What could go wrong?

Jinx and Ally have been friends since well as long as they remember and they are always getting in to trouble Jinx is a bit of a rebel and likes to follow her own rules while Ally she is more of a good girl, dose what she's told got good grades in school until she is dragged into another one of Jinx's maschivous plans and that's how they meet well them One Direction the girls are total one direction addicts maybe that's why they are so close who knows but what happens when Jinx starts to fall for one of them will they return her love or just kick her to the curb all that I can say is that these girls are going to get in to a lot of shit.
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4. wallflower?

Ally's P.O.V 

What just happened? Jinx's plans never work, and for the off chances they do we're usually in shit by now. Jinx has always been the out going one and the trouble maker she's never afraid to be herself even though she's a bit thick, unlike me I've always been shy and as she says a goody two shoes I've never really done something out going or cool I'm just average and boring I was bullied a lot in school but Jinx she was always there and even though she's well... not that smart she has always had my back, but seriously how did we even get this far I mean this is what you call a miracle "ALLY!!!" Jinx screamed in my ear sending me deaf "what?" I said rubbing my ringing ear "H harry asked me to stay and wait for him" she squealed I can't say I'm not jealous of her but I'm a wallflower people aren't suppose to notice me especially famous people especially freaking hot British famous people. "that's great" I said with a smile I just really hope he doesn't do anything to hurt her, I don't think he would intentionally but Jinx is easily fooled. "Ally are you okay?" Jinx ask looking concerned "yeah totally fine just finding this hard to believe" I said "I know we actually met One Direction" she said bouncing "no I can't believe the fact one of you plans actually work" I laughed "would you quit it, it's not a big deal my plans have worked before geez" she said  "oh yeah when?" I smirked this is going to be good "Like um when you know when we where at that place with... I cut her off "face it you have nothing"  "yeah well what ever" she said "VICTORY" I laughed "that's it" she yelled and ran straight at me "ahhh" I screamed, after she tackled me to the floor we both burst out into a fit of laughter I really don't know what I would do with out this girl "okay okay I surrender" I laughed out of breath and we both got off the ground "hope you girls aren't causing trouble" a husky British accent said from behind us we both froze looking at each other then turned around seeing a pair of baby blue eyes that made me melt the butter running down a hot piece of toast "haha course not" I smirked "how rude I haven't properly introduced myself I'm Niall, Niall Horan" he smiled extending his hand I was still lost in his beautiful eyes Jinx nudged me snapping me out of the trance he held me in "Ally, Ally Walker" I smile coping him and shaking his hand. What was going on I have never been like this, I'm shy and quiet this is the person I've always want to be confident and anything but shy "I have to go back on stage but I'll see you later right?" he said looking at me "yeah" I smiled "good" he said with a smirk. "Jinx have I ever told you how much I love your plans" I sighed this has to be a dream one I want to stay in forever.



hope this chapter is better and hoped you liked it do you think Ally and Niall are cute? or should she be with someone else and should I keep updating? :) xx 





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