Save you tonight

This is the story of how a trip to the mall changed Alex and Jenna's lives forever by meeting their 5 idols


5. Graduation and Prom

The next day I had nothing to do so me and Harry spent the day together. In the afternoon he had an interview for much music so he asked me to go with him.

(During the interview)

Interviewer: So boys’ next question is one the every girl around the world is asking. Who here is single and who is in a relationship.

Liam: Well me and Louis both have girlfriends.

Niall: So do I.

Harry looks at me and I can tell what he means in the look "do I tell them?" I nod back to him.

Harry: So do I.

Interviewer: We all know your girlfriends Liam and Louis are Danielle and Eleanor but for you two who are they?

Niall: Well their two amazing girls named Jenna and Alex.

Interviewer: And is this them.

She showed a photo of the four of us when we were hanging out last week.

Harry: Yup that's them Alex beside me and Jenna's beside Niall.

(After the interview)

We spent the rest of the day hanging out with the boys then that night I stayed at Jenna's so we could get ready for our graduation in the morning since my school did this thing were prom and graduation were after exam's were over. The next morning we get up and start getting ready. By 1:30 were ready and leave for the school since we had to be there by 2. During the ceremony when Jenna went up and Niall cheered so loud. Finally it was my turn and Harry cheered really loud. Since I was the last one to go I went to see my family and Harry met me there.

Me: Mom, dad this is Harry

My mom: Hi Harry nice to meet you.

Harry: Nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. King

My dad: Call us Steve and Dana

We took a lot of pictures with me and Harry, me and my grandparents, me and my brother, me and Jenna, me and some of my friends, me and my parents, me and my uncle and aunt.

Steve: Harry why don't you come to supper with us it's a celebration supper for Alex.

Harry: Sure

We went to supper it was my family's favorite restaurant. The owner knew my family so he gave us the room in the restaurant that had closed doors so that we could have some privacy. We all ordered and ate. My family interrogated Harry and he answer every question with a truly answer that impressed my family. After we ate we went back to my house where my grandparents, my parents, my brother, my aunt and uncle and Harry all gave me a gift for my graduation. It was actually really fun. The next two days Harry had rehearsal since he had a show on Saturday, a lot of interviews and a few singings. All day Friday we got ready for prom, we started with doing our nails and then we went to go get our dresses and shoes. Our friend Dave was keeping them in a storage room at the store he worked at so they wouldn’t get ruined.

Dave: Hey your dresses are right here but Alex when I went to get them your shoes weren't there did you already take them?

Me: No, it’s okay there must be another pair of shoes in the city, let's go.

We went to almost every store in the mall and we didn't find one pair of shoes that would go with my dress. As we were about to leave I got a text from Harry

Hazza: Hey we've got a break Louis needs your help can you and Jen meet us at the jewelry store near the food court?

To Hazza: Sure on are way

We went to the store to meet Louis.

Louis: Thanks for meeting me here I need your help to choose a ring

Me: What kind of ring?

Louis: An engagement ring, I'm going to propose to Eleanor when we get back to London in the fall.

We spent a few hours there a half hour there and found him the perfect ring.

Louis: Thanks and Al I ran into your friend Dave and he told us about your problem so I called our stylist and here you go.

He showed me a pair of shoes. They were perfect gold heels with diamond straps, they match my dress perfectly. We went back to her house and finished getting ready, did our hair, makeup and got dressed. At ten to seven Harry and Niall were supposed to pick us up so while I waited I checked my twitter on my phone and a lot of people had twitted me things like you don't deserve Harry or Harry's too good for you and he will realize it really soon. As I read some of them I started thinking that maybe they were right and I didn't deserve him. When the boys showed up in a limo they picked us up and I immediately forgot about all those tweets and just had fun. As soon as we got to the venue and finished eating I dragged Harry to the dance floor since I loved dancing and I was actually a good. After a few hours me and Harry went outside the hotel where it was at and there was a little garden so we went to sit on one of the benches of a bit.

Harry: Al can I ask you a question?

Me: Of course, what is it?

Harry: I overheard Jenna say something about how when your with me it's the first time you've really smiled since December, what did she mean by that?

Me: Well it's kinda a long story but here goes, last year I dated this guy he was my crush since middle school we finally dated and I was in love with him. He cheated on me with another girl but I forgave him then on the first day of the school I drove him to school like I often do and right as we got to school he broke up with me. I was heartbroken that's when this new guy started talking to me and we became good friends well that's what I thought by October we were dating. I was happy again but in November he hit me and not just once he did it a lot. After that on Christmas eve we were at his house and we were alone, for months he was trying to get me to sleep with him but I didn't want to so that night he raped me. I wanted to go to the police but he told me that if I did he would tell them something about my brother that would ruin his life and he said he had proof, I don't know if he really did or does but I couldn’t take a chance so I kept my mouth shut. After that happened I stopped going out with friends, spent all my time in my room, the only times I smiled was a fake smile so people wouldn’t think something was wrong but I had become depressed, Jenna figured out something was wrong so I told her everything, she tried to help me through it but it didn't work and honestly Jenna forced me to go to the mall that day to get a dress for the after party that she was forcing me to go to after prom that she was forcing me to go to but when I met you I did want to go to prom and go out, you saved me Harry. Not just you but all five of you I was thinking of ending it all and killing myself but you guys made me realise that I shouldn’t so really you saved my life. Harry you’re the only person other than Jenna about any of this so please don't say anything about any of this to anyone.

By the end of this I was crying and I could tell in Harry's face that he didn't expect this when he asked me the question.

Harry: I'm so sorry, your perfect and you don't deserve any of that and I'm sorry.

Me: Sorry for what you didn't do anything.

Harry: I'm sorry that I wasn't there to protect you.

Me: It's okay I think it made me a stronger person. Do you want to go back inside?

Harry: Yeah let's go

As we walked back in I started to feel better I was good that I told Harry cause now he know the best and worst things about me. The rest of the night was perfect. We danced, talked, joked around and when it ended we went to the after party I had gotten a dress for. That wasn't exactly fun but with Harry there it was better other than the fact that everybody paid so much attention to my boyfriend but we managed to ignore them and have fun. Well that was until my ex-boyfriend showed up. Since we broke up in the fall I managed to stay away from him but now that he's here I go back to that day.

(Last September)

I pulled into the student parking lot with my boyfriend Andrew.

Andrew: Al before we go in can I talk to you

Me: Sure what's up?

Andrew: Well there's no good way to say this so I'll just come out with I think we need to stop this, I mean us. You know I love you and I don't want to hurt you but I can't do this anymore and we both know it's going to end sooner or later so let's do it sooner so it makes it easier on both of us.

Me: Is there somebody else?

Andrew: Honestly yes well kinda in my mind there is but she doesn’t feel the same but if one day she does well I'll be free for her.


Andrew: I'm sorry, goodbye

As he left and went in the school I sat in my car crying. He was a jerk that day but he wasn't one he was a good guy and I loved him.


As I saw him walking in a tear rolled down my cheek. As he came near me I heard him on the phone about how it was perfect but would be better if she was here with him well I guess he either ended up with that girl he broke up with me for or he gave up on her and found another girl. He hung up and when Harry had left to get us something to drink he came up to me.

Andrew: Hey Al

Me: What do you want Andrew

Andrew: to say I'm sorry I was a jerk that day and I've wanted to apologise for a long time but I could never bring myself to do it and for that to I'm sorry, so are you here alone

Me: No my boyfriend is getting us something to drink, you?

Andrew: Ya actually my girlfriend is out of town and I'd rather be here alone then with another girl.

Me: SO this girlfriend is she that girl

Andrew: Actually yes

Me: Good for you so breaking up with me was worth it, so who is it?

Andrew: Katherine

Me: Katherine, please tell me it's a different Katherine and not my friend Katherine

Andrew: Ya that Katherine.

As he said that I ran outside and started crying, the guy I loved broke up with me for one of my best friends and she didn't even tell me they were dating. After a little while Harry came outside and found me.

Harry: Babe what's wrong I've been looking for you?

Me: Nothing I just found out the guy I loved broke up with me for my best friend and then when they started dating she never told me.

I was still crying so Harry pulled me into a big hug.

Harry: Listen Al you're perfect ignore him and if she did that she's not really a best friend is she, no and that being said do you want me to go punch that guy.

Me: No Harry but thanks for offering and you're right, thank you.

Harry: No problem and I know this is kinda of early but I've learned that you should always tell the people you love so even though it's early Al I love and I have since the second I met you.

Me: I love you too.

Harry: You know the parties kinda dead now so do you want to go back to my place and hang out for a while

Me: Sure, I'll just call my parents and tell them I'm hanging out at Jenna's for a while cause they wouldn’t like the idea of me hanging out with a guy in a hotel room at this time of night.

I called my parents and they said it was fine to go to Jenna's and I called Jenna to let her know my parents think I'm at her place. Then we headed back to his hotel.

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