Paradise Seekers

I wrote this last year about my old fursona Myst. it is based off of the RPG FeralHeart, so i do not own the names of locations but i do own the characters. idk if imma finish it? tell me what you think, it sucks balls, lln.


2. Prologue


Fire raged through my home on Bonfire island that fateful night when I was a young pup. I lost my family and my pack that night to a group of bloodthirsty bears. My mother had only enough time to get me and my brother Hunter out of danger and then she was gone. Not long my father followed suit and then Hunter. Then I was truly alone with my pack and family gone. Seeing that there was no longer any need in staying on bonfire island I left running into the underground tunnel system known as Ficcho Caverns. I traveled through the crystal lit caverns searching for a place that would be safe for me to stay. I rounded a corner tripping over my own paws and injuring my back leg knocking running out of the situation. I pulled myself up almost falling down in pain but I ignored the pain and limped on. I passed  Cape of distant worlds as I followed a long twisted corridor. I followed the corridor until I came upon a large tree, and an exit with giant glowing crystals the exit opened out to a snowy terrain. I wondered out of Ficcho Caverns and onto the cold snowy ground, the snow acted as treatment for my injured paw. I cautiously sniffed the air as I walked deeper into the terrain. My paw caught something slick and I slipped and landed on my face running a small scrape down my cheek and jawline. I pulled myself up and ran, more like slid across the ice I fell on, but ended up in a snowbank. I poked my head out and shook off the extra snow that had stuck to my fur when I crashed into the snow. I looked around and saw for the first time focusing there was nobody here but me. Just my luck that I'll be alone for the rest of my life. Many wolves live where it snows but why not here? I wondered around for shelter because it looked like there was going to be a blizzard. I came upon a large mound that was hollowed out like a den. I crawled under the outcropping and saw it was a den. This is perfect for me now to get something to eat. I left and got ready for the hunt.  The crisp winter air bit at my fur as I searched for some prey to last me through the night. I sniffed the air and caught the scent of a snow hare. I flattened my body to the ground and prepared to stalk the small furry creature and slowly crept toward the small animal who was feeding on some twigs. It hadn't noticed me yet so that was a good sign, that meant I was doing it right. Before my father died he taught me how to stalk prey but I was never any good at it and I always tripped over my own paws. When I got close enough to the hare I raised my haunches and prepared to pounce. I sprang from the ground and pinned the hare to the ground and tried to deliver a bite to the neck but it squirmed loose from my grip. I flattened my ears in annoyance and started to chase the little creeper all over the place never losing sight of the small white body.  I probably chased it for hours before finally stopping and catching my breath. In that time the little turd of a rabbit ran off out of my sight, since the snow was so thick and it looked like it was going to snow so I couldn't track the rabbit. I settled with a few weeds to last me through the night . I stumbled back to the den that I found earlier that day and put the weeds in a pile curled up after eating some of the weeds for a well earned sleep.
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