The Hogwarts Games

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  • Published: 24 Dec 2012
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Winner of the Crossover Competition! *_* I decided to combine two of my favourite fandoms - Harry Potter and Hunger Games to come up with - The Hogwarts Games! I've tried to pick up the story of Harry Potter from where JKR left it, so the main characters are the new generation of Potters and Weasleys. It's set in Hogwarts and I've incorporated the concept of the Games in here. I've really worked hard on this, so I hope you like it :)

Credits for the lovely cover - MoonAvis


6. Chapter Six

Trevelyan had made it a tradition in the Games to convert the Quidditch pitch into the arena for the tributes when the time came and use it for training as well. That was the reason he had cancelled Quidditch at Hogwarts. It had been quite a blow for Albus when he had started two years ago. He had expected to be in the team but here he found the sport itself had been cancelled. He still practiced with his father and brother back home but that was not quite the same thrill as playing against another team was. It was just one of the many things he had missed out on because of the new sadistic Headmaster.

When Albus, James and Rose went for training after lunch, they found the Quidditch pitch dissected into numerous stations, each with one Professor ready to assist whoever was interested. They were to pick what they wanted to train in first and seek help from these Professors. This training center had every kind of expert training to offer from use of advanced magic to Muggle weaponry. There was a Herbology station where Professor Longbottom lectured on plants with healing powers and another where Professor Hewberth gave training in perfect broomstick skills.

“Where to go first?” Rose asked. The three of them seemed to have made an unspoken commitment to each other that they would stick together right until the end. It was natural for tributes from the same house to stick together in the arena but since they couldn’t find Ariana anywhere nor had she asked to be their ally, they had counted her out. It’s good, Albus thought. One less person to worry about.

The rest of the tributes had already chosen their stations and were training in full force. Thirteen of them training to be murderers. That’s all Albus saw. He wondered why all these tributes had never even thought of standing up to Trevelyan and that cursed Ministry. If all sixteen of them joined hands and refused to kill in the arena, there would be no Hogwarts Games. Trevelyan would have no choice but to either cancel the Games or to let them all die in there, which there was not a chance he could do without risks of tremendous uprisings.

For a moment he even considered rounding all the tributes up and telling them about this plan but realised almost instantly why this had not happened in the past two Games. Too many of the tributes needed the Games. There were some like the Albert twins from Slytherin who were among the few who actually took the training lessons provided by Trevelyan and knew they were the only ones who actually had a good chance of surviving the Games even though it meant having to kill their sibling at one point, and then there were others like Jill Fetzer from Ravenclaw and Rufus Grey from Hufflepuff who desperately needed the prize money for their poor families.

The prizes were definitely attractive, no doubt about that. Albus had a suspicion it was a major reason the Games had been mostly popular because now people had hopes that even though it meant going to the greatest lengths possible, there could be a solution to their poverty. The victor would not only get enough gold to live a thousand luxurious lifetimes, eternal glory and fame but would also be excused from all kinds of exams at school and classes would become optional. The victor and his or her family would be given luxurious homes with all kinds of facilities. Any layman would want that. Especially someone who had exhausted all other options and had nothing else to hope for. For them, the Games were a kind of poverty alleviation program of the Ministry. If you asked Albus, he just thought it was unnecessary extravaganza.

James suggested that they each go to different stations, pick up some useful tricks and then exchange them in the evening when they were free. They did not have regular classes or homework like the others now so all their spare time was to be occupied by practicing everything that they learned over the next few days. It was a good plan and it certainly made sense so the three of them parted and chose different stations. Albus found himself instinctively walking to the Herbology station.

It was funny how this station was almost deserted. Everyone seemed to have chosen to go to the stations where they were taught how to use the Unforgivable Curses or the ones where they were trained with Muggle weapons like swords and daggers. No one was interested in learning what plants would come in handy if they needed to heal someone or if they were starving in the arena and needed something to put in their mouth. There was nothing Professor Longbottom didn’t know about magical plants and given that a part of both the previous arenas had comprised of forests, Herbology seemed to be the right place to go to.

Professor Longbottom showed Albus and two other boys from Ravenclaw exotic plants whose leaves when crushed produced a milky white liquid that could treat burns when poured directly on them. The boys spent an hour at this station learning how to first-aid themselves when times required them to. Albus found out their names – a second-year boy with red hair called Bilius Wolfer and a sixth-year with a vaguely familiar face called Ace Scamander.

“You’re Albus Potter, aren’t you?” Ace Scamander asked him. He had dirty-blond hair and protuberant blue eyes that Albus was sure he had seen somewhere.

“Yeah, I am. You’re –”

“Ace Scamander, like I said before.”

“I think I know you.”

Ace smiled slightly. “We’ve met once. You were only five, I think.”

Albus tried to place who this person really was and when he saw a necklace made of Butterbeer-corks dangling from Ace’s neck under his t-shirt, the answer came to him instantly. “Luna Lovegood!” he said with a wide grin. “She was my parents’ friend. You’re her son?”

“That’s right,” Ace confirmed. “We met a long time ago before my parents moved us all to Ireland. That’s where my father’s family lives.”

“Your parents are in the Order too, right?” Albus found himself asking a little too loudly, which earned him a disapproving look from Ace.

“Hey, you don’t want to go screaming about the Order over here,” he whispered. “It’s secret, remember? But yes, yes they are.”

Albus grinned a little. It was good to know there were other people in the Games who were standing up to Trevelyan. Soon, very soon, the Order would start the biggest Rebellion ever against the Games and this hell would end. Albus found himself hoping they did this before he would have to go into the arena and start killing, but he knew that was impossible. The Order was still too small in numbers.

After the Herbology station, Albus tried his luck at sword-fighting and knife-throwing, both of which he turned out to be very bad at. Scorpius Malfoy had stuck to this station from the very beginning and seemed to be making some progress with these skills. To Albus’ surprise, he found Ariana Omer there, throwing knives and javelins with astonishing precision, eyes screwed up in concentration, wearing an expression of hostility. She looked like she was going in it to win it. Albus vaguely wondered what had happened to the girl who had been intently reading Hogwarts: A History that day on the carriage.

He did badly at the advanced magic station because he was having trouble with the non-verbal spells that he would not have normally been expected to learn until his sixth-year but he did learn to use spells and charms that were sure to come in handy inside the arena. He didn’t even look at the Unforgivable Curses station where the Albert twins were training with the Cruciatus Curse. They did it with such perfection that Albus had a feeling it was not the first time they were trying it out. He certainly did not want to face these two in the arena.

Rose was practicing her flying skills with Professor Hewberth. She had barely touched a broomstick in her life. Whenever Albus, James, Lily, Hugo, their fathers and Ginny went out for a Quidditch match, she and Aunt Hermione would sit on the grass and read. Owing to that Rose had tons of bookish knowledge and her skills with spells were commendable, but flying had never been her thing.

James was practicing seventh-year Transfiguration and was doing pretty good at it but he seemed bored. When he was alone, Albus found him playing around with Nose-Bleed Nougats that he would never get to use in the arena because they were not allowed to take anything with them from outside.

That evening, the three of them sat together around a table by the fireplace in the common room and worked. James taught the two of them some fifth-year Transfiguration and Rose shared what she had learned at the Charms station. Albus told them all he had gathered about plants with healing powers and about magical beasts that were likely to be in the arena from Hagrid’s station and the three of them made notes on parchment. In the crowded common room where everyone else was busy with homework, these three were preparing hard for the Games. None of them said it out loud but Albus was sure they knew it even so. All of them were going to go in with the intention to win. And if they couldn’t, they were going to give their opponents the toughest competition possible.

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