What could go wrong?

Jinx and Ally have been friends since well as long as they remember and they are always getting in to trouble Jinx is a bit of a rebel and likes to follow her own rules while Ally she is more of a good girl, dose what she's told got good grades in school until she is dragged into another one of Jinx's maschivous plans and that's how they meet well them One Direction the girls are total one direction addicts maybe that's why they are so close who knows but what happens when Jinx starts to fall for one of them will they return her love or just kick her to the curb all that I can say is that these girls are going to get in to a lot of shit.
Please read comment favorite my movalla any feed back would be great hope you like it. (may have bad language and 15+ moments) follow my twitter: Hateneversolves my instagram: onedirectionfanfourlife kik me if you want to: Rachie29 <3 x


2. Stage

Jinx P.O.V

"You girls, what are you doing back here?" a mid fortys looking woman with frizzy hair asked us sounding totally stressed, she must be the stage director "We're dancers for 'Rock Me' sorry we're late" I said giving her a smile "ROCK ME IS THE FIRST SONG THEY ARE PERFORMING YOU SHOULD BE IN COSTUME AND BEHIND CURTON" she screamed in my face, slapping her four head "ah sorry so could you point us to the dressing room?" I asked trying to sound innocent "down that hall first door on your left if your not ready to go in 10 your out" she said in a harsh voice pointing down the coradoor.

"great! what are we going to do now" Ally asked me "how am I suppose to know this wasn't in my plan I didn't actually think we would get in" I said shrugging my shoulders "I knew it was to good to be true your plans never work" Ally said putting her hands over her faces "oh come on thats not true, anyway things could be worse, all we have to do is put on the costumes do a little jig on stage meet the Boys get married the end only a small change of plans" I said rubbing circles on her back "except we don't know the dance" Ally said getting annoyed "Just impervise" I smiled *knock knock* 5 minutes till curton a voice called from behind the door. We slipped into our costumes well.... you could say we struggled but we only had 5 minutes. "WE'RE HERE" I shouted running towards the the director "YOUR ON, QUICK" she screeched pushing Ally and I onto stage there were so many people lights were everywhere I couldn't think "JINX!" Ally yelled "what do we do?" she asked terrified I looked at the other dancers there was no way we could do those moves there so advanced and truthfully when it comes to dancing well we're like photatos "IMPRIVISE!" I yelled and started to do the 'Macarena' she hesitantly followed I could feel the eyes of the crowed burn into my skin there were a few laughs here and there but most people focused on the boys I caught a glimps of them giggling at us as well "they noticed us" I said looking at Ally "yeah not what I had in mind" she glared "haha sorry" I laughed shurgging. The song finally ended Ally and I Walked back stage preparing ourselves for the mouth full we were about to get you would think I'd be use to it by now "YOU GIRLS HAVE MADE A FOOL OUT OF MY SHOW HOW DEAR YOU GO ON STAGE AND EMBARRASS ME LIKE THAT YOU SHOULD BOTH BE ASHAM..." when she was cut off by someone clearing their throat I felt my whole body stiffen it was them one direction right beside us "no need to be so rough the girls are only doing what we asked we wanted the audience to have a laugh its not their fault" Harry said, shooting me a cheecky smirk, oh lord, I could feel the heat rushing to my cheeks crap I hope he didn't see. "oh I see well next time give me a heads up" she said with a fake smile mumbling something while walking off.

Phase two of my plan commences now...
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