Save Me the Last Dance (1D love story)

This is no average Love story he’s her brother’s best friend and he wasn’t good enough for her but it doesn’t matter…

Avery being an irresponsible 17 year old falls for her brothers best friend…. Love that’s what they had and no one could break that.

He was her Romeo…

And Louis is crumbling to the floor knowing his sister will get hurt…
But he couldn’t stop his friend from making a move on his little sister

Because she was his Juliet…


2. Police Stations Pt: 2

Louis P.O.V:
I rang the doorbell anticipating the reaction of Avery she opened it thinking I was Sheriff Dale I was puzzled but brushed it off. She lunged forward and hugged me tight; she even wrapped her legs around me. I smiled and kissed my baby sister on the forehead I let her go and led her to the car we arrived in.
She saw Liam and ran to hug him they were really close I mean they would call each other all the time. She talked to Zayn and laughed with Niall when it came to Harry she stood there, I watched her closely she glanced at her shoes and blushed Harry did the same I studied them both, and after a minute passed they hugged and harry kissed her hand.
I walked over and shook Avery’s shoulders she turned and she was a bright red color. I tried not to notice but it was obvious; I asked Avery where dad was she looked up at me and I knew something was wrong.

Normal P.O.V:

‘See Lou after you left dad turned to a bad place I mean first mom and then you. So one night he ended up in the local precinct I wasn’t used to dealing with things like this so I let him stay in there a day or so. When he came back he looked terrible I felt bad and promised never to do it again or tell you.’ Avery glanced up tears brimming her eyes and adding a glassy coat to them she looked back down and continued. ‘I thought he would stop but it got worst just last night he was in there for a fight at a bar with Jack Green he said something about me and dad went off.’ She stopped as if to tell Louis the last part would be hard for them both.

‘He’s going away the next time something happens. Because it makes it look like Sheriff Dale is playing favorites,-’ Avery was on the brink of crying when she felt some strong arms wrap around her she found herself in Zayn’s warm embrace she started to cry….

‘Louis he signed up for rehab and is leaving for a while, I mean I lost mom, and then you went on tour, so he was the only one I had left I can’t have him leave too I need him and… and he needs me.’ Avery said finishing the last part as if it was killing her inside to even think about losing her dad. She hysterically crying Zayn cradled her and stroked her hair. When she was calmed down the Police station called.

Avery P.O.V:
“Hey Sheriff Dale. Yes, I know what happens next time. I would gladly appreciate that. Thank you.” I talk to him and hang up I jump up from Zayn’s warm embrace and grab my car keys and sunglasses and started to head out the door.
‘Uhmm Avery where are you going’ Louis said.
‘Oooo I’m going to pick up dad’ I said sounding innocent
‘No, Avery you are not!’ he yelled
‘Look-’ I said readjusting my sunglasses ’I’m going and I don’t care what you say’ I said raising my voice and taking small steps toward him.
’I’ve been raising myself and taking care of dad while you were traveling the world’ I hesitated before continuing. ’I’m tired of you treating me like a baby Lou, I’m 17 I’m going to college soon and yet I’m here taking up some house maids job and trying to keep everything together. I’m 17 and what I do is none… Of… Your… business.’ I said regretting my words but it was true I was stuck at home all the time I looked down at my shoes and then left.

Ok.. Just to let you guys know Avery is kind of bossy. And leave comments for who you think her Romeo is

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