16 Year old Addie and her best friend, Leah, get a sweet surprise when Leah takes Addie to a Jonas Brothers concert. Their life changes completely when they get to meet the boys.


3. Hello Beautiful

The whole time me and Leah were screaming and singing along to all their songs. We were so happy. I didn’t expect this to happen. But my best friend made it happen.

“So now we are about to sing one of our favorite song off of the album…BUT we need help from 3 of you guys.” Joe stated with a smile pointing to the crowd. Kevin and Nick pulled out their acoustic guitars and started strumming away as they started walking towards the edge of the stage. Joe was on the left with a mic, Nick was in the middle and Kevin was on the right. Leah and I started jumping up and down hoping we would get picked.

I watched Joe closely. Leah kept her eyes on Nick the whole time. He looked at her and pointed at her.

“He’s pointing at you, Leah!” I screamed.  My best friend got picked to help the Jonas Brothers! Leah handed me her phone so I could take pictures. As security gave her a boost up on stage, Kevin got this little bitty cute girl on stage. She looked no older than 9.  Joe still had not picked anyone. ‘Please?’ I thought. A girl can only dream. Joe walked in another circle around the stage and finally his eyes stopped on me. I thought he was looking at someone else. He pointed at me! I gave him a confused look as if asking “Are you pointing at me or someone else? Joe bent down and grabbed my hand and I just smiled. He really chose me. I couldn’t believe it. He gave me a hug and I ran over to Leah who was laughing. Joe flashed Nick a face of confusion. Nick walked over to him and explained that we were there together as best friends. I assumed Nick already knew that seeing as how we were sitting together when he picked Leah. Joe walked over to where I was and held out his arm for me to take. (Kinda how a bride would link on to her father’s arm)

“So, what’s your name, gorgeous?” Joe asked me. I didn’t know if I would be able to answer.

“I’m Addie and I love you guys so much!” I practically yelled. I looked at Joe and mouthed “Sorry. That was loud.” He smiled and rubbed my back.

“Nice to meet you, Addie,” they all said at the same time.

“And who are you, little cutie?” Kevin asked the little girl he pulled up on stage. She smiled real big.

“My name is Amy.” She answered quietly. Everyone in the audience said “aww” at the same time.

“Hello, Amy! My name is…” Kevin began.

“KEVIN! I know!” little Amy yelled wrapping him in a big hug.

Nick turned to Leah and smiled real big at her. Was he giving her the sweet eyes look? “And what is your name, beautiful?” he asked with a wink.

“I’m Leah,” she started, “And Addie is my best friend!” Leah said pointing at me. I laughed at her and threw her a peace sign with one of those sorority duck faces that everyone makes.

“Well you three, lovely ladies, are here to be serenaded by us as we sing…Hello Beautiful” Joe looked at me first with a smile and then to Amy and then to Leah.

“Hello beautiful, how’s it going?” Nick sang. “I hear it’s wonderful in ALABAMA,” the crowd immediately began cheering. “I’ve been missin’ you. It’s true.”

“But tonight, I’m gonna fly,” Joe came in. He spread my arms out like Jack and Rose from Titanic when they are  at the very front of the ship (their first kiss!). “Yeah tonight, I’m gonna FLYYYYY!” He spun me around careful to catch me when I lost balance. He laughed a little bit. “Cuz I can go across the world and see everything and never be satisfied, if I couldn’t see those eyes.” I didn’t realize it, but I had warm, salty tears streaming down my face from being so happy. Joe put both his hands on my face and used his thumbs to wipe away my tears.

“Hello beautiful, it’s been a long time. And since my phone’s rung and you’ve been on that line, I’ve been missin you, it’s true.” Nick sang as he looked at Leah and smiled at her. Joe held out his hand for me to take. Our fingers intertwined and it was just perfect how our fingers fit together. As we were walking towards the edge of the catwalk, Joe’s and my hand were swinging back and forth.

“But tonight, I’m gonna fly” Joe sang again. “Yeah tonight, I’m gonna FLYYYYY!” He lifted both hands up. I looked over and saw that he had Leah’s hand in his other hand.

“Oh yeah!” Nick added.

“Cuz I can go across the world and see everything, AND NEVER BE SATISFIED!” Joe paused for a second as the audience cheered loudly. He looked over at me and squeezed my hand.  “If I couldn’t see..” Joe held that last note for more effect…and to be a show off.  “Those. Eyes.” He looked at me and kissed my cheek.

When the song was over, Kevin hugged the little girl he pulled up on stage. Nick hugged Leah and he looked at her and KISSED HER ON THE LIPS! She was calm about it too. Joe hugged me and I could tell that I wasn’t just some girl that I had really stood out to him. I looked up at Joe and he looked down at me and I don’t know what happened. I closed my eyes and when I opened them, I found my lips on his. The crowd was cheering because they could tell that he wasn’t fighting. He kissed me back. Apparently I made a huge impact.

With the help of security, Leah and I made it back to our seats. We were just laughing through the rest of the concert. Joe kept looking at me and winking at me and smiling at me. Nick kept looking over at Leah and winking and smiling and waving at her through the rest of the concert.

When the concert was over, we rushed to the meet and greet line. There were quite a few people in front of us, but that was ok. I would get another few minutes with Joe. I was happy. The line finally started moving and I was beginning to see more clearly. I could see Joe’s face smiling for all the pictures. When we got close enough, Nick turned to Joe and flicked him and pointed in my direction. Joe looked at me and smiled and waved at me. I could feel my face turning red. I really liked him. The girls in front of us asked us if we were the ones who kissed Joe and Nick. We talked to them until it was their turn to go. Joe didn’t look at the camera that time, he was looking at me. I was so excited I didn’t know what to think or say.

“oh my goodness Leah! It’s almost our turn!” I said.

It was finally our turn in line and Leah was freaking out. Actually, we both were freaking out. I just didn’t show it. We walked up to them and Leah didn’t look ok. The four of us looked at her. We were all concerned. When she finally rejoined the real world, Nick welcomed her with open arms. I didn’t want to let go of Joe. He was so muscular, I loved it. I looked up at him and he looked down and kissed me. We kissed for a minute until we saw Nick and Kevin applauding. ‘Great’ I thought, ‘now they’re going to tease him.’ I kissed him again.

“Y’all are going to learn to keep off each other!” Leah yelled at us.

Joe gave Leah a glare and blocked her path to me. ‘Oh no,’ I thought, ‘this is going to be a fun night.’

“Joe! Let me get to my best friend!” I yelled playfully. He looked at me and kissed me and moved aside. I went over and hugged Leah.

“Have fun with your man,” she whispered in my ear.

“I was wondering if yall would like to get on our tour bus with us to grab something to eat,” Nick said with a smile. I looked at him and he had Leah’s hand in his.

When he asked this, I looked at Joe and nodded my head. “YES YES YES!!!!!!”

Joe came up behind me, grabbed me and held me tightly around my waist.

“Shh, calm down, sweetheart,” he whispered in my ear. He kissed my cheek again.

“I’ll have to ask my dad,” Leah said, “he’s probably alone.” I could tell she was going insane.

“Well he can hang out with my dad on the bus!” Nick said eagerly, “you’ll love Papa J. And I think he’ll like yall too”

“Do you really think so?” I asked him, “After all I did kiss Joe with him taking precaution.”  Joe laughed at me.

“I think he’ll be fine with it, after all Joe did kiss you back.” Kevin chuckled. He started making kissing sounds at us.

“Ok that’s enough” Joe said, jumping around me to chase Kevin. Nick grabbed Joe’s t shirt before Joe could form a fist. Joe hung his head and came back to wrap his arms around me.

Leah called her dad to see if it was ok if we went to dinner with the boys. Her dad was cool with it but we had to get back to her mom so she wouldn’t be worried. We ran down the hall to locate Leah’s dad. Nick had Leah’s hand and Joe had mine. We had guards surrounding us and that was a bit scary. We found our favorite body guard, Big Rob. Leah let go of Nick’s hand to poke him. BR didn’t do anything. Then she flicked his head. Me, Joe, Nick and Kevin all laughed at this. Then Joe kicked BR and went sprinting with BR running after him. All of us fell on the floor we were laughing so hard. As Joe was running away from BR screaming, we found Leah’s dad. Leah introduced him to the boys. Joe came back to stand next to me. He put his arm around my shoulder as I wrapped my arms around his waist from the side.

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