16 Year old Addie and her best friend, Leah, get a sweet surprise when Leah takes Addie to a Jonas Brothers concert. Their life changes completely when they get to meet the boys.


15. Telling The In-Laws...

We waited a little while to tell Joe’s parents the good news. Kevin and Danielle knew and my family knew. I was just nervous and afraid of telling Joe’s parents. Joe invited them over for dinner so we were busy cooking the whole day.

“Why don’t you go get ready?” Joe asked me around 4 something in the afternoon. Dinner was planned to be ready around 6.

“Are you sure?” I answered.


I went upstairs and got in the shower. I just stood there for a while letting the warm water run down my back. A few minutes later, Joe came knocking on the door.

“Baby girl, are you ok in there?” He asked.

“Yeah I’m fine.” I answered.

“Can I come in?”


Joe came in and sat on the counter. I decided to start washing my hair so it would look like I was actually doing something productive.

“Are you sure you are ok? You have been short with me all morning.” He said finally.

“Yeah. I’m just nervous about your parents coming over”

“Baby, don’t be. Everything will turn out just fine, I promise.”

“Ok. I believe you.”

“Now come one and hurry up with your shower, please.”

“Ok, love. I’ll be downstairs in a few”

I got out of the shower and dried myself off and wrapped the towel around me. I walked over to the closet and put on my white long sleeve top with a pretty orange scarf, skinny jeans and boots. ‘Breathe, Addie,’ I thought ‘you can do this.’ I looked at the clock. 5:00. I walked back to the bathroom to blow dry my hair and do my makeup.  Joe came up behind me as I was finishing up and said that his family was going to be there in 5 minutes. I turned around and held on to him tightly. He rubbed my back and held on to me.

“It’s going to be ok. I promise” He said to me.

The doorbell rang. Joe grabbed my hand and led me down the stairs to answer the door. ‘Here goes nothing.’ I thought.

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