Save you tonight

This is the story of how a trip to the mall changed Alex and Jenna's lives forever by meeting their 5 idols


3. The concert

It was finally the day of the concert. After school me and Jenna went to my house to get ready. I was running around trying to find the perfect outfit. Since Jenna had already chosen her's which a red polo and light beige shorts with black toms. After a while I finally decided on a cute white tank top, a blue blazer, skinny jeans and blue toms. For my hair I decided on leaving down a making wavy and Jenna left it down straightened. We both did one direction themed nails. For our makeup I kept it simple with just eye liner, mascara and lip gloss. Finally after hours of getting ready it was time to leave. After the drive to the arena we went out and went to wait in line to get in. We finally got to the front and the guard told us to go aside and wait there. A few minutes later somebody came up to us.

xxx: Ladies I'm Denis in charge of security for the arena and I'm afraid the tickets were fake.

Me: What how is that possible we got the tickets from the boys themselves well can these get us in then

We showed him our backstage pass.

Denis: Yes those can get you in however you must go back to the back of the line.

Jenna: What that's ridiculous!!!

Me: Jenna let's just go, the quicker we get there the quicker we get in

We walked back to the line and waited but a few minutes after there was a lot of yelling and we were shoved out of the line and I was pushed to the ground.

xxx: Love are you alright, why don’t you two girls come with me and by the way I'm Paul head of security for the boys

Jenna: Sure thanks.

Paul: Well you two shouldn't have to wait out here like normal fans

Jenna: what do you mean?

Paul: Well first of all you two have backstage passes and there is a different entrance for those people. Second of all you two are the girls that Harry and Niall can't stop talking about all week.

We walked to the other entrance with him and me leaning on Jenna cause my leg hurt from the fall. He led us to a room.

Paul: why don't the two of you wait here for a bit and I'll send in someone to take a look at your leg. Plus Harry and Niall wanted to talk to you before the show.

We waited about ten minutes when someone came in the room.

xxx: Hi I'm Jim I take care of any medical problems during the tour so which one of you has the hurt leg?

Jenna pointed to me. He came up to me and looked at my leg.

Jim: Well it looks like just a little sprain so you'll be fine just stay off of it as much as you can for a few days and I'll be back to normal.

Me: Thanks Jim

He left and two boys came running in Harry sat beside me and the Niall beside Jenna.

Harry: What happened to your leg babe

Me: Nothing I just got pushed a bit outside

Harry: I'm sorry the fans get a little excited... well a lot excited.

The four of us talked for a bit then somebody came in and told the boys the show would start soon. So me and Jenna went to go find our seats because apparently the tickets were real and the guards had made a mistake. We sat down and the show started. About half way through Harry and Niall went to the front of the stage.

Harry: We'd like to dedicate this next song to two amazing beautiful girls.

Niall: This is for you Alex and Jenna.

They started singing last first kiss. During that song somebody came up to us and gave us each a note.


Meet me here after the show

love, Harry


Meet me where we were before the show, after the show

love, Niall

We enjoyed the rest of the show singing along to every song and dancing. When it ended We went to the lady’s room to fix up our hair and makeup. After that I went back to the stage and sat there waiting for Harry, while Jenna went back to that room we were in before the show.

Harry: Hey their beautiful

Me: Hey Harry

We talked for what seemed like ever. Eventually I looked at the time and noticed it was almost one in the morning.

Me: Harry I've got to go.

Harry: ok did you want a ride

Me: No I have my car.

Harry: okay well before you leave I need to ask you what I wanted to meet you here to ask.

Me: what is it?

Harry: Will you go out with me.

Me: Yes

Harry walked me out and to my car. I said bye to him then drove away.

(Jenna's point of view)

I sat on the couch and waited for Niall. Ten to fifteen minutes later he walked in.

Niall: Hey

Me: Hey

Niall: Before you change your mind about me I want to ask you, will you go out with me?

Me: Of course I would

After that we talked, laughed and ate...well Niall ate. I finally realized the time and told Niall that I had to go.

Niall: let me give you a ride home

Me: Sure

He drove me home.

Me: I had a great time Niall

Niall: wait till our date you'll have a greater time.

Me: I can't wait, text me what you’re thinking of for the date.

He agreed and I went inside. As soon as I got in I ran to my room and called Alex

(Alex's point of view)

I was on my bed and my phone rang. It was Jenna.

Jenna: Niall ask me out!!!!

Me: really I'm so happy for you and get ready to be happy for me cause Harry ask me out. Tonight was the best night of my life.

Jenna: I know me too, and I got to go I'm being yelled at to go to bed

Me: Same

I hung up and lay on my bed for what seemed like ever thinking about how amazing tonight and imagining date ideas for me and Harry. I guess I fell asleep because I woke up the next morning in last nights close but what woke me up was a text from Harry.

Hazza: I was thinking for tonight I heard of this great restaurant near our hotel I was thinking I'd pick you up around 8.

I texted back: That sounds great. I'll send you my address.

I went down and had breakfast when I got a text from Jenna

Jen: Me and Niall are going to dinner then a movie at 8 tonight.

I texted back: have fun and me and Harry are going to dinner at 9 tonight.



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