The Hogwarts Games

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  • Published: 24 Dec 2012
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Winner of the Crossover Competition! *_* I decided to combine two of my favourite fandoms - Harry Potter and Hunger Games to come up with - The Hogwarts Games! I've tried to pick up the story of Harry Potter from where JKR left it, so the main characters are the new generation of Potters and Weasleys. It's set in Hogwarts and I've incorporated the concept of the Games in here. I've really worked hard on this, so I hope you like it :)

Credits for the lovely cover - MoonAvis


37. Chapter Thirty-Seven

“Is your name Yann Trevelyan?”

Albus’ Dad was questioning the Headmaster and the whole crowd was watching with bated breaths.


Trevelyan was asked about his personal life, his professional life and about his travels to exotic countries. Most of answers seemed harmless and uncontroversial, similar to the stories he had put out before, much to the dismay of the excited reporters who were hurriedly scribbling down whatever he was saying. Harry got to the point pretty quickly. He asked a few questions about Trevelyan’s theory of the Games and, like Albus had expected, he went on about it being a constructive form of competitive sport. He had had no sadistic intentions in him after all, but the actual spilling of beans didn’t happen until Harry’s very last question.

“Have you put the Minister for Magic under the Imperius Curse?”

Trevelyan did not even hesitate. “Yes.”

There were mixed reactions from the crowd. Some grunted as though they had known forever. Others gasped as though this was news to them. The Ministry officials themselves looked puzzled. They had been working under direct orders from the Minister and other high-ranking Ministry people for all these years, and now it turned out that they had all been Imperiused? It was a disgrace for all the principles on which the Ministry worked. The Prophet reporters looked thrilled about having a dramatic headline in the morning papers and some could be seen congratulating each other on this piece of luck.

Albus couldn’t help but smile. He had just helped unveil something that was going to change the course of Hogwarts history.

In the next hour, a lot of things happened at once. A group of Aurors lifted the Imperius Curse from the Minister and other senior officials, all of whom looked completely lost as soon as they had returned from this trance. Of course, they had been living in a world of make-believe for three years now, they were definitely damaged mentally.

It was decided unanimously by everyone present that Trevelyan would not be killed after all, since an act like that would eliminate all difference between him and them. He was arrested and given a life sentence for crimes against humanity instead, and Albus hoped the Dementors in Azkaban would take care of him like they ought to.

Professor Longbottom was announced the new Headmaster of Hogwarts. Albus could already feel the change happening for good. Hogwarts under Professor Longbottom was going to be normal again. It was going to be like home. He thought he was going to get teary or something, to realise that things were going to be different from now on. The time he spent at school was actually going to be something he looked forward to. He was finally going to see what Hogwarts was really supposed to be like.

The crowd had filed out of the Hall now and into the grounds. Albus followed them. They had all gathered in a huge circle, all of them looking emotional, all hugging and crying and expressing their relief and gratefulness.

But in all of this, they did something that made Albus feel respect for their pure hearts. Each and every one of them pointed their wands at the sky and lighted the tips. Bright white lights flew off from the tips of hundreds of wands and illuminated the sky. In the burst of brightness, there appeared dozens of faces – faces of the tributes from the three Games so far, the tributes who had all died unfairly, the tributes who were now seen as martyrs.   

Albus saw familiar faces and felt his heart melt. Rose, James, Ace, Ariana, Grace…everybody he had met in the arena this year and everybody he had seen fight it out in the previous years’ bloodbaths. The gesture was touching. Their deaths were honoured and considered sacrifices. This lighting of the wands was a tribute in honour of all who had given up their lives for a greater deed, and even though not all of them might have had this intention originally, they were the reason the uprising had been sparked in the first place.

Someone put their arm around Albus’ shoulders. Uncle Ron. Aunt Hermione came from the other side, touched his arm and smiled reassuringly. His parents found him too, and so did Lily and Hugo. Even the Scamanders caught his eye to give him a small smile. It was like everything was falling back into place, like every wrong was righting itself, like every detail was changing for the better. The love in the world had returned. Every student had found the lost home in Hogwarts again. They had all found a safe place to be.

Albus had never thought it would happen so fast, but in perfection of the situation, he found himself thinking with a smile like never before –

All was well.         


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