What could go wrong?

Jinx and Ally have been friends since well as long as they remember and they are always getting in to trouble Jinx is a bit of a rebel and likes to follow her own rules while Ally she is more of a good girl, dose what she's told got good grades in school until she is dragged into another one of Jinx's maschivous plans and that's how they meet well them One Direction the girls are total one direction addicts maybe that's why they are so close who knows but what happens when Jinx starts to fall for one of them will they return her love or just kick her to the curb all that I can say is that these girls are going to get in to a lot of shit.
Please read comment favorite my movalla any feed back would be great hope you like it. (may have bad language and 15+ moments) follow my twitter: Hateneversolves my instagram: onedirectionfanfourlife kik me if you want to: Rachie29 <3 x


3. stay?

Jinx's P.O.V

Shit shit shit shit, what do I do? I'm standing in front of the one direction, okay stay calm just say something,  say something you idiot, come onnn say something, anything, this is my chance and I'm blowing it, SAY SOMETHING YOU DUMBASS! I mentally screamed at myself "you guys are amazing I love you" I blurted out hearing every word but not being able to stop myself, I quickly covered my mouth with both my hands regretting every word I just said they probably think I am some stupid stalker fan girl now. I could feel the heat rushing to my cheeks, no, this wasn't apart of the plan I wasn't supposed to sound like some weird-o ugh I was suppose to be awesomely cool and we would get married and live happily ever after, not once did I mention sounding like a complete and utter idiot. What do I do now my eyes are glued to the floor I don't think they're ever going to move, these are the moments I wish I could die in a hole, I was broken out of my thoughts and pulled back into the reality I really didn't want to be in. "Thank you" he smiled looking dead at me ajfbruigdmri what do I do? I didn't think they would talk to me I must look like a retard to them "I'm Harry" he smiled extending his left hand "Jinx" I smiled awkwardly shaking his hand. I felt a strong pain on my back I looked straight at Ally, crap I forgot about Ally she looked dead at me with a look to kill I raised my hands in defeat and giggled "and this is my best friend Ally" I smiled introducing her to Harry I awkwardly waved at the other four boys saying hello but to my surprise they came straight up and introduced themselves, well I guess things aren't as bad as they could be "boys your back on in 30 seconds" the stage director said or as I'm calling her now the she devil it suits her a lot better I think, the guys started to make their way back on stage apart from Harry instead he walk closer to me so that our bodies were now only inches apart I could feel his warmth as he lent down his hot breath hitting my ear "stay and watch me, please?" He whispered sending chills through my entire body I could feel my cheeks again turning a different shade what are these boys doing to me? he stood up shooting me a wink then walked back on stage waving at the crowd "I think I've died and gone to heaven" I said smiling like a dork



Sorry for the chapter being short and not very good but I still hope you like it and thanks to everyone who likes and favourites it means so much. Who thinks Harry and Jinx should get better acquainted?? your thoughts? thanks lovies Mwah xx

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