16 Year old Addie and her best friend, Leah, get a sweet surprise when Leah takes Addie to a Jonas Brothers concert. Their life changes completely when they get to meet the boys.


19. Recovery

The rest of the family joined me soon after the doctor left. They wanted me to have a few minutes alone with him. I was sitting by Joe with his hand still in mine. I wasn’t going to let go of his hand until he woke up.

“Nick, what happened?” I asked him worriedly.

“We hit a red light and I looked in the rearview mirror and noticed that Joe wasn’t slowing down and he ended up hydroplaning into the ditch where I guess y’all saw his car.” I started crying again. Nick came over to me and wrapped me in a hug. I was not leaving Joe’s side at all. Everyone left to go get something to eat and to rest. Nick came back from the hospital cafeteria with something for me to eat. He noticed that I hadn’t eaten all day and all the crying I had done would make me sick. I dozed off with my head on Joe’s hand. When I woke up, Nick was sitting in the room with me. I guessed that everyone was still down stairs talking.

“I’m so sorry, Addie,” he said after a while of silence.

“This wasn’t your fault don’t be sorry,” I answered quietly trying not to wake Joe. I wanted him awake so badly. I needed to hear his voice. A couple minutes of silence later, I heard Joe groaning in pain.

I ran my fingers through his hair to get it out of his eyes. “Sweetheart?” I said to him, “Baby, I’m here and I’m not leaving you.” I said. Nick looked at me and he could hear the worry in my voice. He put his sandwich down and went to get the doctor to tell him that Joe was groaning. Joe squeezed my hand. I kissed his cheek. “I’m here” I whispered.

When Nick came back with the doctor, Joe’s eyes opened and looked around the room. His eyes met mine and he tried to sit up.

“No, sweetheart, the doctor said that you can’t do that just yet.” I said softly. He laid back down and stared at me.

“What happened?” Joe asked, “All I remember is that Nick got stuck at a red light and that’s it.”

“Well Joe,” Nick started, “we hit a red light and your breaks went out or something and you hydroplaned into the ditch.” He explained.

 The doctor told Joe that he could go home in a couple days, but when he gets there, he needs to lie in bed so he doesn’t hurt himself more seriously. Joe’s thumb moved up and down my hand. He did this when he was upset.

“Baby, I’m so sorry” he said starting to cry.

“No, don’t be. You have nothing to be sorry for,” I said. I gave him a small smile. I was glad that he was awake. I kissed his lips softly to let him know that I wasn’t mad at him. “Go back to sleep, my love. I’m staying here with you.”

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“I’m better now that you’re awake.” I said softly. “But you need to get some rest, hun, so you can get to feeling better.”

“Ok, baby.” He whispered. He brought my hand up to his lips and kissed it. “I love you.” He said before drifting back to sleep.

“I love you too.” I whispered after a minute.

A couple days later, the doctor came in and handed me a piece of paper with a prescription for pain medication. We got Joe in a wheelchair and we brought him out to the car. When we got home, everyone was waiting for us. We talked to everyone for a minute and then decided that it was best if we go upstairs and get some rest that we had not gotten while at the hospital. Joe was not too happy to have to lay down for the rest of the day. I heard everyone depart and migrate over to Nick and Leah’s house for a while to give us some quiet time so we could sleep.

“I’m happy you are home, baby.” I said to him sweetly. I kissed his cheek.

“I’m happy to be home…with you.” He said back. He looked at me and kissed my lips. I pulled away and smiled at him.

“Get some rest, love.” I whispered. He closed his eyes and moaned. “I love you.” I said sweetly.

“mmhm” He said falling asleep.

When we woke up, I had to help Joe to the bathroom. He said he wasn’t hurting as bad which was good. We walked into the kitchen and Nick, Leah, Papa J, Frankie, and Mrs. Jonas were waiting for us. Nick was cooking breakfast for all of us. We sat down at the table to eat and Nick and Leah got a smile on their faces.

“Should we tell them?” Leah asked Nick. Nick nodded his head and smiled. “Nick proposed to me the other night and I said yes! We were going to tell you at dinner a couple nights ago but stuff happened.” Every one clapped for them and congratulated them. This made Joe smile through his pain.

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