16 Year old Addie and her best friend, Leah, get a sweet surprise when Leah takes Addie to a Jonas Brothers concert. Their life changes completely when they get to meet the boys.


2. School with Leah

I got back to school where Leah waited for me at the front door and met me with a big hug. We walked together to PE, our first class. The whole way there we were talking about how amazing the movie was. We got to the gym and we sat on the bleachers.

“Good morning, class!” our teacher said. “Well as you know, today is the first day and we are not doing anything. Um just chill today and we will probably go over rules and stuff tomorrow.”

Leah turned back to me. “Oh my goodness! I’m so excited for tomorrow night!” she exclaimed as she dug in her purse and pulled out an envelope.

“What’s tomorrow night? Other than the concert we have to miss…” I asked. There’s that concert again.

“Remember that surprise I mentioned over the summer?” Leah smiled an evil smile. I nodded. “Well it’s happening tomorrow night. Your dad said it was ok for you to spend the night. He knows what’s going on, but you won’t until it happens. Bring your Jonas stuff too!”

I laughed at her and we kept on talking about how amazing that movie was.  We talked about the Jonas Brothers for hours. You could say that we were big fans.

At soccer practice that day, I couldn’t stop thinking about tomorrow night. ‘What is going on?’ I thought to myself. ‘Stop it, Addie. Get your head in the game!’ Practice drew on and on. I didn’t mind it though because we worked on shooting drills the whole time.  I got home from practice and sat down with my family for dinner.

“Dad, what does Leah have planned?” I asked him.

“My attorney told me not to say.” He laughed

That night, I packed my overnight bag and put it on my bed. I looked at my phone to see if I had any messages. Nope. Just stuff from twitter. Jonas Brothers tweeting about the concert tomorrow night. ‘Ugh’ I thought.

*Text Convo*
Me: Hey I’m home from soccer and packed.
Leah: Good!
Me: I’m going to shower and go do homework and then bed.
Leah: You and homework? Since when???
Me: Haha very funny. I need to get caught up so I don’t fail the class
Leah: Haha ok well have fun goodnight

 I was going home with Leah and we were coming by to get my stuff right after school. She was teasing me about not telling me the surprise. I was ok with that because I was going to find out soon. We went by the house to grab my stuff and my dad was home.

“Addie! Hurry up! My dad is getting impatient!” Leah yelled up the stairs.

I walked down with my Jonas pillow, a rolled up poster, and all their cds in my hand.

“What all did you bring?” her dad asked me.

“Her whole room!!!” she answered before I had time to open my mouth.

We drove for 2 hours listening to Jonas Brothers, singing at the top of our lungs and dancing. Her dad was laughing at us. We passed the Birmingham sign and I got confused. I looked at her and she pulled out and envelope from her purse.

“Daddy, can I tell her yet??” she asked her dad.

“Go for it we are practically here” he answered.


I screamed! I was so excited and she kept the secret from me really well. When security opened the gates, Leah grabbed my hand and we went and looked for our seats.

“I am going to go get you two t shirts,” her dad saidp to us, “stay together”

We looked at each other and started jumping up and down. We were so excited. Our seats were like right by the catwalk so we were bound to touch their hands. I put my purse in the seat next to me for Leah’s dad. I kinda felt awkward.

“Hey Leah?” I asked.


“Can me and you switch places so you can sit next to your dad?”

“Haha yeah!”

Leah and I switched places. Now I was next to the catwalk. Everyone was cheering and nothing was happening yet.

“Addie! Wave your arms so my dad can find us!” I turned around and started waving my arms like a complete maniac. He saw us and waved the shirts up in recognition.

“WE.ARE.THE.JONAS.BROTHERS!!!” Joe yelled backstage. Everyone started screaming louder including Leah and I.

“I LOVE YOU!!!” I yelled. The whole arena was dark. Fans had glow sticks held up high. The fog machines went off as the curtain rose, revealing 3 figures. Anyone who is everyone knows where they stand. Nick on the left side with Joe in the middle and Kevin on the right. They looked out into the sold out arena and smiled.

“S! O! S!” Joe yells. About half way through the concert, Nick decided it was time to sing A Little Bit Longer to slow things down a bit.

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