What could go wrong?

Jinx and Ally have been friends since well as long as they remember and they are always getting in to trouble Jinx is a bit of a rebel and likes to follow her own rules while Ally she is more of a good girl, dose what she's told got good grades in school until she is dragged into another one of Jinx's maschivous plans and that's how they meet well them One Direction the girls are total one direction addicts maybe that's why they are so close who knows but what happens when Jinx starts to fall for one of them will they return her love or just kick her to the curb all that I can say is that these girls are going to get in to a lot of shit.
Please read comment favorite my movalla any feed back would be great hope you like it. (may have bad language and 15+ moments) follow my twitter: Hateneversolves my instagram: onedirectionfanfourlife kik me if you want to: Rachie29 <3 x


1. Dancers

Jinx's P.O.V

"COME ON JINX GET YOUR ASS MOVING!" Ally yelled from down stairs geez someone's in a mood, I mean come on it takes time to look this good "DON'T RUSH ME THIS TAKES TIME" I screamed back I hearing her snicker, I looked over myself one more time to make sure everything was in check I was wearing my favorite black leggings with my 'cool kids don't dance' short sleeve crop top and a pear of misty orange vans Letting my long light brown hair flow naturally down to the small of my back, I put on a bit of make up and headed down stairs "geez took you long enough" Ally huffed "Now please promise me none of your crazy plans tonight okay?" Ally pleaded with puppy dog eyes "Aww Ally, I will make no such promises" I said sticking out my tounge "Anyway when have any of my ideas gone wrong?" I asked grabbing my coat and bag "Really Jinx where do I even begin?" she asked with a blank face "Whatever" I said giving her a glare. "so are we going?" I asked gesturing towards the door, "yeah" Ally sighed "What is your problem we are going to freaking One Direction and your moping please explain?" I practically yelled almost slapping her "It's just sad to think that they aren't even going to notice us we will just be another fan that's probably annoying the shit out of them, so what makes us any different?" Ally asked depressed "nothing" I stated bluntly "but who says they won't notice us? only time will tell" I said giving her a reassuring smile "now come on I'm not missing this concert cause you had a little moment" I said giving her a tap on the face. We drove to the arena where the show was at, it took about an hour and a half ish to get here but it's totally worth it we were making our way to the arena having little fan girl sessions on the way, what I would give to actually meet the boys when it struck me we can I just have to do well I have to lie but it's one direction meeting them is like number 3 on my bucket list 2 is being their girlfriend and 1 we all get married and it's happily ever after "Oi Ally" "What?" she asked "I have the best ide...." she cut me off "Nooo" she wined "come on please what could go wrong" I asked with pleading eyes, almost on my knees "Fine, what's your idea?" she sigh "no need to be so enthusiastic" I sneered "the plan?" she asked again "okay okay we go too the the back stage door say we're dancers meet the boys get married the end" I whispered in Ally ear overly excited "oh yeah cause thats totally going to work" she said not impressed "well we can at least try" I said heading towards the back of the arena "wait your actually doing this" Ally asked in shock "well duh it's my only chance" I said staring at her "fine I won't let you go to jail alone" she smile. "okay ready" I asked Ally before we faced two of the scariest security guards I have ever seen she nodded nervously okay Jinx you got this we walked up to the guards 'security' written in bold across their chests is it just me or are all sercurity guards ugly and scary it's weird, I was pulled out of my thoughts to Ally elbowing me in the ribs I gave her a glare remembering the really tall massive and scary guys in front of us okay play it cool "yeah Hi we need to get back stage we're the dancers for 'rock me' and we're really late so can you let us in" I said with all the confidence I had the two guards looked at each other then back at Ally and I "Next time try to be on time honestly" the guard on the left of me said shaking his head, rude well someone needs to pull the carrot out of their ass "Jinx we're in how, what, wow I think this is the first plan you've had that hasn't been a complete disaster" Ally said with a smile I gave her a glare "okay what now?" she asked "we find them" I smirked.
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