Save you tonight

This is the story of how a trip to the mall changed Alex and Jenna's lives forever by meeting their 5 idols


1. Meeting them

Me: Can we go now,

Jenna: No we need dresses for the party and for the small chance we get tickets for the one direction concert, she tells me

Me: You know were not getting tickets and I don't even want to go, By the way were both huge directioners my favorite is Harry and Jenna's favorite is Niall.

Jenna: Stop! I know you've been like this since what happened but you need to get over it.

I have been a little depressed since Christmas break but I have a good reason something really bad happened with my ex-boyfriend and I have not been able to tell anyone because he's blackmailing me.

xxx: Can you two give me advice on this shirt

I heard that slow English accent and realized who it was so I hid in the changing room. I took of my dress and waited for a bit. After a while I came out thinking he was gone but there he was Harry Styles.

Harry: I'm sorry if I freaked you out but I was wondering if you could tell me if this shirt looked good or not.

We looked at the shirt it did look amazing on him. It was dark blue with a small American eagle logo on the side.

Me: Ya it looks great.

Harry: Thanks love and you looked great in that dress let me buy it for you.

Me: Sure but I was wondering if we could have a picture with you and what happened to your shirt?

Harry: Of course love why don't, we go outside for it and the fans kind of ripped it outside.

The three of us went outside and to the side where we saw four other boys and when we got closer I realised it was Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. Harry introduced us and the entire time Niall was looking at Jenna and smiling. The seven of us talked for a little while. They invited us to hang out with them for the afternoon. We went all over Toronto, laughing, joking, talking and getting to know each other. After a few hours I noticed the time.

Me: I'm sorry I have to go, I have supper with my grandparents, brother and my aunt and uncle since they just came in town.

Louis: Why don't we give you both a ride to your houses?

They drove Jenna home and Niall got out of the car. They talked for a few minutes then Niall gave her something but i realized it was just the bag with her dress. After that they drove me to my grandparents. As I got out of the car Harry came out with me and handed me the bag with my dress.

Harry: I had a great day with you today and I'd love to see you again.

xxx: Alex, you should go inside supper's ready soon.

As I hear that voice my uncle comes out from behind the barbeque so I say bye to Harry and wave to the other boys then head inside my grandparents' house. As I got in my brother said that something great had appened and saying that he handed me an open envelope from somewhere I did not think I would be seeing and the letter said something I never thought I would see. 


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