L's L...

L. The worlds greatest detective. A sweet tooth, with weird habits. Has an L himself.
With BB his prime target, L has no time to be incompetent. But will having an extra presence around be his distraction? (Death note Fanfiction)

Disclaimer: Death Note and its characters belong to Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.


14. Blood Lust

((A/N: Hey guys! I know I haven't updated in a loooong while! But hey, no one seemed to care -.-" but, I'd expect another instalment tonight or, rather, tomorrow morning, as I won't be able to sleep! Hehe Im like a child! Knowing all that DN stuff will be awaiting me ^-^ anyways, ill shut up now.

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I gulped. The could thy really be blood stained against the walls? He wasn't that much of an animal... Was he? If he had, then he had changed far more than I could have predicted. I felt the chill of the outside world, linger on my neck. I slammed the door shut. The feeling of evil behind me sending my heart to beat faster. My blood pulsing heftily through my veins. I regretted the decision not only to tie my hair up, but to slam the door that very instant. A shuddering echo floated through the lonely house. I clasped my eyes shut. And awaited the cool of a knife to hit me. I heard my breathing deepen as no weapon came forth. Huh.

"H-huh?" My thoughts whispered aloud.

"Are you scared of me angel?" A soft voice, like velvet, escaped the darkness. I scanned the shadows, his voice seemed to come from everywhere.

"Of course not. I'm not scared of you Beyond." He chuckled darkly.

"Is that why you pulse is thumping so loudly?" He held on to the word thump. My breath caught in my throat, how could he simply hear it from wherever he was? It was then that I realised how. A hand snaked round my waist from behind. I stiffened and suffered the ordeal for hi sake. All Beyond wanted was a good show for Lawliet. L knew this of course. So if I only played along, I could get away quick enough. I turned in his arms. A dark white smile met me. His features barely visible in the shadows.  But what was there, were those burning eyes of scarlet... What was it about those bright eyes that intrigued me so well? Captivated his victims.

"What's this? A change of heart?" He looked down at me, a smile in his voice. I daren't look. Scared my precious facade would falter. I heard the synthesised zoom of a camera lens in the background. I cringed at the sound, aware the detective was watching this awkward moment between me and the murderer. Beyond only widened his smile.
"I knew he'd watch. He's perverted like that." His grip tightened around me and I was forced into his chest. A knife rested in the curve of my back. Within view of the camera.

"Yes. But I knew you'd want to milk the moment. Just kill me already." He stepped back, the knife appearing and then disappearing into his back pocket.

"Kill you? Honestly, that was not the one thing I wanted you for. By any means, for the time being, killing you would only hinder my plans." I dared up at him, acting the confused. Of course he didn't want to kill me. But he did want something.

"Then what do you want?" He smiled. The eyes seeming to burn brighter. The darkness seemed the darken, as the lamp outside flickered like in a horror movie. Suddenly BB was almost on top of me. I instinctively pulled one of the guns from the holster and placed it before me, resting smugly at Beyond's jaw as he slammed me to the wall. He smiled like the joker from batman. He'd play that maddened role well.

"You came prepared. Are you aware of how much of a turn on those guns are?" I shuddered at the thought. Urgh, Beyond. He chuckled again, his eyes playful and wild like an innocent child, but B was far from innocent. I felt his body moulding to mine. The gun jostled at his movement, but I kept it fixated along his jaw line. This was it. I had to act seductively now. Why did L appear in my thoughts when this occurred...? I traced Beyond's jaw with the tip of the magnum. His eyes widened in enjoyment and I twisted it around my finger before setting it to sleep once again at my thigh. Beyond followed my movements and without hesitation, ripped the coat from my body. Leaving me rather bare.

"Hey!" I called but he pressed a long nimble finger to my lips. Silencing my protests. He groaned as he stroked my bare legs. I bit my lip. He did pleasure the body, but I needed mind over matter. If I let go to him, I could end up tagging along, or worse, dead weight. Quite literally. My breathing became heavy. I hadn't felt such loving gestures for years, it was taking all my life to control myself. He pulled my leg up besides his hip, holding it there. I glanced down at his pale hand and then at the one that was planted firmly against the wall, encasing me in a cage of arms. He smirked. The action made him seem younger. I couldn't escape him, and he knew this full well. He used it to his advantage and leaned I'm closer.

His lips found my neck and he began seducing me. I clamped my eyes shut and resisted his touch. His lips graced my open neck.

"A ponytail?" He asked cheekily. Laughing into my shoulder. "That's not like you angel." I smiled. He was right. This was my Beyond. The childhood friend I had helped for so long... But he'd shattered his bond.

"I fancied a change." I sighed. And wrapped my arms around his neck, clinging to the familiarity of MY Beyond. MY kid, MY friend, MY family. I gripped at his shirt, squeezing myself to the embrace. My hands twiddled his hair, the one he made so identical to L's.

"I missed you Rue." I murmured into his shoulder. Tears prickling at my eyes. It was then that the horny Beyond died. He dropped my leg and pulled me away from the wall. Only so he could wrap his arms around my lithe frame. I sobbed more. Forgetting about the watcher. I truly missed this Beyond.

"Come with me..." He whispered into my ear. Inaudible to the man listening in. My eyes widened in shock. Taking in the shadowed form of the hunched man before me. His eyes a sober red, truthful. Serious. I stared at him, my mouth open and trembling. His thumb steadied me. "Please." He pleaded.

"W-with you-u?" I stammered. He nodded. His demonic nature returning.

"We can show the world who we are, that we matter! We'll show them! And then I will surpass him, and I will be the greatest man alive! Join me angel! Together, we will be unstoppable!" He glared at me, his eyes blazing. A creepy smile cracking upon his lips. I shook my head, stepping away.

"No. No, Beyond, this is stupid. Killing people is wrong!" I shouted at him, his smile twitching. He stormed towards me, I backed up again, and tripped against the sofa that suddenly appeared. It's presence must have been masked in the darkness. I fell rather awkwardly on the dusty cushions. My hair slipping from the bobble, and cascading everywhere. My top crept up slightly and my legs sated apart. B took this as an opportunity to clamber upon me. He came face to face with me again. My little boy Beyond was gone, and the murderer returned. The knife rested against my cheek.

"If you won't come with me..." He recited, as he traced the knife eagerly along my jaw line. I gulped. "Then you leave me but with no choice." He flung my body over his shoulder as he stood. Not even wobbling at the extra weight.

"I'll just have to take you with me." He turned to the camera, smiled. And sent the knife splintering into the lense. He came closer to his damage.
"Eat your heart out Lawliet."

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