16 Year old Addie and her best friend, Leah, get a sweet surprise when Leah takes Addie to a Jonas Brothers concert. Their life changes completely when they get to meet the boys.


1. The Premiere

"Hurry Addie!" my sister yelled, "The movie is starting!"

It was 8:00 in the evening and the very first showing of Camp Rock was coming on. Me and my sister, Madison, had planned on watching it together since we saw a trailer for it.

At the time I was young and innocent...actually I was 16. When I first saw the trailer for Camp Rock, I entered this contest to meet the cast. I only entered because I just wanted the glory of being a possible winner of something. (I never win anything) The person who won would get to meet the cast on the night of the premiere. The cast would go to their door and watch the movie with them.

"Addie, come on!" Madison yelled.

"I'm making popcorn, hold on a sec," I replied.

I ran upstairs with a bowl of popcorn in my hands and sat down on the couch at my aunt’s house. Finally I would get to watch Joe Jonas on TV. Joe Jonas was my celebrity crush. I had pictures upon pictures of him. I wished that one day that I would get to meet him. I sighed thinking about him. He’s just an ordinary guy with extraordinary talent.

I pulled out my phone and texted my best friend Leah about the movie. I was so excited. Leah crushed hard for Nick Jonas. He was her favorite Jonas.

*Texting conversation*
Me: It’s starting!!!
Leah: I know!!! I’m so excited!!!
Leah: haha

Me and Leah always had the most random conversations. We would just start laughing for no reason and have no reason to stop. We had talked about trying to get tickets for their Birmingham show but I just didn’t have the money to go. I sighed at the thought of me missing the Jonas Brothers concert. I have to say I was quite bummed about that. But there will be other concerts.

The movie finally started and I watched in awe. I was absorbed in the movie. It was just amazing. I didn’t win the contest but that didn’t bother me. The movie was over and I was smiling from ear to ear. I had “Gotta Find You” stuck in my head the whole night. I went and laid in my bed and saw that I had a ton of texts from Leah. Yep. She was happy.

*Text convo*
Leah: omygosh Omygosh OMYGOSH
Me: I see you enjoyed it. I LOVED IT MORE THAN YOU! Girlie, I have to go to bed. I have to be up early tomorrow to travel home
Leah: kk! Don’t forget that I have that surprise for you when we get back to school. Make sure that the night of the Jonas concert you are free. We are going to do something that will get our minds off of that.
Me: Ok Love you!

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