If you had been bullied all your life. Then you meet the love of your life, would you change your life to stay with him?


1. Heaven


You are sitting so quite and peaceful. I can see the tears stream down your face. You are the only one who knows my secret. You are the only one I love. And the only one who knows why I did it. Nevertheless you blame yourself for everything. Everyday I think about how my life could have been if I didn´t do it. Everyday I think about it while I sit here. You might wonder how I am. And I know you want answers. I´ll give them to you. Just listen to your heart.

I will tell you my story and how I got up here. Up here in Heaven. Yes, the perfect green grass and the big trees. They are all apart of Heaven. Even the little birds which sing so perfect over there. Isn´t Heaven beautiful? I think so. I have been here for a while now, but it is still a lot to explore. But I have all eternity to do it. Yet, I sit here waiting for you, so we can explore together. You see, every morning I sit down on the same chair and look at you. I see everything you do and sometimes I feel a little guilt in my gut. I just left you there with no answers and a huge responsibility. If I tell you the whole truth you probably are going to hate me. But I promise I will tell you everything. From the very beginning. I will answer all your questions. 

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