Can You Keep A Secret?

Charlie Derray leads the life of a typical student and everything is normal. Except for two things. He's a member of a top secret revolutionary group. Charlie is also a girl and only one person knows her secret, Louis Tomlinson.
But there is one thing he doesn't know. Why she is disguised as a boy...


4. Drunkards and Drama

Jehan's POV

"Hey, let's go to a bar!" Grantaire slurred. Typical Grantaire. He was alway drunk. "You'd like it Jehan, being drunk." he said to me, the smell of wine and absinthe strong in his air.

I shook my head. "No thank you, R. I only every did that once. Never again. My head pounded for days. Me and alcahol don't mix. It's like you being sober."

"Oh, I shiver at the thought. You go write your poems, mon ami. I will enjoy the company of the devil's drink." he stated, somewhat poetically. I swear he was like me, a poet, before he started drinking.

"Goodbye everyone. I shall see you in the morning." I walked off and went through my large pockets for my notebook. It wasn't in there. 'it's in the other one' I thought. 'must be'. I went through my other pocket. It wasn't there. Then I realised. I left it in the Musain. I ran there, passing everyone else. 

I got to the Musain about 5 minutes later. I opened the door to see Louis and a girl kissing. This was a usual sight. Louis was like Courfeyrac, a different mistress each week. When he and the girl saw me they broke apart immediately. I just rolled my eyes and picked up my book.

"Hello Louis."

"H-hi Jehan" he stuttered.

"Who's this?" indicating the girl he has kissed.

She hid her face from me. I looked closer, and noticed she was wearing men's clothes. They looked like Charlie's. I saw Charlie top hat on the floor. That's when it dawn on me. "Oh my god! Charlie! Is that you?"

She turned bright red.

"You're a girl!"

A/N Ooh, a cliffie, kinda. Just to clear up, here are the roles/personalities of the Amis de L'ABC

Enjolras - The Leader. He has long blonde hair and blue eyes. He doesn't have any mistresses and doesn't care for girls. He will treat them as equals not sex objects. He is adored by everyone, especially Grantaire. He is known as Apollo or Enjy by many of the Amis. He refers to people as citizen or by their surnames. Many people believe he is a Law student, but the god of literature, Hugo, doesn't specify.

Grantaire - A drunkard. He sits at the back of Musain, doing nothing to help with the revolution. He admires Enjolras, almost to the point that he is obsessed. He is pessimistic, cynical and sarcastic. He is known as R by everyone, but Enjolras, who just refers to him with his surname. Many people give him and Enjy a relationship, but I am not an enjy/R shipper.

Combeferre - A philosophical man. He is Enjy's right hand man. It has been suggested that he and enjy have a 'slashy relationship' but I don't ship them. He wears glasses. He believes in logical explanations, and can be quite sceptical. Medical Student.

Courfeyrac - A personal favourite of mine. In this story, he and Jehan sorta switch places. He was the one who originally found out Charlottes secret, and Jehan was Louis, Louis wasn't in the story. He is a Law student, but barely ever attends lectures. He is a womaniser, out with a different girl each week. He is optimistic and easily looks at people good sides. Overall, a nice person, if a bit perverted :)

Jehan Prouvaire - MY ACTUALLY FAVOURITE!!!! In this story he was the original Louis. He is a quiet, meek poet that cries easily, loves flowers and even speaks very poetically. Despite all this he is scared of nothing, which is why he taught at the barricades. He is a language student and is fluent in all the languages I mentioned in chapter 1. He was the first to get killed at the barricades, except for mon petit Gavroche. the youngest (except Marius).

Joly - He is a medical student who is a total hypocondriac. He has the ability to turn a headache into Ebola and a cold into Pneumonia. He talks with a blocked nose, so translations are written at the bottom of the page. He is best friends with Bousset/Laigles.

Bousset - A man down on his luck. He has about 23 and is bald and often get injured. His real name is Laigles or Lesgles. I don't know much about him, sorry.

Bahorel - Famous for his short temper and a red vest like enjy's, Bahorel is the forgotten Ami, not featured in the musical.

Fueilly - An artist who isn't a student. He paints fans for a living. He is a lot poorer than everyone else, being an orphan and growing up on the streets.

Marius Pontmercy - The newest, not quite member, of the Amis. He isn't classed as an amis because he never went to a meeting. He falls in love with Cosette and has a main part in the book and musical, not this fic.

Thank you, and finally, good bye :)

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