16 Year old Addie and her best friend, Leah, get a sweet surprise when Leah takes Addie to a Jonas Brothers concert. Their life changes completely when they get to meet the boys.


11. Memories

Leah, Mrs. Jonas, Mr. Jonas, Frankie, Danielle and I were back stage while the boys were on stage. Me and Leah were freaking out because we were so nervous that they were making us sing in front of thousands of people. Nick and Joe kept looking our way but no one noticed. Right now they were singing “Tonight” and I was singing from backstage. I didn’t have the headset turned on yet so no one heard me either. After the first chorus, we heard Kevin say that Joe and Nick had to do something. Mr. Jonas was so confused. What were they doing? Nick and Joe ran over to Leah and I and told us to turn our mics on. WHAT?! They grabbed our hands and ran back out on stage with us right next to them. The crowd cheered. This very moment made me think of the very first Jonas concert that me and Leah went to. That was the concert that once again we were backstage and they had us meet them out there so they could sing “Hello Beautiful” to us.  Leah looked at me with tears in her eyes and I knew that she had the same memory go through her head. We had gone from crazy fans to the girlfriends of the Jonas Brothers.

“I bet you all are wondering who these lovely ladies are,” Kevin announced to the audience after the song was over, “Since I am the oldest brother, I get to pick on my siblings. I forced my brothers to go bring these girls out here.”

“Well this is my beautiful girl, Leah,” Nick said. He had her hand in his and he held up her hand. The crowd went crazy.

“And this amazing brunette right next to me is my Addie,” Joe smiled as he picked me up and spun me around. He put me down and the crowd was cheering so loud that I was happy that the fans were happy that the boys were happy. Kevin ran back stage to grab Danielle.

“We didn’t want to leave this beautiful woman out” Kevin said laughing. All three brothers had someone that makes them happy. I was grateful that I was Joe’s.

Joe kissed my forehead and had Leah and I go back backstage until it was our turn to sing. We both started crying because we never thought that this would happen to crazed fans. We began talking about the first time we met them.

“We have a special treat for you all tonight,” Joe announced, “Addie and Leah, will you please join us out here?” Leah and I walked out on stage sharing the nervous smile we always gave each other as we would get on stage.

“It’s show time,” I said nervously.

“These lovely ladies are going to sing for you.” Nick said, “I have decided to let them sing together instead of solo” I glared at him.

The first song that Leah and I sang was “Two Worlds Collide” by Demi Lovato. Leah and I went on to sing “You Belong With Me” and “Love Story” by Taylor Swift, and “Catch me” and “Don’t Forget” by Demi Lovato and we asked them to join us for “On The Line” by Demi Lovato. The show was a success and I could finally breathe.

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