Can You Keep A Secret?

Charlie Derray leads the life of a typical student and everything is normal. Except for two things. He's a member of a top secret revolutionary group. Charlie is also a girl and only one person knows her secret, Louis Tomlinson.
But there is one thing he doesn't know. Why she is disguised as a boy...


7. Bullets and Barricades


Enjy: *mocking me* My new years resolution is to be a better updater... You've updated one story. About 2 weeks ago.

Me: I know! I'm a bad person. Kill me now.

Enjy: Ok *pulls out carbine*

Me: Joking!

Enjy: Dang it. *puts away carbine* So, when can I leave?

Me: What? You aren't leaving.

Enjy: But you said last chapter that I could.

Me: If someone reviewed. I got none.

Enjy: So I can't leave? *pouty face*

Me: Nope. Sorry.

Enjy: *Grumble grumble*

Me: While Enjy dear s sulking, on with the story.



~Charlie's POV~

They saw me walking alongside the carriage, Courfeyrac extended his hand to let me on. I grabbed it and jumped on, joining in with the song the people were singing. It was a moment of happiness, of bliss.

But what happened next soon cut the feeling short.



A scream.

A woman walking along side the carriage fell, clutching her side. They'd shot her. My blood began to boil. They actually shot at a woman. These people were sick. I knew that Enjolras felt the same, because he clutched his carbine tighter in his hands and lifted it up. He was gonna shoot. I went to pull out my gun when a hand stopped me. Jehan. "Not yet." He whispered.

Wait, Jehan? When did he get on? I nodded anyway and slipped my gun back into by belt loop. "When?" I whisper back.

"When Enjolras shouts 'To the barricades.'"

I nod and turn to see the national guard glaring at us and Enjolras slowly lowered his gun. Nothing happened, just two sides looking at each other, venom in our eyes.

We all stayed like that for about 2 minutes, nothing happening. No speech or movement. Nothing. Then BANG! Some novice National guard shot into the air, at us. That caused uproar. Enjolras raised his gun once more and shot at the national guard. He looked down to the Amis on the ground and nodded. I knew what that meant. The barricades. The rest of us on the carriage pulled out or guns at aimed at the National Guard. They shot at us, we shot back. When the chaos was enough Enjolras shouted at the top of his lungs "TO THE BARRICADES!"

Soon we were back at the cafe. The street was covered in bits of old furniture, with some flying out the window. The barricade was building up and fast. The furniture that me and Louis had moved was sitting at the base of the barricade, ready to protect us. This was happening. Really happening. We were going to fight. Grantaire and Jehan came down from the upstairs room each with about 20 guns in their hands. Behind them, Joly and Feuilly had bags of cartridges and gunpowder.

I pushed the hat on my head harder, as not to be shot off. I then felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see Louis, a serious look on his face. "I need to talk to you." He said to me.

"Yes?" I asked, looking at him.

"I saw your father."

My eyes widened. I shook my head in disbelief. "No. No, he can't be." I whispered.

"He is." He said.

"NO!" I shouted, all my fears and worries escaping due to four little words. I saw your father. "YOU'RE LYING!"

"Charl-" He started, but I pushed him away.

"No. You're lying. Please say you're lying..." I say, my shouts muted to whisper once more. His eyes hit the floor. He wasn't lying. My father was in Paris. Shit. "He's found me, hasn't he?"

"Now, you can't be sure of that, can you?"

"Why else would he be here? He lives in Toulouse! That's about a two day ride from here!" He went to respond, but couldn't. "Admit it Lou, he's found me."

"What did he even do for you to run away?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"That bad?"

"Shut up."

"Ok then." He said, not pushing it anymore.

Silence between us fell like a thick country fog. The only thing we could hear were the shouts of the people, the banging of the furniture, the creation of the barricade. "Come on you two." Someone called. Courfeyrac. "You're missing out on the fun!"

"Oh yeah, because getting ourselves killed is so much fun!" Grantaire replied, the comment dripping in sarcasm.

"We won't get killed." I said to him, more to calm myself than anyone.

"Keep saying that mon ami."

"If you're so certain we're gonna die then why are you even here?" I retorted.

He shrugged. "Dunno."

I shook my head and rolled my eyes. "That contains so much logic." I said sarcastically.

"Ah, the only thing containing logic at this moment in time is the green fairy." He said, talking a swig of his blessed absinthe.

I laughed, forgetting my father momentarily. I climbed the barricade, standing right at the top, next to Enjolras. Everyone climbed next to us, until we all stood in a short, yet strong line. He lifted up the red flag, made of the cafe's old tablecloths, and placed it in between two pieces of  furniture.

We stood proud, guns in hand, staring directly at the advancing national guard. In the corner of my eyes I saw him. My father. He must have noticed me because I saw his eyes widen then narrow evilly.

I was screwed.

And I was going to bring everyone with me.

Well done Charlotte. Well done.


Me: And done!

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Me: Happy Valentines Day Enjy! *kisses him on cheek*

Enjy: Get. Off. Me! *pushes me away* Great, another day, another fangirl...

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Me: *Points to my Movellas profile* Look at my name you dolt!

Enjy: *Reading* Jehan's Muse. Mon dieu *facepalm*

Me: Anyways, Happy Valentines Day! I have one important announcement, For those of you RPers with accounts.

I have a forum called 'They Will See The People Rise'

If you like to Roleplay, then please join. There's only 3 of us and we have barely started the RP.

Here is who's free and who's taken:


Enjolras - TheOtherPonineGirl

Bahorel -

Bousset/Laigle -

Combeferre -

Courfeyrac - Gavroche T

Fueilly -

Grantaire - Little Redwood

Gavroche - Little Redwood

Jean 'Jehan' Prouvaire - Gavroche T

Joly -

Marius - Little Redwood

Musichetta -

Eponine - TheOtherPonineGirl

Gavroche T is me by the way. :)

There may not be many canon characters left, but you can create your own OC's so please join!

Comment, like and favourite if you enjoyed it! I'll update soon!

Enjy: Sooner than this time...

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