Save you tonight

This is the story of how a trip to the mall changed Alex and Jenna's lives forever by meeting their 5 idols


2. Big amazing news!

As I walked in my brother Shane came up to me and handed me an envelope from a university in London, England but as I looked at it I noticed it was already open. I chose to ignore it because I was s exited it was the only university I applied to that has not replied yet. I scanned the letter looking for those words and there they were I was accepted.

Shane: Congrats and sorry we could not resist opening it.

Me: Thanks Shane I can't believe it I was not actually considering going there but since I got in and it's practically free with all the bursaries I got!!! One second I have to take this.

My phone started ringing so I walked away and answered it.

Me: Hello who's this?

xxx: Hi I'm Mr. Johnson head of hiring at Johnson & Sling law firm in London, I heard you were accepted to London university and were planning on becoming a lawyer. Well every few years we do something that we give full scholarship for university and law school for two students from outside the u.k and after they graduate if they do three internships with us during their school, they will have a job with us and if you have not heard of us we are one of the top law firms with us.

Me: Do I have to accept right now?

Mr. Johnson: No of course not but we would like an answer as soon as possible but the date limit to accept is July 3rd. I would also like to say that we know you have received many bursaries for school so to make it fair to you that you get the same amount as everyone a car shall be paid for you.

Me: Thank you Mr.Johnson I will think about it and let you know.

I hung up and went back to the kitchen where supper was ready so I sat down with everyone. We talked about my school, my brothers school, if I had decided where I was going to university but I told them I had no idea, if I had a date to prom I don't. After we ate and cleaned up my phone rang so I got up and answered it. I decided to go outside to take the call since i realised that it was Jenna.

Jenna: I got in. I'm so excited and Niall gave me his number and wants me to go their concert this weekend plus a backstage pass it was in the bag with my dress.

Me: Well duh you’re amazingly smart so of course you got in and of course he did that he could not take his eyes off you. By the way I got in to the university too plus something amazayn happed, I'll tell you later, wait you said in the bag...

I ran inside to wear I put my bag and searched through it even though I didn't think I would find anything but a little piece of paper fell out it read:


Come to the show this weekend wear this and use the other thing in this bag to meet me after it.

Call or text me anytime

Harry Styles

Three other pieces of paper fell out one with his number, one was a concert ticket and the other was a backstage pass. I ran back outside and went back on the phone with Jenna.

Me: Harry he wants me at their show and I got a pass too.

Jenna: To quote you well duh, he was smiling the entire time and did not take his eyes off you and you need to go today was the first day I saw you really smile since you know and I mean not a fake smile, a real one.

The rest of the week went by normally other than the fact I was texting Harry 24/7. Finally Friday came so that meant the show.

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