Can You Keep A Secret?

Charlie Derray leads the life of a typical student and everything is normal. Except for two things. He's a member of a top secret revolutionary group. Charlie is also a girl and only one person knows her secret, Louis Tomlinson.
But there is one thing he doesn't know. Why she is disguised as a boy...


6. Funerals and Furniture


How is the story so far? I am sorry that the chapters have been so short. And I'm also sorry for not updating for so long. My laptop broke...again.

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On with the story.


3rd Persons POV

Charlotte and Jehan had gotten a lot closer during the next 2 weeks. They'd become good friends. But, after the kiss, she and Louis had drifted apart. For 2 weeks, they barely talked to each other, which became quite awkward since they shared the same apartment. It wasn't until the funeral of General Lamarque that Louis decided to patch things up.

Louis' POV

We were all standing at the front of a large crowd of people. Today was the day that Lamarque would be buried. It was also the day I decided to talk to Charlie. We hadn't talked know. I was standing next to Harry and Liam, and she was standing next to Prouvaire and Niall. "'Scuse me, Harry." I said in English. 

"Where ya going?" He asked, also in English.

"Need to talk to someone."



"Why?" He asked, a smirk toying on his face.

"What's it gotta do with you?" I growled. God, he was annoying sometimes.

He put his hands up in defeat. "Fine, you may pass." He said jokingly as he mock bowed and let me through,.

I bowed back to him and walked past. I hope she'll talk to me...


Charlie's POV

We were all standing, waiting. Enjolras had decided that today was the day that we would attack, but to be honest my mind wasn't on the revolution. All I could think about was Louis and that kiss. It was magic to me. Wait, what am I saying? I can't let myself fall in love. No. Stop it Charlie.

I looked down the line of students to see Louis coming this way. Shit. I turned around when I saw him and pushed through the crowd. As I walked out the crowd, I noticed Louis following closely behind. Turning away I ran to the Musain, even though I knew Louis would be right behind me.

Running into the main room I went over to the bar area. "Hello monsieur Charlie." The barman said. "Back so soon."

"Staying quiet until a premeditated riot isn't my thing." I explained. "Let us in the back room, eh Monsieur?"

"'Course Charlie." He said before opening the door.

I walked through the door, and went into the empty room, pulling chairs and tables to the entrance. Ok, that may sound weird but Enjolras said that we're building a barricade just outside the Musain and that we need as much furniture as we can.

I was so busy I didn't realize that Louis had caught up with me. In fact I had forgotten about him completely. "Do ya need help?"

"Not from you." I replied rudely.

"Really? A young girl like you moving furniture on your own. It isn't lightweight."

"So you're saying girls are weak?"

"N-no, not at a-"

"What do you want Louis?"

"I wanted to say sorry..."

"So, your version of apologizing is insulting me?"

"N-no, I-I was j-just joking..." He mumbled. It was weird not seeing him in his usual, happy, confident self.

"Well come on then. Help with the furniture"

He looked at me, with confusion in his eyes, then...happiness? "Ok."


Once we had moved the furniture we heard it. The signal.

Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the song of angry men?
It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of you heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes!

Louis and I went outside as fast as we could, to see Enjolras, Courfeyrac, Marius and Combeferre atop General Lamarque's coffin and the carriage. I ran to join them, ignoring the shouts from Louis. I wanted- no- needed to join them.

They saw me walking alongside the carriage, Courfeyrac extended his hand to let me on. I grabbed it and jumped on, joining in with the song the people were singing. It was a moment of happiness, of bliss.

But what happened next soon cut the feeling short.

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