Save you tonight

This is the story of how a trip to the mall changed Alex and Jenna's lives forever by meeting their 5 idols


4. The first date.

I spent all day getting ready for mu date with Harry even though I should have been studying for exams but I'll just cram tomorrow. I finally decided on a light blue sleeveless top and skinny jeans. When it was almost 9 I waited outside for him. Right at 9 Harry showed up and looked amazing and I couldn’t help but feel like the happiest girl in the world.

Harry: Am I late?

Me: No right on time, why?

Harry: Well you’re waiting outside so I thought I might have been late.

Me: No, I just like be outside, it relaxes me.

Harry: Why do you need to relax you shouldn’t be nervous

Me: Really, I’m about to go on a date with Harry Styles and you could have any girl in the world so there’s a bit of pressure on me to be perfect.

Harry: You’re perfect the way you are and don’t be nervous maybe I can have any girl in the world but I want to.

We went in the car and Harry brought me to a beautiful restaurant and we went to our table. We talked about all sorts of things like what made me want to become a lawyer and I told him that I accepted to job offer and that I would be moving to London in the fall. He was so excited by that fact, it was cute. We ate and we didn't stopped talking other than to take bites of our food and when we got interrupted by the waitress. I think she came by our table a little too often, I mean I've eaten here before and the waitresses rarely come to your table during the meal. Finally we decided to leave so Harry paid the bill and we went to go to the car but it was crowded with fans. The staff ended up showing us a back way out.

Harry: Do you come to by hotel for a bit and hang out; I mean it is still kinda early.

Me: sure but what are we going to do about your car?

Harry: Why don't we walk back to the hotel it's not far and it's a beautiful night, then I'll send someone to get the car later.

We walked back to his hotel and the entire time we talked, laughed, joked around it was perfect. About halfway to his hotel were stopped at a intersection since it's a red light. While we wait we notice there's music playing.

Harry: Alex, did you want to dance?

Me: Here? Ya sure.

We danced to just a kiss by lady antebellum. As the sing was about to end we stopped dancing, Harry looked at me, leaned in and kissed me.

Harry: Sorry about tha-

I cut him off with another kiss. Finally I pulled away because the light had changed and everybody was staring but I didn’t want to that was the best kiss I ever had. When we got to his hotel we headed up to his room.

Harry: Do you wanna watch a movie?

Me: Sure

He leaves for a few minutes then comes back with his arms full of movies

Harry: This is all the movies I could find, so pick one while I go make us popcorn.

I look at all the movies and pick my favorite movie Love Actually.

Me: How about this?

I show him when he comes back into the living room

Harry: Perfect, that would have been the one I chose too.

He puts the movie in and we sit on the couch.

Me: Is it okay that were here, I mean will it bother the boys

Harry: No there out and I'm sure will be gone for a while.

We watch the movie and throw popcorn at each other. We put another movie in after The Hunger Games since it's my favorite movie and Harry's never seen it. After that we go to his room and talk for a while, well talk and kiss.

xxx: Harry get up

I wake up to a voice on the other side of the door and I realise I'm still at Harry’s; I must if fallen asleep there last night. I get up and head to the door to try and sneak out without the others noticing me but when I get to the door Harry wakes up.

Harry: Where are you going?

Me: I have to cram for my last exam tomorrow

Harry: What's it in?

Me: English

Harry: Well I am English, but I really am good in English I'll help you study.

I agree Harry takes me home. I shower, change, fix my hair and makeup and we leave for the library. We spend all day there other than to leave for food. We joke around and study. To motivate me Harry even came up with a game. He quizzes me and every time I get an answer right he kisses me, every time I get one wrong he pets me. People petting me is one of my pet peaves and he knows it. When I get back to my place that night I realise I had such a great time with Harry the last while I haven't check my phone or twitter. I start with my phone and other then the regular people texting me about random things I have like 100 texts from Jenna.

Jen: hey how did last night go let me know, and my date with Niall was amazing

Jen: Since you aren’t answering it either went amazing or horrible, txt me

Jen: I need details about your date and I need to talk to someone about my date with Niall, txt me now

Jen: Have you checked your twitter today if not look now!!!!!!!!

I realise the rest are all similar so I text her back

To Jen: Hey sorry I didn't check my phone all day, last night was amazing and I kind of fell asleep at his place, and today we spent all day together while he helped me study. That's great about you and Niall but I'm tired to well talk tomorrow after the exam. Night

After that I check my twitter and I see a lot of post about Harry Styles and his knew mystery girl, pictures of us where you can't see my face and a bunch of talk about who I am.

The next morning I go to my exam. A few hours later I’m walking out with Jenna and I think I aced it. I check my phone and see I have a text.

Hazza: Hey babe, hope your exam went well and I was wondering if you had a date to your prom cause I heard it was Friday

To Hazza: it went great and no I wanted to ask you but I thought it was too soon and if you’re not working come to my graduation on Wednesday.

Hazza: see you there Wednesday, that's great about the exam and let me know a good place for tuxes.

I laugh me and Jenna head to my place talking about our weekend with Harry and Niall. She tells me that she was going to prom with Niall. I wasn't looking forward to prom but now I am.

Me: Thanks Jenna for forcing me to go out with Harry, you were right I need to move on from what happened and I'm so happy with Harry

Jenna: No problem and I know it's the first time since December that I've seen you really smile.


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