Save you tonight

This is the story of how a trip to the mall changed Alex and Jenna's lives forever by meeting their 5 idols


7. The proposal

As soon as we landed Harry and Niall took us to drop off our stuff in our new flat since Jenna and I were going to share a flat. The flat had two rooms so Jenna and I decided who got which one then put all of our bags in then went to the living room where we found Zayn, Niall, Harry, Liam and Danielle Liam's girlfriend there on the couches.

Me: Is this some sort of intervention or something.

Zayn: No we just need your help with something well really Louis needs your help with something.

Jenna: What is it or are you just going to keep us in the dark.

Harry: Well remember at the begging of the summer when you two help Louis find a ring, well tonight he need our help to well propose to her.

Me: So what do we need to do?

Danielle: Well first of all the three of us need to keep her out of her flat while Louis and the boys set up, so were going to say that I had the idea of showing you around London since you've never been before and I'll tell you the rest on the way to pick her up.

Jenna and I went to grab our purses then headed to Danielle's car. Before we left she texted Eleanor and told her we were picking her up soon. When we got there Eleanor got in the car and we drove off.

Danielle: Hey so this is Alex and Jenna. Girls this is Eleanor.

Eleanor: Hey nice to meet you, so where are we going?

Danielle: Were showing them around London since they've never been.

Eleanor: Cool so you two are starting Uni soon right? What are you studying?

Me: Well I'm studying law and psychology and Jenna's just studying psychology.

Eleanor: Cool so where are we starting the tour?

Danielle: I was thinking the London Eye then go from there.

Jenna: Cool I've always wanted to go to the London Eye.

We went to the London Eye and it was beautiful but we didn't go on it because we had to be able to leave as soon as the boys called but Danielle told Eleanor that we weren’t going on because she thinks that it's so beautiful the view that the first time we go on should be with Harry and Niall. We went to a few other places after that and finished at the University where we would go when my phone went off.

Me: Hey Harry

Harry: Hey cane you girls come now.

Me: Yeah I can do that just let me check what time my first class starts next week when I get home and I'll let you know.

That was the code we had agreed on for when the boys were ready in case Eleanor heard me it was something I could explain.

Eleanor: Do what?

Me: Oh Harry wants to know if I have time to go out to breakfast with him before my first class next week.

Jenna: I'm kinda tired it was a long flight.

Me: Same here

Danielle: Why don't we just go back I'll drop you girls off?

Eleanor right on cue took her phone out it was a text from Louis if everything went according to plan it should say.

Lou: Hey babe come home please I miss you.

Eleanor: Hey mind dropping me off first it's on the way and Lou wants to see me.

Danielle: Sure.

We went dropped her off then headed to the back door of the apartment complex where we were going to head to Danielle flat since they lived in the same building. We got there then changed into white dresses and fixed our hair and make-up. I checked my watch and the three of us headed up to Eleanor and Louis' flat. When we got there Eleanor shouldn't already be there so we went in with the key Louis gave us so we could go in then went to our spot.

(Eleanor's P.O.V)

When Danielle dropped me off I went in and headed up to my flat but I was stopped in the lobby by some fan who wanted a photo. I took it but she didn't let me leave, finally twenty minutes later I got away from her and went into the elevator to my floor. The elevator felt like it was taking forever probably because I haven't seen Louis in months and I missed him so much but now I was a few minutes away from seeing him again. When I finally got to my floor I took my key out of my purse then went to unlock the door; we always kept it locked even if we were there just in case some crazy fan found out where the flat was then they might just walk in. I walk in and saw it was really dark.

Me: Louis, you here?

I didn't get an answer but someone closed the door behind me. It was still dark so I went to find the light switch, when I finally turned it on I thought for a moment I walked into the wrong flat because there was fake snow on the grown and decorations everywhere; it looked like a winter wonderland. I turned around and saw Danielle, Alex and Jenna there they camew up to me a sat me down on a chair the rolled me somewhere in the flat. When they stopped rolling me I saw Louis standing there in a suit and the lights dimmed. I turned around and saw that the girls were gone, what's going on?

Louis: El, I've loved you since the day met you, you're my whole world and I can't imagine living without you. You inspire me to be a better person and a better singer, you're the reason I wake up every day and go to bed with a smile on my face every night. A wise man once said a boy searches for a girl worthy of sleeping with while a man searches for a girl worthy of waking up next to. I found that girl the one worthy of waking up to and you are the girl I want to fall asleep beside every night and waking up beside every morning. I love you more than I ever imagined someone could love some so now I'm going to ask you a question and I pray to god you answer yes.

As he pauses I hear the door open and close then hear the boys singing Marry Me by Train behind me. Danielle, Alex and Jenna come and stand around us with a dozen roses each and surround us with them. As the song came to an end Louis reaches in his jacket and pulls out a little box then he gets down on one knee. Oh my god he's about to propose , he's about to propose to me.

Louis: Eleanor Jane Calder will you marry me?

My heart starts beating 1000 miles an hour. He actually proposed to me after we've been dating for a year he proposed.

Louis: El, you still there.

Me: Yeah Louis William Tomlinson I...

(Louis's P.O.V earlier that night)

Everything is set the girls will be dropping Eleanor off soon. I hear the door unlock and see the girls walk in, they go to where we agree they would wait and in a few minutes she's going to walk in. I was right a few minutes later she walks I hear a key in the lock so I shut the lights then go to my spot and wait for her to come. A few seconds later she's standing right in front of me and I start talking. As I pause I see the lads walk in and start singing then the girls surround her with roses. It's time I'm about to do it. My heart starts beating 1000 miles an hour, what if she says no, what if she ends things, was this a mistake? No it wasn't, she'll say yes she won't end things hopefully.

Me: Eleanor Jane Calder will you marry me?

She doesn't say anything she just stands there shocked.

Me: El, you still there.

Eleanor: Yeah Louis William Tomlinson I...


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