The Hogwarts Games

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  • Published: 24 Dec 2012
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Winner of the Crossover Competition! *_* I decided to combine two of my favourite fandoms - Harry Potter and Hunger Games to come up with - The Hogwarts Games! I've tried to pick up the story of Harry Potter from where JKR left it, so the main characters are the new generation of Potters and Weasleys. It's set in Hogwarts and I've incorporated the concept of the Games in here. I've really worked hard on this, so I hope you like it :)

Credits for the lovely cover - MoonAvis


25. Chapter Twenty-Five

Grace was the first one to notice the silver parachute falling from the sky.

A gift from the sponsors. Finally.

“Who do you think it’s for?” Grace asked, clearly wondering whether it was a gift for her, Ariana or for Albus.

“It doesn’t matter, Grace,” said Ariana. “We’re all allies now. Whoever it was sent for, we’re going to share it.”

Albus wondered what had happened to him being on top of Ariana’s kill-list. He guessed saving her from the mouths of starving werewolves changed things like that.

The gift was a tent. Albus felt grateful to whoever it was that had sent it because he had been shivering like crazy with all the ice-cold rain pouring continuously. It was getting worse, starting to resemble a cloudburst. The three of them got inside the tent and huddled together. Even though it wasn’t an enchanted one with lots of space inside, Albus noticed how the sponsors had been kind enough to send a tent which could house three people at least if they stuck close together.

They didn’t talk much. Albus was not feeling anything. No grief. No helplessness. No sense of abandonment. He just kept thinking all through the night as the rain pattered noisily all around him. What was it that Ace had thought of? He thought it was unfair that James had got to know where this safe place was when he hadn’t even trusted Ace’s instincts at first. It had been Albus who had forced him to put his faith in Ace.

Albus felt his fingers move to his wrist to touch the watch his father had given him, but it wasn’t there. “Where’s my watch?” he asked Ariana. Her face grew white.

“I’m sorry Albus,” she shook her head. “It probably got loose in the battle and fell off when we were flying above water to get here.”

Albus felt like nothing worse could happen to him anytime soon. All horrible things were happening all at once, it wasn’t fair. That watch was a legacy. He had just lost a legacy. But then, something else hit him, sudden and sharp.

“We flew above water?”

Ariana nodded. “You passed out, I guess. But the desert ended at one point and there was more water for us to cross. This place was on the other side of the water.”

Albus saw the answers clearly now. It was like a light at the end of a tunnel for him. “I think I have a hunch about this place Ace had been talking about,” he said to Ariana and Grace. “I’ll need to fly. Um, where’s the hippogriff?”

“We lost it,” she said. “It went to hunt, I think, but never came back.”

Albus felt disappointed. He groped inside the backpack James had left behind, not expecting to find anything useful but to his surprise, he found that his brother had left the broomstick with them. That’s extremely kind of you, brother dear, Albus thought scornfully. He mounted the broomstick and zoomed upwards.

The darkness had faded now and dawn was breaking in the east, but the heavy rainfall was blurring his vision. He cast a water-repelling charm near his eyes and could see a bit better. He had to fly vertically upwards for a long time before he thought it was time to look. What he saw confirmed his suspicions.

The arena was huge and circular. He could see the Cornucopia to his far right on a small circular island. After that there was a similar circular strip of blue water and then came the circle with the desert. Another strip of water later was this land with perpetual rainfall where they were currently staying. The entire arena ran in concentric circles.

Albus looked to his left to see was lay ahead in the following circular strips. As he had expected, another water zone was ahead and then, there was a land which seemed to be white from this distance. Snow. And another strip of water later, he saw what he knew Ace had guessed right from the beginning. A land with woods and flowering plants, trees bearing edible fruits and flourishing wildlife.

Four seasons, Albus mused as he descended from the height to tell Ariana and Grace of his discovery. The arena is split into four seasons. We’ve already crossed summer in the desert. This is monsoon. Then there will be winter and finally…finally, spring.

Spring – the season of happiness.

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