Can You Keep A Secret?

Charlie Derray leads the life of a typical student and everything is normal. Except for two things. He's a member of a top secret revolutionary group. Charlie is also a girl and only one person knows her secret, Louis Tomlinson.
But there is one thing he doesn't know. Why she is disguised as a boy...


8. Republic or Royalty?


Me: Again a slow update....

Enjy: So much for your new years revolution...

Me: Shut up.


Me: *grabs duct tape and tapes his mouth* Just did. Sorry Enjy.

Enjy: *muffled* Mmm mmm mmmm!

Me: What?

Enjy: *rips off duct tape* OW!

Me: *grins evilly*

Enjy: You. Are. Evil!

Me: I know.

Enjy: *facepalm*

Me: Anyways, on with the story!


*Charlie's POV*

I see my father and I feel my insides churn. I know he's seen me because I see his dark, dead-like eyes look in my direction and the corners of his mouth raising into a smirk. Shit. Shit. Shit. "Well done." I mutter, getting a strange glance from the others, but I ignore them. I look at him once more then turn to Jehan. "I-I don't feel well. I'm go-going inside."

"No, you can't." Liam said, not even glancing at me, just staring at the opposition. "We need you here Derray."

"Look, I need to go inside."

"Why?" Harry says, joining the conversation.

"I said I don't feel well."

"That isn't good enough."

"Fine. My dad is there and I don't want him too find me."


"Because I'm..." I pause mid-sentence. They can't know. Not yet.

"You're what?"

"Never mind. You wouldn't care, nor understand."

"Try me."

"No. I'll check the weaponry inside. That ok, Apollo?" I say, tearing my green eyes from Harry's own green and looking at our leader.

"Go on. I'm sure Gavroche wants some company." He said. I clambered down the barricade as he added, "And don't give him a weapon."

"I won't." I smiled. I ran into the cafe, and slipped into the back room. On the table was my cap I had placed there, but didn't have time to switch it with my top hat.

I took off the said top hat, by jet black hair already in a bun, and placed the cap upon my head loosely. To be honest I didn't care if it fell off. I would like them to know before we die.

No, don't think that Charlotte. We won't die, says a little voice in the back of my head.

'Well if my dad has a say in it we'll all die.' I think, trying my hardest to believe the voice. But I can't. 'If he's there then so will-'

I shook the thoughts away, not want to think about him. I hear synchronized stomping, slowly becoming louder and louder. my eyes widen as I turn around to exit the room, rushing into the main room of the cafe to see Gavroche standing at the door frame. He looks so naive, young and excited. I smile despite myself and walk towards the 9 year old boy. He hears me approaching and quickly whips round to smile at me.

"It's so excitin', ain't it?" He giggles, his brown eyes shining with every laugh. "We is gonna win ain't we? And 'Jolras will be not jus' ou leader, bu' France's leader won't 'e?"

"Yep, he will." I say with a laugh. "What's going on?"

"National Guard advancin'. Tryin' to 'urt the revolution. Won't work." He says, still smiling. "Bu' I migh' need a gun to defend me'self."

"No you won't 'Vroche. You have all of us here to defend you." I say.

He opens his mouth to respond, but promptly closes it and walks outside and grabs a gun. I follow behind him and snatch the gun off him. He glares at me as I pull a small pistol out my belt loop and whisper to him "Here's my pistol. Don't tell Apollo."

"I won't." He whispers back, and he runs off to the barricade. He quickly climbs it and stands next to Niall, who puts his arm over his shoulder. I smiled at the pair. Since Gavroche became a member, they'd become close. In fact, Niall was like a brother to him.

I walked towards the barricade, gun in hand. I stood between and Louis and Harry. Louis looked at me, excitement glinting in his blue eyes. I look back at him and smiled, ignoring the pounding of heart and the fluttering in my stomach. I really wanted to talk to him - no, I needed to - but Harry was standing right next to me so saying anything at the moment would be stupid.

"Got your gun?" Louis asks

"Right here." I mutter, pointing to said gun in my hand.

"Oh yeah." He murmurs, glaring at Harry who had started laughing. "Shut it, Haz." He says in English, annoyance in his voice.

"Make me." Came the reply.

"Don't try me." He growled lowly.

"Come on. Not now." I said, "We want to kill the opposition, not our friends."

They glared at each other, before Louis walked off. I shook my head as I watched him leave, and turned the the front. You could now see the National Guard.

They were in four rows, with about 20 in each row. We were outnumbered, majorly. They'd all stopped marching now, and they were told to take aim. The an officer standing at the side yelled at us "WHO GOES THERE?"


Me: Ooh...cliffie

Enjy: Yeah, but we all know what happens...

Me: Yeah. You got your arse kicked.

Enjy: *pouts* I told you not to talk about it...

Me: I have some good news, that'll make you happy...

Enjy: What?

Me: I got a review...

Enjy: And?

Me: You can leave. I said if I got a review you can leave...

Enjy: *as I'm talking he smiles*

Me: Enjy, you ok? Y-you're smiling...

Enjy: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE YOU CRAZY PERSON!!!!!!!!! *Runs away and disappears*

*Crickets chirp* *silence*

Me: It's lonely....

???: Hello authoress!

Me: Oh hey!

???: Where's Apollo?

Me: Left.

???: Oh? Well I'll stay. If you have alcohol...

Me: *grins* I do. Absinthe?

???: Yes! *grabs absinthe and sits down*

Me: Until next time dear readers!

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