Save you tonight

This is the story of how a trip to the mall changed Alex and Jenna's lives forever by meeting their 5 idols


6. Summer

We spent the next week together whenever he wasn't working and I wasn't working which was often since it was only a part time job. A few times a week for a few hours but later in the summer I would get more hours like every summer but for now it was good so I got to see Harry more. That week we went to the beach a few times, to a few parties since my friends always threw parties in the summer, we did all sorts of things together but after that week he had to leave since he was on tour and would be for the rest of the summer. The last night he was in town we went to the beach again. We lay down on the sand and watched the sunset as everybody else started leaving the beach.

Me: It's beautiful isn't it?

Harry: Beautiful but not as beautiful as you.

We talked for hours avoiding the subject of him leaving tomorrow.

Harry: Listen Al, I know you're trying to avoid the subject of me leaving and so am I but I wanted to say something, you're the only girl I want to be with and I think I'm falling in love with you. Yes I will miss you more then it's possible for a human to miss someone when I'm gone but in a few months you'll be moving to London and I'll be done tour for a few months and we'll be together.

Me: Ya for a few months but they’ll always be a new tour or a new reason for you to leave and yes we may be together for a few weeks or a few months but we'll never truly be together Harry. I've had a long distance relationship and it didn't work out. My cousin had a relationship where they only saw each other for a few months at a time and he was gone most of the time, they broke up and half of their relationship was over Skype. I don't want a relationship like that. Yes I think I'm falling in love with you two too but I can't have a relationship like that were we both end up getting hurt in the end so I think we should end it now. Just so you know these last two weeks have been the best of my life and I'll never forget them.

I kissed his forehead then got up and left before he could say anything else or before he saw me cry because as soon as I was far enough away the tears started falling. I went to a part of the beach that nobody went to and I went when I wanted to be alone or needed to be alone. I cried for hours.

(Harry's P.O.V)

She broke up with me the girl I was in love with broke up with me. I didn't know what to do after she left so I called Louis he would know how to get her back.

Me: Hey Lou, you busy I need to talk to you.

Louis: No not really what's up?

Me: Alex she broke up with me.

I started getting choked up and I knew I would start crying soon.

Louis: Harry I'm sorry do you know why.

I told him everything she told me about why she ended things.

Me: How do I get her back?

Louis: Find her and make her believe that you'll always be there for her and that a relationship like that can be hard but it's worth it and that you won't be gone most of the time, half of your relationship won't be on Skype. Jenna's here with Niall, I'll ask her where Alex would go and while you get there I'll get Eleanor to call her and talk to her.

Me: Thanks Lou.

There's silence while he goes to talk to Jenna.

Louis: Are you stil at the beach?

Me: Yeah

Louis: Okay well there's this part of the beach that nobody goes to that's where she is.

He told me how to get there and I went right away. Sure enough there she was crying.

(Alex's P.O.V)

I was able to hold my tears back now so I needed a ride since the beach was far enough from town. I knew Jenna was with Niall so I called Dave and he agreed to pick me up but he could only after work and he was off in 10 minutes, I agreed and hung up. I looked at the water holding back my tears when I felt someone's hand on my wrist. I turned around and saw Harry.

Harry: Thank god you're okay.

Me: Why wouldn't I be?

Harry: Louis got Eleanor to call you to talk to you but you didn't pick up.

Me: Ya someone called but I feel like talking to anyone so I let it ring.

Harry: Listen Al please take me back I know you don't want that kind of relationship but ours won't be like that, after this tour we won't have another one for a while. I promise you I won't be gone more then I'm there, our relationship won't be half on Skype. Please can we at least try.

Me: Yes and I'm sorry Harry

Harry: Its okay and I know it can be hard but everything will be fine.

We went back to the beach got in the car and drove back to town. I texted Dave to not come and pick me up. We went to his hotel and watched a few movies. It was perfect until morning came. I went back to my house, changed then headed back to their hotel where the tour bus was going to pick them up. I said bye to all the boys then went up to Harry.

Me: I'll miss you.

Harry: I'll miss you too but we'll Skype every night.

We both laughed and he kissed me. All the boys were helping put the stuff on the bus expect Niall and Harry.

Liam: Harry, Niall time to go.

Harry: Every time I see the sunset I'll think of you, every time I hear just a kiss I'll think of you and every time I'll pass an American eagle or see their clothing I'll think of you.

Me: So will I Harry now you have to go I'll miss you so much but just a few months.

He kissed me and we held hand until we got to the door of the tour bus. He let goes as he got on and we said bye one last time. After he left Jenna walked over to me.

Jenna: I know it's hard babe but it's just for a few weeks, then we'll be back with them.

Me: Ya I know but I already miss him. I think I'm in love with him.

Jenna: You are, remember how you felt with Andrew and I know you loved him that's why it hurt so much when he broke up with him well I saw it in your eyes when you were with him you loved him and I see the same thing in your eyes when your with Harry yet somehow brighter and I think that means that the two of you are meant to be together.

Me: Ya maybe you're right.

We decided to go to the mall since the last time we went just the two of us something amazing happened and maybe something else amazing would happen this time too. Nothing amazing happened but we did have fun. That night I came back to my house and went straight to my room because I was supposed to Skype with Harry. I logged on and a few minutes later he was on and called me. I answered and his beautiful face came on the screen.

Harry: hey

Me: Hey

Harry: So how was your day?

Me: Good but better id you were here.

Harry: Same we've been on the road all day.

Me: Where are you headed now?

Harry: London and were going south from there then back up north for the cities on the other side of Ontario. You know I didn't know there was a London here.

Me: Yeah I did and be careful that uncle I have that hates you lives there. But the good part is Niall will love it since Stratford is just an hour outside of town.

Harry: Why would Niall love Stratford?

Me: It's the town were Justin Bieber grew up and lived until he became famous.

Harry: Well do we have a Bieber fan here

Me: Ya we do.

Harry: We'll I'm sure Niall will try and get us there once finds this out.

We both laugh and continue talking for another two hours until we finally said goodbye since I had to work in the morning and he would have to get up early for work too. I went to sleep that night thinking about the last two weeks. The weeks I got to spend with Harry, my Harry.

I wake up in the morning from the sound of my mom asking me if I'm almost done packing everything. I'm about to tell her I don't need to pack but I look at my watch and realise it's the middle of august. I would be leaving in a few days to go to London. Where did the summer go it feels like it was just yesterday Harry left to continue his tour. I think back to all the things I did this summer which made it past my so fast. I had worked often and spent a lot of town with my friends since I would be leaving. I also spent a lot of time with my family and during the summer my entire family came but at different times since they all live out of town. I tied up loose ends everywhere and made up with people I hated and hated me. I've always thought if you might never see a person again make sure they don't hate you. There's only two people that I haven't even though I tried I couldn't make them stop hating me even though I forgave them they still acted the way they always have. One of them had bullied me my whole life and the other since 5th grade when we stopped being friends but she used to be my best friend which make this even more sad.

The boys would be picking us up in a few days. We had made a plan that they had to come back to Toronto for a final show and got on the plane to London form here we would leave with them. I couldn't wait to see Harry again even though this summer past by so fast and we skyped every night I still miss him so much.

I got up, got ready and went to pick Jenna up since we were going to the mall to find the perfect outfit for the arrival of the boys. We got to the mall and started in garage where I saw her. I saw Katherine with Andrew. I was about to leave since I haven’t talked to her since I found out about her and Andrew.

Katherine: Hey Al listen can we talk.

Me: Sure I guess.

Katherine: Listen I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Andrew and me.

Me: What happened then why didn't you tell me.

Katherine: Well I've liked him for a while but we were really good friends and I didn't want to ruin that so I kept my mouth shut about it but one day he asked me out and I said yes. I didn't know how you would react but I also didn't think much would come of our relationship. I thought we'd g out a few times and that would be it. I didn't tell anyone because I knew I would be leaving for a month soon and figured that was it. It told me the day I was leaving that he wanted to keep things going after I left and when I came back. I was going to call you but he told me at the airport as I was about to get on my plane. I was going to call you as soon as I had cell service but where I was I didn't for a while. By the time I did you already knew and were ignoring me. If you want me to end things I will.

Me: No I don't want that. I'm not mad at you because of that, I'm mad because I had to find out from him instead of from my best friend that's why I was mad. That's why I ignored you all summer.

Katherine: So were good now?

I nodded.

Katherine: Hey I have to go I'm leaving for Ottawa for a week so I want to spend time with Andrew but when I come back...

Me: When you come back I won't be here

Katherine: What do you mean?

Me: It happened after you left but I got expect to the university in London and I got an offer that gives me a full scholarship for university and law school plus when I graduate I have job guaranteed. It's a great opportunity so I'm moving to London in a few days.

Katherine: Oh well we have to catch up now Andrew can wait.

We went for a coffee and caught up on everything that happened this summer. The next day the boys were arriving so I got ready to see Harry. We spent that entire day together except for his rehearsals. They had the show that night then I went home to get some rest for my day of traveling in the morning.

That morning I woke up and got ready. When I got downstairs my parents were there with my brother and grandparents. Since I was leaving till Christmas I had to say bye and wanted to say bye to them. I said by to everybody but it was a long goodbye so it took me an hour to finish. My parents and brother drove me to the airport where I was meeting the boys.

Me: Bye mom, bye dad, bye Shane. I'm going to miss you guys. I'll see you at Christmas and don't forget there's a time change so before you call make sure of the time in London. Mom use the alarm clock I got you since I'm no longer going to be there to be the alarm clock.

I was always the first one up in my family so I kind of became the alarm clock. It was easiest to say bye to Shane because he went to school in Montreal so he left every year. Even though he came home more than just at Christmas and summer which was probably the only times I would be able to come back. I hugged all of them then got the signal that I had to leave since it was almost time to board. I was excited for the plan ride since the law firm that gave me this scholarship paid for a first class ticket to get to London and the price of any extra baggage I had so I brought Jenna's extra stuff with me since all summer she was saving to be able to get a first class ticket too because she refused to let the boys pay her ticket and we were all going to be in first class. We got on the plan finally and I was ready for my new life in England to start.



I know this chapter was a bit boring but I wanted to move along to London but I hate when somebody just skips to a few months later and you don't know what happened those few months so that's what this chapter was other than the beginning that was just drama.

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