Just a little somethin somethin I do not own Hetalia, just Riaka ^^


1. The Mysterious boy


Runaway   A/N: Random story I felt like writing. I do not own Hetalia, just Riaka...     Chapter one   I was sitting by the campfire relaxing to the sound of the creak rushing by, and the fire popping endlessly. After a while sitting by the fire, I decided to go for a midnight stroll, and go to the gazebo. The walk to the lake was a quiet and peaceful one.  Finally I made it to the lake. The sight was breath taking, because the moon was shining brightly across the top of the waveless water.  When I looked over to the gazebo, standing there was the figure of a ma. I was fixing to turn around and walk back to my campsite, when I tripped over a large rock. Pain shot through my leg. The man turned around and seen me laying on the ground. “Are you okay?” the man asked. “No, I think I might have twisted my ankle or something.” I said quickly as the pain from my ankle seared up my leg. “Here let me help you up.” He said in a kind and caring voice. “Thank you.” He his warm hand in mine and pulled me up so I could lean on his shoulder. It felt as if my ankle was on fire.  The unknown man brought me over to a bench and helped me sit down. “My name's Alfred, What's your's?” he asked staring down at my face. “Riaka.” I answered shyly. I looked over at Alfred, who at this time was staring at the lake. Alfred's eyes were a peircing blue, that went well with his tan skin, and blonde hair. Suddenly Alfred looked over at me with an intense stare. His eyes searched my face, and suddenly a smile appeared on his face. “What is it?” I asked him, staring back at him with a curious smile. Alfred's smile faded a little but didn't disappear all the way. “Well...errmm... you're really pretty.” he said as the blood rushed to his face. “Oh...thank you, that's very kind of you.” My cheeks got hot, when I said that.  “I should get going, my parents might start wondering where I am.” A sad frown showed up on his face. “Well it was nice to meet you. Do you need help, it looks like you hurt your ankle pretty badly.” I thought about his offer for a moment, but decided to decline.  “No thank you, btu thanks for the offer.” I started to get up, but my ankle wouldn't bear my weight, and I plopped back down on the bench with a loud whimper. “You're not gonna be able to walk on that. Let me help you.” I thought about it again, and decided this time I would accept his offer. “Okay,” I answered, my voice shook a little. The frown that was on his face was wiped away with a huge grin. Alfred's smile was the cutest smile I had ever seen. He walked over to me, helped me up and let me lean on his shoulder while we headed to my campsite. Throughout the walk the pain in my ankle began to numb. I ignored the pain, and told him the directionsto where I was camping. When we finally got to my campsite, there was no lights on in the RV, and the fire finally began to die. I looked up into Alfred's face, his peircing blue eyes were the most beautiful I had ever seen. “It was nice to meet you Riaka, and I hope we see each other again.' Alfred smiled and brought me over to a chair near the RV door. “yes, I hope so. Thank you so much for helping me, it was very kind of you.” my smile widenedas I said my farewell. “Bye.” I added “Goodbye Riaka.” Alfred smiled once moreand turned around. As he walked off, there was a hint of a skip in his step. I went to sleep that night feeling joyfull.
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