The Second Romance

It's the year 2112, and the 200th anniversary of the Titanic's maiden voyage, which ended in disaster. To celebrate, a ship was built. Built to look exactly the same as the one that sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. Amongst all this excitement, was a young man, cruelly treated by his Father who was highly respected. But then everything changed.... When he met her...


2. All Aboard!

"Alright then son! This way!" he strolled passed all the other people and went through all the other classes. Like he owned the place. I simply just rolled my eyes. I never have liked how he treated other people. I stuffed my hands into my pockets, and kicked at the ground as I followed him, several metres apart of course. I gazed up to the ship. Not wanting to sound like my father. But she is magnificent! But she looked so out of place here, amongst all of the more modern buildings, ships and boats. She was designed two hundreds years ago, exactly the same in size and inner design. Except the furniture, that is up to date.


I know I should be at least excited, but I just don't feel it. These tickets do cost a lot of money. And believe me, I mean a lot! Maybe my Father is just bringing me to try and find me a wife. That's probably it. I know this is 2112, but I am treated like I am a young man from 1912! I can't choose my own wife, I can't date anyone. I'm not even allowed to talk to women! Unless it's my Mother of course. I looked over to her, wearing a large silver dress, that shone brightly like metallic paint. Her bleach blonde hair maybe just a little bit yellow. I scanned the crowd, in fact, there isn't one women here who hasn't got blonde or brunette hair! Rather ridiculous really.


I came to a large crossing for the upper class to cross upon. I then looked over to the lower classes. Why should they be treated differently? Just because they have less money. It's like since 2012, our social understanding has gone back, and now we're back in 1912. The man at the opening to the ship held out his hand, demanding my ticket silently. I fished through my pocket and pulled out a piece of laminate paper. His eyes grew as if he didn't expect me to have one. I slapped it into his hands and walked aboard. 

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