If you had been bullied all your life. Then you meet the love of your life, would you change your life to stay with him?


3. Started


That’s how it all started. You became my little stream of light in my dark world. We could talk for hours and after a few months I still couldn’t understand why you choose to hang with me instead of the others. The way you smiled whenever you saw me gave me butterflies in my stomach and I had to smile. No matter what mode I was in you always gave me better thoughts. In tenth grade I felt that something more was between us. The bullying was still there but this time I had you. You gave me new hope and I wasn’t scared anymore. I can still remember the nervous tone in your voice when you told me you liked me. And how our lips met perfectly for the first time. The way you held my hand like your hand was made just for me. And how proud you were when you introduced me as your girlfriend. That’s memories I’ll never forget and I hope you don’t forget them too.

After we had been together for five years you proposed to me. I still remember the smile on your face when bent down on one knee and asked me. You whispered that you would always protect me, and you have kept that promise. A couple of months passed and I remember walking down the aisle. At the end I could see you on your back smoking and a huge smile on your face. I have to honest and say I don’t remember much of the day, I was so happy all I remember was the feeling that you were mine. Forever.

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