The Hogwarts Games

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  • Published: 24 Dec 2012
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Winner of the Crossover Competition! *_* I decided to combine two of my favourite fandoms - Harry Potter and Hunger Games to come up with - The Hogwarts Games! I've tried to pick up the story of Harry Potter from where JKR left it, so the main characters are the new generation of Potters and Weasleys. It's set in Hogwarts and I've incorporated the concept of the Games in here. I've really worked hard on this, so I hope you like it :)

Credits for the lovely cover - MoonAvis


8. Chapter Eight

As the date for the beginning of the Games drew nearer, anxiety started building up once again inside the whole castle. Harried Professors took classes with a distraught air. Ghosts whispered among themselves. Even Peeves the poltergeist abandoned his usual teasing rhymes and took to melancholy lyrics like “Sixteen go in to face the scars and burns, but in the end only one shall return, for rules have to have it their way, Trevelyan’s one nasty slug, I say!” instead. If the Headmaster ever happened to hear it, Peeves would surely be banished but the poltergeist took great care not to sing it anywhere near the Headmaster’s study.

Among the tension, the news of the Yule Ball found the tributes during a training session. Professor Hewberth announced that ‘tradition’ required the tributes to attend the Yule Ball before they went into the arena to fight till their deaths while in reality, this was only another tradition Trevelyan had invented. The Yule Ball was something that only happened in an occasion of the Triwizard Tournament but since the Hogwarts Games were the newest trend, it had been made a custom here too. Tributes were to dance with each other in order to ‘promote a feeling of fraternity’ among themselves. Albus thought it was a bunch of hippogriff crap. They were going to be in that arena trying to kill each other and Trevelyan wants to promote fraternity? It made no sense, honestly. He was just a man trying hard to make a lasting impression on the entire wizarding community with his stupid devilish ideas.

But nobody cared about Albus’ opinion, so whether he liked it or not, the day after the last day of training in the center, all sixteen tributes were to dress up like they were told to and smile and wave and dance for the snobbish audience who came to see the faces of the new kids going in to die this year. Oh what fun! After breakfast, every house got assigned a place to go to where they would be meeting their stylists who would prep them and doll them up so that they were presentable for the crowd by evening. Albus didn’t know about the others, but he thought this was going to be a lot more difficult than the actual Games.

He could not have been more right.

Things started going wrong for him right from the moment he met his prep team. Hell. That’s what they were. Rotten hell. His stylist, Ramona, had the guts to tell him that his hair was ‘horrifying’ when her own looked like a mass of yellow wires protruding from her skull – a hairstyle that could make Teddy Lupin jealous. Two other women who looked quite identical with their shiny purple hair and matching fingernails assisted Ramona as she began work on Albus doing what she called ‘a complete transformation’.

She ripped off every wisp of hair from his body excepting (thank heavens) the mass of it on his head and made him soak in a tub of nasty-smelling liquid that was supposed to make his raw skin feel better. The other women, Taylor and Flora, clipped his fingernails and gave him a perfect manicure and pedicure before they starting chipping off his hair at places trying to give him a new look. He honestly had no idea what he was going to look like when he came out of this ‘transformation’. He just found it easier to shut his eyes and hope it would be something decent.

When he opened his eyes again, he found that his hair had been styled in a way that it brushed his forehead slightly and this part in the front had been dyed copper. Apart from that, his jet-black hair remained the same, messy at places and feeling natural. His finger and toenails were clean and smooth and he actually felt quite good. He thought he smelled of some kind of flower…lavender? He cringed. If Rose caught a whiff of that, she would die laughing at him for being such a girl.

Ramona had made him a perfect gentlemanly outfit for the occasion – black and grey dress robes which made him look good without being too boring. To be perfectly honest, he actually liked his appearance when they were all done with him especially because they had let him wear Fabian Prewett’s watch which he never liked to part with. He realised he was the first one to leave the dressing area from his house. Rose and James were still getting prepped and when he passed the other door, he caught a glimpse of a middle-aged woman strapping Ariana’s body into a corset. He quickly looked away as though he was guilty, blushed some, and suddenly remembering what she had said to him a few days ago about killing him if she had to and mentally kicked himself for forgetting. She was no friend. She was just another tribute to be afraid of.

Rose came out in a few minutes looking exceptionally pretty in a voluminous turquoise gown that definitely weighed tons and she seemed to be putting in an extra effort to walk in that thing. Her red, normally bushy hair was gelled up in a fancy hairdo with little stars pinned onto them that shone when they caught light. She actually looked like a lady.

“You actually look like you could find a date tonight, Rosie.”

Always the tone of surprise,” she said but laughed it off. “And why do I smell lavender on you, Al? In touch with our feminine side, are we?” Typical.

James looked like an older version of Albus. He smiled his usual cocky smile – the first time after the Reaping – and Albus felt somewhat better, even though he still couldn’t look directly at his brother without getting a nasty feeling of guilt in his heart for not having volunteered that day. He forced himself to push that thought out of his mind as the three of them walked into the Great Hall where the Yule Ball was being held.

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