The Hogwarts Games

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  • Published: 24 Dec 2012
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Winner of the Crossover Competition! *_* I decided to combine two of my favourite fandoms - Harry Potter and Hunger Games to come up with - The Hogwarts Games! I've tried to pick up the story of Harry Potter from where JKR left it, so the main characters are the new generation of Potters and Weasleys. It's set in Hogwarts and I've incorporated the concept of the Games in here. I've really worked hard on this, so I hope you like it :)

Credits for the lovely cover - MoonAvis


27. Chapter Twenty-Seven

Albus didn’t know when and how the idea hit him.

It came so suddenly that he thought, just for a moment, that his head had cleared completely. Ariana and Grace were lying on the wet ground beside him, only half conscious, and he had been in a similar state until the idea had popped up and illuminated his brain. If he was fast, they could still have a chance to live.

His muscles responded a bit better with the rush of adrenaline that came with the revelation that there could still be hope. Albus forced himself to mount the broomstick and zoom ahead, without telling the girls because he wasn’t sure words would come out if he opened his mouth now. He kept telling himself what his solution was just so he wouldn’t forget it himself.

It’s got to be here somewhere, he thought urgently. They cannot have placed the Dream Charm inside the arena without having planted an antidote.

He was looking for the bitter black berries that Hagrid had said were so rare. He knew they had to be here. He just knew it.  

And he found out had been right about thirty minutes into his search. Bulbous black-coloured berries grew on a bush just on the banks of the next water strip. He recognized them as soon as he set him eyes upon them. Without thought, he plucked as many as he could and gathered them in his arms. He chewed a few and just as the bitterness of it was spreading over his tongue, the fog in his head started receding.

Everything seemed much clearer now. He felt as though his mind had been a dirty windshield which had just been wiped clean. The fog all around him didn’t affect him anymore. It felt like the life that had been leaking away from him was slowly returning. He got on the broomstick and raced back to where he had come from, wasting no time at all.

“Ariana? Is that you?”

She groaned weakly. Albus found her on her hands and knees, crawling towards him.

“What in the world do you think you’re doing?”

“Grace…she’s lost…” she said. “Where…Grace…”

Albus’ eyes widened when he realized what she was talking about. He had left the girls lying on the ground together. And now, only Ariana was here. What the hell had happened? He gave Ariana some of the berries and made her swallow them. As soon as they had gone in, she began transforming into her original self. Relief spread across her face. Albus thought she would kiss him or something but thankfully she didn’t.

“Grace,” was all she said. “I can’t find her.”

“Where’d she go?”

“I don’t know!” she snapped. “I remember seeing you ride away on your broomstick. We thought you were abandoning us.”

“You really think I’d do that? Would I be so much of a fool to leave the backpack behind?”

Ariana gave him a scathing look. “Well, you could have told us where you were going. Grace was crying…I can’t remember very clearly. I suggested we crawl out of this poisonous gas zone. I don’t know what happened but the next thing I know, Grace wasn’t there beside me.”

“This is bad,” Albus said darkly. He got on the broomstick with Ariana, told her to wear the backpack, and kicked off upwards. As soon as he had flown high enough, above the fog zone, he halted midair and tried to look down to scan the area for Grace. It was of no use. The mist was too thick for him to be able to see anything clearly.

“What should we do?”

“We go back in,” Albus said with finality. “We can’t lose Grace. I will never forgive myself if we do.”

They searched the grounds for what felt like an eternity. Ariana seemed to be in tears but she was too proud to express her dismay in words. Albus pretended like he hadn’t noticed. He was not losing hope just yet. Grace was here somewhere. Somewhere inside the zone of fog. Where could she have possibly gone? She had to be here –

There was a loud noise similar to a canon blow. Albus felt his heart sink. Red sparks showered the still sky. In the mist he could make out the silhouette of a small body being lifted up in the air magically and disappearing among the clouds. He fell to the ground, not speaking, not thinking. A part of him wanted to disintegrate. Another part of him wanted to cry. And the rest of him wanted to remain in this position for the rest of his life.

He felt like he had just lost Lily.    

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