The Hogwarts Games

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  • Published: 24 Dec 2012
  • Updated: 9 Jan 2013
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Winner of the Crossover Competition! *_* I decided to combine two of my favourite fandoms - Harry Potter and Hunger Games to come up with - The Hogwarts Games! I've tried to pick up the story of Harry Potter from where JKR left it, so the main characters are the new generation of Potters and Weasleys. It's set in Hogwarts and I've incorporated the concept of the Games in here. I've really worked hard on this, so I hope you like it :)

Credits for the lovely cover - MoonAvis


14. Chapter Fourteen

Yann Trevelyan marched the tributes to the Quidditch pitch himself. The pitch had been transformed completely now. A hundred feet tall marquee surrounded it, inside which Albus knew, was housed the arena for this year’s Games, enchanted for sure to make it much more spacious inside like the tent on the training day had been. The stands were filled with students and teachers who would be forced to watch at least the first day on the huge magical screens suspended everywhere around them. There were little recorders inside the arena which saw everything that was happening inside and broadcasted it all over the community so whatever Albus was going to say or do in there was going to be widely publicized. He knew he’d have to be extra discreet.

Their wands were taken from them as tributes were not allowed to take anything to defend themselves or to help them survive from outside. They could, however, take a souvenir once the Headmaster was convinced it wasn’t bewitched. Albus chose to take Fabian Prewett’s watch with him. Trevelyan felt it between his stubby fingers, trying to find an enchantment on it, but when he couldn’t he declared it was safe enough to be taken inside.

There were trumpets playing all around as the tributes were given a Portkey each which would be taking them into the arena, but nobody was cheering. There was a unanimous resilience in the stands like there was every year, but on one look from Trevelyan, a few scared teachers and a bunch of students started applauding. Albus felt disgusted but this was the truth about the Games. Nobody liked them but everyone had to play along.

“Let the third annual Hogwarts Games –”

“Ready?” Albus looked sideways at his siblings, who were both crouched over their own Portkeys, a determined expression on their faces as they nodded.

“– begin!”                                                                                                               

There was a majestic trumpet blow as all sixteen tributes touched their Portkeys in unison. Albus immediately felt an uneasiness consuming him which came with the feeling of freefalling into nothingness but the good thing was that it was over in a few seconds. His feet, which were expecting to find hard ground beneath them, were surprised when they touched a surface of cold liquid, only momentarily, before he was plunged inside it hard. His lungs were filled with the liquid and some of it had gone up his nose when he had attempted to breathe. It was so quick and so unexpected; he had hardly had time to understand what this was.

He had landed in water.

Albus kicked and thrashed about underwater, trying to remember how to think. He felt like every inch of his body was being tortured by this ice cold water surrounding him. His skin was numb all over and his senses seemed to have frozen. He knew how to swim, but at the moment, he couldn’t think at all. He would have drowned had it not been for an inexplicable force that began from his middle which pushed him upwards and above the surface of water.

The first thing he noticed when he shot above water was that an unnaturally bright sun was shining down at him and the blue waters that surrounded him. He wondered briefly how the water could be this cold in such a hot sun, but then remembered that conditions inside the arena were magically created. Now that his senses were clear and he could think again, he forced his numb body to respond and managed to start swimming. He could see a patch of land fifteen meters away and began swimming towards it as fast as he could. He wanted nothing more than to get out of this freezing water-body.

He panted for a bit when he reached the shore and allowed himself a minute to breathe before he realised that the other swimmers were gaining momentum and rapidly approaching him. Nathan and Natalie were in the lead and they had extremely dangerous expressions on their faces that urged Albus to put as much distance between them and him as he could. Right in front of him, about ten meters away, was the huge golden horn called the Cornucopia. If there was any hope of finding something useful to help them sustain themselves in the arena, it was at the Cornucopia. So naturally, he sprinted for it.

Just as he was sure he was going to make it there first, a pair of strong hands caught his back but the bodysuit that he was wearing was too slippery from his dive in the water so he escaped. But the assailant came back with uncanny speed, threw themselves on Albus and pinned him to the ground. This had to be none other than Nathan Albert. His sister Natalie was already up at the Cornucopia, picking up things for herself and her brother.

Albus thought his lungs were going to puncture. Nathan was too heavily built for him to be able to hurl him away. Besides, his limbs refused to do anything. They were too tired after the struggle in the water and the sprint later. He felt helpless and would have surely sustained serious injuries if James had not come to his aid at just the right time.

“Get off my brother, you filthy –” he said something Albus knew their mother would not have approved of.

James pulled Nathan off Albus’ back which felt like it was going to disintegrate, and got thrown back on the ground himself. Nathan had now turned to him and Albus felt like he had to do something but he didn’t know what. He wasn’t strong enough to fight him. He didn’t have his wand on him…wait. A wand.

That was just what he needed. He knew from the past Games that there had to be wands at the Cornucopia in abundance. Wizards could not survive without them. Without a second thought, he sprinted up to the Cornucopia where he found Natalie hoarding herself with every useful thing around. He went straight ahead, trying to find a wand. Please!

And then he saw it. A surprisingly short wand lying underneath a pile of knives and swords. He grabbed it and shot the Body-Bind Curse straight at Nathan’s back, who had never expected this and doubled over as the spell seized him. James freed himself from the surly guy’s grasp and rushed to join Albus at the Cornucopia.

“Did you see Rose yet?” he asked. Albus shook his head, worried. Almost all the tributes had reached the shore by now but Rose was still nowhere to be seen. They didn’t have too much time to worry though. Natalie was already attacking them.

With the wand, it was easier to overcome her although it didn’t feel comfortable in his hands like his own one did. Natalie had found what he thought was probably all the wands in the Cornucopia and was attacking with much more ease than Albus was. James picked up a sword and tried to slash her but he was awful with it so she knocked him over easily and sent Albus’ newly found wand flying into the waters. He felt his heart sink. Without a wand, he would have no chance of survival.

But at that exact moment, someone shot a spell at Natalie’s back and she doubled up in pain to reveal a smug-looking Rose standing behind her. She had found a wand and right on time. Albus felt a mixture of gratitude and relief sweep over him. Rose bent for all the wands that Natalie had collected while James and Albus picked up the rest of the things she had found. She had already packed them all up in a backpack. James slung it on his shoulders without question. Whatever she had thought would be useful was probably the best available at the Cornucopia.

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