If you had been bullied all your life. Then you meet the love of your life, would you change your life to stay with him?


4. Regrets

There is no more tears streaming down your cheeks. I think you have cried so much they don’t exist anymore. I know what I did to you was wrong, but it was the only solution. I know you promised that you would make the bullying stop, and now you have. You start to walk away. My eyes are still glued to you. You walk a few feet before you stop. You pick up a little girl and carry her back to my grave. I guess she is about to months old and she looks just like you. She has been crying to, but I don’t think she knows what is going on. “Look Stella.” You point to a bouquet of red roses. “Under all these flowers is your mommy. She loved us a lot and she still does.” I can see that you are trying to smile, but you fail and more tears stream down your face. “That bouquet of roses is from us. You see, your mommy will love us till the last rose dies. And we will love her back,” you kiss the baby girls head and walk away.

Somehow I came down here. I am standing in front of the bed of flowers, looking directly to the bouquet of roses. I pick it up, smell them and start counting them. Ten red roses. Nine of them is real and one is fake. I can feel tears building, and soon they stream down my face too. Not only had I left you Joe, I had left our little daughter Stella. She would never know how and why I did it. Please take care of her. I love you, forever.

Love Leah   

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