes had encased me. He pushed me down, on top of me, his act discarded. He was Rue now. As an instinctive move, my arms ended up around his neck. Fingers winding in his hair. His hands ran down my body, and felt along my legs. I gasped feeling guilty, and pushed at his chest. 

"N-no." I said rather unconvincingly. Where has my strength gone? My confidence? Beyond looked at me, his eyes glaring a gory red. 

"Then why kiss me." It wasn't a question, though he phrased it as one. It made me think. Rhetorical question maybe. He was right, if I hadn't wanted him to be like this, I should never have made the move. But the deja vu of the moment was killing me. Just as I thought over my problems, my phone vibrated in my pocket. I looked down at my hip as if it was morphing itself. I reached to grab it, but B was quicker.He slipped his thin fingers into my pocket and pulled out the vibrating phone by his forefinger and his thumb. He inspected the phone with his thumb to his lip, back to being this. I snatched it from his fingers and pressed answer. Beyond came closer once again to listen in to my conversation. 

"H-hello?" Still a little shaken I coughed to reiterate my voice. 

"Leoni?" Near's deep voice came through. 

"Near!" I called a smiled appearing through my fears. Beyond looked at the phone as I clasped both hands around it. 

"Hey, are you okay?" I looked at Beyond and he watched me with his eyes, waiting to see my response. Is this a way I can get a message through to L? Was Near aware? 

"Yeah, I think I'm gaining a liking to jam." I thought B would find it funny, but he picked up on my trick immediately. He snapped the phone from my hands. "No!" I grappled at him, but he simply dismissed me. 

"Strange isn't it Lawliet? Think she's becoming a keeper." He muttered, a little disgust there? BB then set the phone on the table. He got up, keeping his eyes on me as he moved. I daren't move. He picked up a baseball bat, A BASEBALL BAT?!? and lifted it in the air before bringing it down, making contact with my phone and sending it into bits. "I was lenient. Don't push it." His words were said in such a way that they cut at me. I felt a tear prickle out of my eye. He could be so mean. 

((Beyond's P.O.V)) 

I was so weak. Allowing her to play me like that. But she knew that even I couldn't resist the old times. We used to be so close, I guess I have Lawliet to thank for that. A tear escaped her eye as I sent the words at her like flying daggers. I stumbled a little, what do I do now? I'd made plenty of girls cry, heck! I'd killed them! But... Could I bring myself to kill Leoni? Is that what I'd have to do? She was a hindrance, another tag along, another thing to carry from place to place, what was I meant to do? keep murdering with her there? Impossible. Though I could easily counteract her, I wouldn't be able to kill and defend at the same time. Plus she was working with L. Any little mistake and she would slip out, she'd give him what he needed to have me sent to death. I'd commit suicide before I let that man kill me.  I sat back down, my legs protesting. I ignored the pain. She shuffled away from me. Good. I do believe it is better to be feared than loved. I looked over at her, eyes wide, she was stifling tears, he knees covering her face, she was simply crushing herself. Her arms tucked tightly away. Her long hair in a pony, she never used to wear it like that. Never. I reached over and she tried to shy away from my touch, she had nowhere to go, so I continued and pulled the bobble from her hair, allowing it to fall silently round her pale face. It suited her better like that. I discarded the hair tie and returned to my distance. 

"You look nice like that." A compliment, that's what girls like. Her knees slipped a little and she tucked a strand behind her ear. A little smile gracing her lips. "I miss you too." Had I really just said that? Please her, keep her, keep your secrets. Hmm. By keeping her close, I can keep my secrets closer. She looked over at me with teary eyes, wider than before, but this time with happiness and not fear. She didn't fear me anymore. I felt the flashback flash before my eyes. The giggling girl, wide eyed and innocent, full of fear. She feared so much, but she never seemed to fear me like the others. As the fully grown woman appeared through the child, I blinked away a tear. Lawliet couldn't feel, he couldn't do this. He couldn't make her feel like this. I smirked, what a lovely coincidence. She shuffled around and ended between my legs. My knees remained high, but a now had Leoni sat between them. She rested her hands on one of my legs and set her head on my chest. 

"I know." She whispered, closing her eyes. I recalled nights we'd spent together, young and old, she would watch me, and I would watch her. She believed I could become a better man. She was wrong,  but she's still here.By force... My happiness faded. Yes. I had to take my happiness.

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