Paradise Seekers

I wrote this last year about my old fursona Myst. it is based off of the RPG FeralHeart, so i do not own the names of locations but i do own the characters. idk if imma finish it? tell me what you think, it sucks balls, lln.


3. Luna


Roku are you sure it's safe to go this way. Luna looked at her life long friend a little concerned for their safety in Ficcho Caverns. They were two runaways from Temple of Dreams, they were the only wingless wolves in the Dreamlight pack. Luna, a six year old female with a black base coat with neon green spots and green bangs and back mane, her green eyes seemed to glow when she was angry or scared for her life. Roku on the other hand had a black base coat like Luna but instead of green spots he had midnight purple stripes along his forelegs, face, rear, and tail; as well as long bright purple bangs and back mane. He was a little taller than Luna but the same age. The two walked cautiously  around a corner to a large tree growing in the cavern as well as blue crystals lining and exit to a snowy terrain.  “It's so pretty, huh Roku?” Luna said loking at the male beside her. Roku looked at her annoyed, “I don't do pretty, Luna.” He said looking her in the eye. “I'm a boy. Anyway lets leave the Caverns and stay here for a while.” He walked out of the warmth of the Caverns and onto the cold snow. Luna quickly followed suit in order not to lose her companion. The two wondered for hours before coming to a hollowed out mound forming a den. Roku crawled under the outcropping and looked at Luna and beckoned for her to follow him. Luna entered the den and looked around. She stopped her gaze at a blue pile of fluff; she walked over to it and sniffed it smelled of dead things so she thought the body to be a carcass of a wolf about her age. “Roku we aren't going to end up like this are we?” She asked the wolf staring in her general direction. Roku looked at the body and made his decision.  “We stay tonight, then leave in the morning, okay?” he looked at Luna, her large green eyes were full of fear and worry.  He walked over to her and put his bushy tail on her back to comfort her. “We'll be okay, don't worry Luna.” he assured her.  With that said Roku lay down and closed his eyes. It wasn't long before Luna lay down beside him. When they woke up the next morning the wolf that was in the den that Luna believed to be dead was staring at them with narrowed eyes and snarling, saliva dripping from her mouth, wings flared out in anger.    Hey this one is short cause it's currently being edited of errors and grammar issues and length will increase later                                                    ~Riaka
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