Can You Keep A Secret?

Charlie Derray leads the life of a typical student and everything is normal. Except for two things. He's a member of a top secret revolutionary group. Charlie is also a girl and only one person knows her secret, Louis Tomlinson.
But there is one thing he doesn't know. Why she is disguised as a boy...


1. Introduction to the Characters

Hi I'm Jehans Muse!! If you can't tell I love Les Miserables. This story, Can You Keep A Secret, is my first ever movellas, but no my first fanfic. (search for Gavroche T on fanfiction . net) It was originally Les Mis, with Jehan as the main boy not Louis, but I realised how popular 1D fics are, plus I don't think any of you have actually heard of Les Mis.
There will be bad language. Not that bad in this chapter, but the others will contain worse words, bloody violence and character death.
Anyways, here you go. Can You Keep A Secret...

Charlie's POV

Hi, I'm Charlotte, but call me Charlie. Everyone else does. They call me Charlie because they don't know Charlotte. They think I'm a boy. In fact, only one person knows I'm a girl and that's my best friend, Louis Tomlinson.

He and his friends, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Liam Payne, all came from England (except Niall, he's from Ireland). He came over 10 years ago, over to France, and his friends came between 5-2 years ago.

As I've just told you, I'm from France. Originally from Toulouse but I've recently just moved to Paris for my studies. I'm an art student, along with Louis and Harry. Niall and Zayn, with my friends Nicholas de Courfeyrac, Marius Pontmercy and Julian Enjolras, are law students. Liam, and my friends Jean 'Jehan' Prouvaire and Alexandre 'Bousset' L'Aigle, are language students. They know French (obviously), English, Greek, Latin, Occitan and Italian, plus some others I can't remember. Etienne Combeferre and Armel Joly are both medical students (I have no idea why Joly's a medical student. He's a hopeless hypocondriac). Robert Fueilly is an amazing artist but he is an orphan, so could not afford to go to university. Leon Grantaire is an old student and the oldest of all of us. He used to study law, but at one taste of the devils drink he turned to alcahol and never turned back. Andre Bahorel went to law school for about 6 months before quitting, saying 'Monsieur de Blondeau's a prick'

Everyone, apart from Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn, are from France. The oldest, Grantaire, was born in 1805, making him 27 whilst the youngest, me, Marius and Harry, we're born in 1814, making us 18.

Now it's 1832 and we, as a small group, are planning something big. Something that will change France forever.

Ok, so that was just an intro.
For those of you who don't know, Enjolras, Courfeyrac, Combeferre, Jehan, Joly, Bousset, Bahorel, Fueilly, Grantaire and Marius are from Les Mis. The reason is because the whole plot involves them and the Insurrection.
That's all from me. I'll update soon. :)
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